Jon Leslie: “I am a developer of werewolves”

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Via The Sims 3 Spain (wording may be lost in translation!) – Thanks Rincon Del Simmer!


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I must admit that eating with friends who do not develop games and telling them I have to go because I have a meeting on werewolf behavior can be very fun. Some shake their heads from side to side and others wonder aloud how can that work there. Well, as a producer of werewolves, at least at Maxis, although not always to determine how they should interact with vampires werewolves, or what happens when a werewolf mates with a fairy, is a great job .

We decided that there could be an expansion pack called The Sims 3 Supernatural Creatures without werewolves pretty soon and once the decision, began the long debate over what should look like. When werewolf form, should walk on two legs or four? Should you have a humanoid appearance or better beast? That kind of thing. Although to know completely what the werewolf The 3 Supernatural Creatures will need to play the game, I will try to offer a good idea of what to expect.


The fundamental fiction developed Andy Busche, our designer werewolves (yes, that is also a true position) has been something like this:

The werewolf Sim is the personification of force and emotion unleashed. These supernatural creatures are constantly trying to strike a balance between leading a relatively normal life and deal with the effects of the werewolf curse, allowing them to change shape and adopt a humanoid lupine beast. Although the werewolves can be fearsome creatures, have a weakness for the love and have a great sense of honor. And that sense of honor that makes you suppress spread the werewolf curse at random. Instead, choose to live in herds together and carefully select potential candidates to swell their ranks.

Although this description gives some idea of what to expect from the werewolves in The Sims 3 Supernatural Creatures, some might think, “Okay, sounds good, but what exactly can you do as a werewolf?”. First, as with all other supernatural creatures (vampires, witches, fairies, etc..) Can be created directly from werewolves Sims Create A Sim. It creates the human form as usual and you can also create a werewolf, his body hair and all.


Once in the game, you have the ability to transform into werewolf from the beginning. The werewolf form has many new interactions associated with ordinary human Sims and vice versa. And there are a number of them to interact with werewolves and other supernatural creatures. Who has not ever wanted to sniff inappropriately or teach other Sims teeth into a vampire?

Although the werewolves can transform at will, there will be occasions when his fierce nature of lupine may be more than them and change is inevitable. Of course, this can happen at the worst times. Let’s say that a werewolf Sim is on a date and humor reaches a level too low. Your response should be a possible love interest to a sudden transformation in the bar.The new lunar cycle also affect the Sims werewolves. Each time the moon rises up in the night sky, n will be no way to contain the ferocious beast inside.

Over time, as a werewolf Sim will start to feel more comfortable with its wild nature, is developing more control over his lycanthropy. Then you can better contain inappropriate transformations and also more skilled at performing searches either alone or in packs. The ability of the werewolves to find specific objects could be very useful for new skill alchemical recipes for certain ingredients will require very specific and not very common.


I hope I was able to offer a preview of what the werewolf Sims 3 Supernatural Creatures. Of course, there’s a lot more than what I have mentioned, but I’m sure it will be much more fun to discover it playing the game in September.


-Jon Leslie, producer