1UP: The Essential 100, No. 33: The Sims
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I’d be willing to bet that a lot of you found yourself in a similar situation that I did back in 2000. The Sims caused me to become fused to my monitor as I developed a sort of digital OCD for my virtual family. I had to make sure that their house was spotless, their lives were perfect, and their futures were bright. I spent hours upon hours pecking away at my mouse to meet this goal, until suddenly it hit me: Why was I cleaning up a virtual room when my actual room needed cleaning? Why did I place more importance on my character getting to work on time than I did on myself getting to school on time? For the love of god Will Wright, what did you do to me? Well, it turns out that SimCity creator/video game icon wasn’t some sort of malevolent conjurer focused on ruining productivity, but rather just one hell of a game designer.


The Sims


One of the reasons I put so much time and effort in crafting the perfect abode was because that small acre of property was ostensibly the entirety of my existence inside of The Sims. Aside from occasionally zooming out to your neighborhood on a macro level, you were going to be looking at the lot that housed your digital avatars for quite a long time, so you better be sure that it was pleasing to the eyes.





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  1. maria_loves_alex says:

    I love the original! ‘been playing it all week!

  2. Tommy says:

    This was a great… article? I dunno what should I refer to it as. Anyways, The Sims will never be as big as it was when the first one came out. Yes, the graphics got better and the game expanded, but I remember how every single person I knew back then tried the game at least once. I honestly don’t really know another game that intrigued that many gamers. Yes, most of them didn’t become Sims addicts, but the fact that a game can sit down so many people to at least give it a shot is truly masterful.

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