New Sims 3 World: St. Claire by AweSims


Need a new medium sized world for your game? Check out this amazing world created by AweSim! Please note you need ALL Sims 3 Expansion Packs in order to use this world!


Download St. Claire Here


The world has custom skies/weather type dealies, which cycle through randomly, overlapping and blending to magnificent effect. Its hard to accurately picture the individual styles in game, but here are a few shots of the weather from in CAW. In St Claire, there is a lesser chance of a string of perfectly clear days – the most predominant weather is partly cloudy, with a pretty good chance of an overcast or stormy day. I think its realistic and kindof awesome, as I get super sick of perfect days all the time. If, when you load the hood, you notice that the skies are completely blank, please exit to the main menu and re-enter the world. This is a known bug that happens with all worlds, custom or otherwise. I have to do it in my game and it is annoying but you only have to do it once per play session so it’s not a big deal.


This world requires ALL EXPANSION PACKS up to and including Showtime. NO STUFF PACKS are required.
Please do not ask me to release a world with fewer packs, or ask if it will work if you don’t have [__] E.P., because it won’t.


Non-EA Custom Content – Included in world file
Included in the world file you will find 8 terrain paints, made to match the terrain paints used in the world.


Non-EA Custom Content – Not included in world file
Awesims Cornices


To install the world, simply extract the file from the rar, double click the Sims3Pack file to install it via the launcher. Install any cc you might need following the links above. To install the save game, all you have to do is extract the folder from the rar, and copy that folder to you My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Saves folder. Then load up the game and save and play!


Known Issues
You may notice that when you first load the world, all fog emitters emit just fog – this is a known bug that can’t be changed. It is fixed by saving, quitting to the main menu then reloading the save. You’ll only have to do this once.

All gobos & effects machines and blacklights in lots are reset when the world or lot is exported. You will be able to see a general colour theme in the lots I have created, so feel free to change the gobo lights to match whatever the general theme is in that lot. One lot in particular is “Dancing with the Stars” the high rise dance club Downtown. The top 2 floors of this building are designed to have blacklights on, for maximum effect! I highly recommend turning them on, and changing the gobo lights to purple and orange :)


Save Game File
To get your population started in St Claire, I have included a save game file including 9 families.


St Claire St Claire 2 St Claire 3 St Claire 4 St Claire 5 St Claire 6


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  1. ShaneyBoy says:

    This is world is beautiful! :) Definitely downloading RIGHT NOW.

  2. Criminal says:

    I love it but it’s laggy on my computer :(

  3. Ambrily says:

    O.O Awesome!!!

  4. Alai_M says:

    Stunningly amazing!!*_*

  5. Max Q Baker says:

    I love the screenshots. Downloaded the world, save file and cornices. Not sure when I will try it out though.

  6. Tom says:

    Seems amazing!! I see it has quite a few empty lots! I could do with more buildings, but then again, quality over quantity! Also, the second island could be a bit more crowded. Still, I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, it really seems really beautiful, I might just have to download it!! (I normally don’t use CC.)

  7. Alice says:

    I loved this World so much that I immediately downloaded twallan porter and transported my whole town there lol. I can’t wait to start playing in it today when I get home. Unfortunately I still gotta set up the rest of my twallan mods for that town. Which there was an export setting for all of them.

  8. vampyrelucia says:

    Very nice world. I would love to download it but sadly I do not have Showtime.

    1. m says:

      i downloaded it although i dont have the showtime, animals and family fun expansion packs and it works though!

  9. markydee says:

    Can you guys access the site? I tried all my browsers, but no luck. :( I was really excited to d’load it when I saw it on my phone. bummer. :|

  10. angrydragon114 says:

    why must you be down site

  11. wzw1177 says:

    Beautiful town!

  12. Ronetta Bryant says:

    Can’t get into the site!

  13. simfreak6690 says:

    This looks amazing!

  14. Ricky says:

    I’m going to download it now! Also, where can I find a world that’s only an island? Uninhabited island, I mean. Sure do need help finding one just in case. I’am planning to create one though, but don’t have time since it’s close to finals.

  15. SimmyGurl says:

    Bradford, It’s a real place in United Kingdom, Right? and it’s the birth place of Zayn from One Direction <3

  16. Dan says:

    how do we extract it what should I use?

  17. Samuel says:

    I’ve download the world and I’ve played it!! \(^0^)/

    Soo coolll!! I love this world!! The houses and the community lots are awesome and adorable!! =)
    Awesims really has a great talent in making custom worlds!! =D
    Two thumbs up!!!

  18. Sasha says:

    I love this world. I was having a problem using EA created worlds, and there are never enough lots! Not only did Sarah build a world with enough lots for everything!!!! but she even included a couple extra spa’s and book stores which is really nice for people like me who like to buy up property.

    There is even enough space to turn some of the empty lots into new venues in the coming expansion. Honestly I am a very picky person who had settled on sunset valley (version 2).

    I am NEVER going back to other maps. This ones amazing. You can bet I will be clicking that donate link. I have played it for about 3 hours walking around just checking out all the venues. Its so amazing. Please do take the time to get overwatch though. The mod helps keep performance issues at bay. (EA’s fault the performance issues exist, not Sarah’s.) That said my computer easily handles this world which is only medium size and layed out in such a way that you wouldn’t know it.

  19. Gina says:

    Ok, I have tried downloading the save files for this world and other worlds and placing it in saves, and while the world and my other worlds all work fine, the save files do not. The first world I downloaded and put a save file into the folder worked fine, but now the save files for other worlds do not, and I am wondering if the latest patch (1.5) may have affected something but cannot find anything when I do a search, so am not sure what is going on. I am running on a windows 8 computer, but do not think that is the issue since the first world’s save file worked correctly. Any ideas?

  20. Cnstnc680 says:

    I wish I could play this world – but it’s incredibly laggy on my computer which far exceeds any Sims requirements. I played the original St Claire which was fine but this one has made my game unplayable. I have all of Twallan’s mods so no hope that’ll help.

    If anyone has a similar issue and solution I’d love to hear it…

  21. Hector says:

    The worlds is almost perfect, but is the sky always so cloudy (like bridgeport)???

  22. Maegan says:

    I have been trying to put it in my game for a couple days now. Ive tried many ways but its still not working. Is there any other site you may have put it on. I really think I would probably play this one a lot. Help?

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