Sims 3 Seasons: Greeting Cards


The first Seasons beta tester has surfaced on, and they have a greeting card uploaded to their Sims 3 Studio.

The photo looks like those taken at Prom in Generations, but since this is Seasons were talking about…you catch my drift.

Perhaps we will be able to upload greeting cards specific to each season? Or maybe this is festival activity related. Thanks to Martys15 for sending out an email.




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  1. OMG ? It’s really ugly ! *cry*

  2. Iron Seagull says:

    Well that’s unfortunate, I was hoping it was a picture we could fully stage ourselves. On another note it doesn’t look like the Seasons icon is finished at this point. The one on their profile one is just the base game icon with “EP8 Seasons” on it.

  3. tsbtsb45 says:

    how will this feature work? through the sims 3 post boxes in the game?

  4. melanie says:

    Looks absolutely awful! :\

  5. DustyDog says:

    It looks like wen you create your sims in the begin then exept usauly it has a black curtain background…

  6. catloverplayer says:

    If you watch the trailer there is a photobooth at the fall festival in front of the haunted house. It doesn’t look like the one in showtime.

    Greeting cards were mentioned in the seasons survey.

    1. Windmill says:

      It’s a place where you can create masks or make up…

  7. Mandababy2003 says:

    They did mention greeting cards in the survey, every season you could have another one made & share with your friends online.

  8. Snooty says:

    It looks like those sims are floating…

  9. Heather says:

    Question is… how can I become a beta-tester? =P

    1. Goldysch says:

      You have to be a EA worker

  10. freakinbunny says:

    I hope they get other posses :)

  11. Karen says:

    Atleast we got some info that seasons will be here soon… Haha

  12. Manny says:

    Guys! It’s a BETA test! It means it’s not done yet! From here to the release date, many things can change, including the greeting cards. I’m sure the Sims developers wouldn’t just slap some Sims doing CAS poses on a real-life beach background.

    1. Manny says:

      Oh, sorry, it’s not a real life beach lol. It looked kind of realistic, yet fake for Sims. Still, it can change any time.

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