In Other News: Planet Coaster 2, Paralives and More

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Welcome to another session of In Other News, a roundup of what has been going on with games you may enjoy if you play The Sims.

Here’s what you should know today and the games you should be paying attention to.

Planet Coaster 2

After months of speculation, Frontier just announced the sequel to its much beloved Planet Coaster, where players can build and manage a theme park (and, much like in The Sims, builders rejoice with its many building tools). A short teaser was released showing its main new feature: Water parks! The description says there will be a multiplayer feature: “Build parks with other players – one park manager at a time”. The game is expected to be released this year, in just a few months, and gameplay will be shown for the first time on July 31st, on a new Frontier Unlocked stream on Twitch.



The much anticipated indie life simulator has revelead a few animations of mundane tasks paras (their “people”) can perform around their houses, like cleaning surfaces. Fence placement was just shown on a short video today, which you can watch below. But their main news is that players got to test their build tools during Montreal ComicCon last week. How lucky!


The game’s Co-Founder and Creative Producer took it to Twitter to comment on the cancelation of Life by You a few weeks ago. She also spoke about what that means for the life sim genre and for the development of the game.


There’s yet another life sim game in the horizon! Here’s what the developer says: “Been dreaming about Life Sim for years, where community can create own gameplay behaviour and content. Too long been for stagnation in such genre. While there are many similar project ongoing, major aspect that are missing and it is focus of UiLife, is the performance and flexibility for modding. Goal is to make neighborhood actually having living community, dynamic relations and economy. Please join us, if your are willing to follow progress and maybe even contribute to the project”. You can learn more about the project on Reddit.