Katy Perry & The Sims 3 Supernatural
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Via Katy Perry’s Facebook Page and!



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  1. CrimsonViscosity says:

    I love Katy Perry, she has a fascinating story how she rose to fame. This does not mean though I like her being in my Sims 3 and as many others have stated you do not have to include her stuff in your game. Just skip Showtime:Katy Perry and Sweet Treats. I can think of considerably more strange artists that EA could of picked like 2 Chainz lol. I think we may have to come to terms with having having Sims tainted with celebrity and product endorsing for it is only going to increase. Lets just hope it stays optional where we do not have to include it in our game like the Ford Focus Package or Diesel Stuff Pack.

  2. simsfan123 says:

    maybe katy perry is tired of making sims 3 stuff about her maybe she is being forced we all don’t know, she has a contract with EA

  3. MurfeeL says:

    I never have and never could stand Katy Perry (I just don’t think she can sing–Gaga’s got better pipes, and I don’t favor Gaga too much either). But I DO love E.T., especially the music video, so if EA does decide to keep thrusting this oversexed female in our faces I hope it’s at least for a Sci-Fi EP. THAT would be interesting–even guys can get in on space-age action, rather than that Willy Wonka bite-off.

  4. amberindia says:

    $lutty Perry and Lady Puke are both trash!! Listen to Judy Rodman! Promiscuity is nothing to be proud of!!

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