Katy Perry & The Sims 3 Supernatural


Via Katy Perry’s Facebook Page and Sims.Mixei.ru!



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  1. MonaD says:

    I wish EA would add her hairstyle from that photo. I love it. Hopefully her next project with EA will be more like her LFN video, decades stuff.

  2. Razor says:

    EW! Katy Perry is fake as her boobs, I can’t stand her and I really don’t want her in any more Stuff-/Expansion Packs. Hell, I’d prefer “Scarecrow Stuff” featuring Lady Gaga or “Fun in the Retirement Home” featuring Madonna or something. But this? Just… no.

    1. Goldysch says:

      Really did you want Meat Dresses?

      1. SimsTias says:

        I rather had Meat dresses than Candy dresses.

        1. Razor says:

          Yes! And by the way, I totally loved the Meat Dress.

          1. kirara says:

            -_- the dresses were adorable and her boobs are NOT fake. get your facts right before posting comments. pfft

  3. Tona says:

    I think all of this ranting and raving is slightly idiotic. It is marketing. Lots of games do it: Mr. T and WOW, anyone? I mean they released celebrities with Sims 1 so people could play as the celebs. Not wanting to buy EPs and SPs with celeb centric content is one thing. To attack a marketing strategy which by its nature is to attract NEW consumers is interesting. But what I wish I could see is one comment that actually presents a logical argument detailing why this is bad for the game or how it hurts their game personally.

    Disclaimer: I do not care what celeb used. It is just marketing. I think EA was lucky to actually get a celeb that has played one of the games (e.g. KP liked Sims 2 BEFORE she became someone millions of people have heard).

    1. CrimsonViscosity says:

      <—-Agreed. People need to stop spilling hate and bring in logical stances.

  4. Banana says:

    I admire EA for giving us new ways of toruturing her sim and killing her off, but please, don’t ever include her again. I bought the KP Showtime and it’s horrible, and the KPST is the only game in ALL of the Sims games from 2000 on that I don’t own..

    1. simsfan123 says:

      you’re stupid,if you don’t like katy perry SP well don’t buy it, its not like anybody cares about what u say ok,i hope they make another KP perry thing just to make all the haters angry :P

    2. Anon says:

      Says you. Showtime was a great expansion pack in my opinion!

  5. DustyDog says:

    If you don’t like her just don’t buy the disk as simple as that there are people who love Katy Perry you know…

  6. Chris says:

    Notice how all of the ranting is about Katy Perry being in The Sims… This picture doesn’t even depict that at all. It’s clearly Katy Perry advertising The Sims 3 Supernatural and NOT EA advertising Katy Perry.

    Learn to analyze the pictures for goodness sakes.

    1. Banana says:

      I’m pretty sure people are unsatisfied cause this might be a sign she isn’t done with The Sims 3..

  7. Mitsu says:

    She is very cute in the photos! I hate how people come on here and ridicule her for having one SP and one EP that feature her content, if you do not like it then do not buy it, its that simple. She is the only celebrity that I know that actually is true to her love for The Sims, unlike others who merely just said it. We have a celebrity who is a fan of The Sims just like we all are on here. For you to come on here and ridicule and lash out at her is just caddy, jealousy and childish. Grow up. You people really piss me off, be more appreciative of an actual artist who is a fan of The Sims too. And yet I can guarantee the majority of you who hate her so much probably worship that loser on YouTube who is so negative on almost all of the Sims 3 EP/SP he reviews, and yet you watch it and find it “SO” hilarious (the dude is not even funny, but whatever).

  8. mattgatl says:

    I thought we saw the last of her!

  9. Sebastian says:

    I hate that people keep hating Katy for working with the sims, think of it, we love the sims, she loves the sims, yet you make fuss about her. There is not need for anger she is very pretty in pic tho and if you don’t like her don’t be a b*tch about it and and get games featuring her ( sorry for bad English)

  10. CrimsonViscosity says:

    I love Katy Perry, she has a fascinating story how she rose to fame. This does not mean though I like her being in my Sims 3 and as many others have stated you do not have to include her stuff in your game. Just skip Showtime:Katy Perry and Sweet Treats. I can think of considerably more strange artists that EA could of picked like 2 Chainz lol. I think we may have to come to terms with having having Sims tainted with celebrity and product endorsing for it is only going to increase. Lets just hope it stays optional where we do not have to include it in our game like the Ford Focus Package or Diesel Stuff Pack.

  11. simsfan123 says:

    maybe katy perry is tired of making sims 3 stuff about her maybe she is being forced we all don’t know, she has a contract with EA

  12. MurfeeL says:

    I never have and never could stand Katy Perry (I just don’t think she can sing–Gaga’s got better pipes, and I don’t favor Gaga too much either). But I DO love E.T., especially the music video, so if EA does decide to keep thrusting this oversexed female in our faces I hope it’s at least for a Sci-Fi EP. THAT would be interesting–even guys can get in on space-age action, rather than that Willy Wonka bite-off.

  13. amberindia says:

    $lutty Perry and Lady Puke are both trash!! Listen to Judy Rodman! Promiscuity is nothing to be proud of!!

    1. Razor says:

      Listen to Regina Spektor and Radiohead!

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