Sims 3 Lucky Palms Chat & Diesel Stuff Chat *Dates*


EA’s Livestream has listed the dates for both the Lucky Palms and Diesel Stuff Chats! The Sims 3 Lucky Palms chat is scheduled for this Friday 6/22/12 and The Sims 3 Diesel Chat is scheduled for Tuesday 6/26/12. As usual, we will be hosting both chats Live as well as the replays!

Thanks to Bellatrix for passing along the info! :)




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  1. MJ says:


  2. SimsVIP says:

    Right? Especially the Diesel one! :P

  3. Josh says:

    thanks been waiting for the diesel one and the lucky palms one :)

  4. Jeff says:


    Now we know the new world will be released next Thursday and the Diesal chat is out a week before Diesel hits stores.

  5. miklc says:

    Yay they haven’t forgotten Diesel! I’m looking forward to both of these

  6. pixiedust4267 says:

    Totally awesome, and about time!

  7. Jeff says:

    Someone on the official forums read the world was coming out Monday.

  8. Criminal says:

    That’s nice!

  9. Nickzi says:

    Since the Lucky Palms chat is on Friday.. I guess that means it won’t be out tomorrow? :(

  10. B says:

    Finally on the Diesel chat, I felt the SP was being ignored.

  11. Bo Na Na says:

    Ugh! Ive been saving my simpoints for awhile for Lucky Palms to be RELEASED!

  12. Leanne says:

    The lucky palms chat is on my birthday! Yay! Should have been sooner for both of them!

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