Katy Perry Sweet Treats Official Game Icon


Rincon Del Simmer has discovered the official Game Icon for Sweet Treats, on



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  1. Dr.Meph says:

    I have to say, the only thing always I love is the Game Icon.

  2. Jeff says:

    Wow I like this one. I like the pink color of the plumbob..

  3. Randomer says:

    I Like this one! It’s got some colour to it, Unlike the last few they have made *cough* Pets *cough*

  4. Jeff says:

    The pink around the plumbob.

  5. Aleex says:

    I Think i like the Stuff Pack and The Icon, because is some new in the Sims, this icon make the sense of the Stuff Pack, and i-m will probably buy Katy Perry Sweet Treats!

  6. Samis says:

    I love this icon.

  7. PinkyDoodle says:

    lol well its better then some of the others they made xD

  8. maria_loves_alex says:

    its cute, looks like a lolly

  9. wzw1177 says:

    I agree, the icon’s good.

  10. Kelly says:

    Crap is always crap, no matter what we call it.

  11. leaf says:

    Now to wait for the new loading screen to show up somewhere…

  12. steffy0128 says:

    oh my gosh luvs it !! :4 loading screen now!!! plus i thick this site should have like notifacations if ur commenting and ppl reply :P

  13. DanyReesha says:

    Cute !!

  14. jdeastkntckysims says:

    the Sims 3 UK has released a concept art picture of a Jungle Gym item included in the Katy Perry Sweet Treats Pack…

    1. Metallicjunior says:


      That looks so cool ^__^

    2. Sims VIP says:

      Thanks hun! Ill be sure to post it soon as I can. Running some errands this morning!

  15. julie says:

    Really comes to something when the thing that excites people the most about a pack is the icon . Guess it says it ball about this pack

  16. pilouuuu says:

    Gay! Sweet… but gay!

  17. Illiana says:

    As I’m not a fan of the color pink, I don’t really like this icon. :/

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