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  1. Karen says:

    welcome! :D 2 months from today

  2. catloverplayer says:

    December 11th? I thought it was November 13th. I think they meant November.

    1. SimsVIP says:

      Probably a placeholder since it just went up :)

  3. SimsVIP says:

    If you are referring to the one @ Simprograms, I’m pretty sure that it’s photoshopped. The same person who gave them that tip has been emailing me for 2 days with a dead link. Unless I see it myself, I do not post.

    Come to think of it, Seaside originated from a dead link given to Simprograms too. Makes me wonder if that listing ever existed.

    1. catloverplayer says:

      Oops I didn’t know that. I just sent you a tweet ignore it.

  4. catloverplayer says:

    Yep apparently Island Time and Universities is coming out at the same time. It’s at So we’ll see the last 2 eps release in the Spring.

  5. SimsVIP says:

    Whether or not it’s true is not something I can confirm. I can confirm that I did not see the listing two days ago, and I don’t see it now. :)

  6. SimCassandra says:

    Island time is confirmed fake!VivaSims admit that he/she photoshopped it.

  7. CuriousCat says:

    University was basically confirmed. There is a video on YouTube where the producers mention university and a mascot and grad student run across the stage during an interview. Also, University was briefly listed on Origin Russia and some mysterious person listed University on Wikipedia, but the posting is gone now. So I think we can expect an university expansion in 2013. :)

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