EA Announces The Sims 3 Monte Vista (World)


The Sims 3 Monte Vista is a new world we are working on, in The Sims 3 Store. Monte Vista has a whole new theme and whole new setting for you to tell the stories of your Sims. This world is still in development, so this sneak peek will be quick.
The Sims 3 Monte Vista is a beautiful, bright, sun kissed world. You will be getting Rolling Hills, Cyprus Trees, Mountain Top Views, in a Walled In City that you are all going to love. Your Sims will be able to wild their days away, strolling across the piazza, visiting museums, farming on the land, and eating amazing food at any of the new bistros around town.
Right now is the perfect time to introduce you to the all new Premium Content coming with Monte Vista. The Woodfire Oven is not only a fun new way to improve your Cooking skill, but it also adds a ton of new recipes for your Sims to learn. You will be able to cook new dishes such as Pizza, Calzones, & Lasagnas.
This world will be available in The Sims 3 Store during winter, so stay tuned for more info!


Monte 3
Untitled Untitled monte oven


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  1. SpottedSixam says:

    OMG I want this like burning. I’ve wanted an Italian-themed world from EA ever since I discovered the Sims. OMG OMG OMG

  2. yannick says:

    Yeeeh, the woodfire oven from mysims kingdom is back :D

  3. Kaitlin says:

    Actually in the dictionary it says “lasagna also lasagne” so neither you nor anyone else is wrong.

    I heard Sarah mention farming. I hope it’s walled in like Florence but giant fields like Tuscany! It’s beautiful, if the last hippie store item was any indication of what’s to come I may actually still have points to buy it when it comes out (better be before the new year!)

  4. Jen says:

    I wish whoever created these worlds would hold an actual class or two so I can use the CAW program to make my own worlds look as good.

    1. Jaline says:

      Great idea! E-classes would be awesome, although they’d have to hold them at different times of the day to accommodate our world-wide community. :)

  5. T. says:

    More food! Yay!

  6. Conclue says:

    The world looks beautiful but I’m probablly gonna pass. I can’t keep up with new worlds every couple months. 2 a year plus EP’s is suffiecent enough for this kid. LOL

    I like the new food options but I don’t think it’s cool that Sims have to now have two different stoves in their kitchens if they want those food items. Not cool.

  7. werewolfgirl120 says:

    this world look so pretty i might so this for a long time cause its pretty XD

  8. nina97 says:

    this look like that video game assasin creed 2.

  9. Discordia says:

    When exactly did they say this would be coming out in 2012? They said winter, didn’t hear or read anything about it being in 2012. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for it to come out early Dec but I didn’t hear them say 2012 during the announcement. Just “Winter”.

    1. SimsVIP says:

      *raises hand*

      I added that bit, so it wasn’t so vague. I don’t think this world will take a year to release though, so I am confident it is winter 2012. I will remove it though so I don’t put words in the presenter’s mouth. :)

      1. Guest says:

        Agreed, I took it to mean THIS winter also, otherwise they’d have slapped a year/date on it.

  10. tanna says:

    yay when i get supernatural and seasons im going to give my Italian and irish sim the proper traits and move them into monte and make it fall then make em bow (because of the proper trait) and slow dance peacefully while the trick or treats run along!

  11. tanna says:

    i think i can make out a ocean in the background of the wall

  12. Tamrin says:

    This new world is the best so far , wow its so beautiful even more than Sunlit tides :D

    It kind of remindes me of Rome in HBOs The Borgias ,or Florence . The color scheme sort of matches France in world Adventures

    I’m defiantly buying this ,there goes my babysitting money X_X

  13. E says:

    It looks stunning…!

  14. Bliss says:

    For some reason it instantly reminded me of Volterra in New Moon :)

  15. Berryvox says:

    Oh my. I never buy worlds but this looks so fabulous that I might change my mind.

  16. Kyle says:

    Looks like Tuscany, Italy. Maybe they chose “Tuscany” as their next theme after the Sunlit Tides which is a “Hawaiian” theme… :D

  17. Alexandra says:

    For those of you wondering, there is a mod by nraas that lets you travel between custom worlds. I use it and it works great! My sims are now going to Bridgeport, Sunlit Tides, Hidden Springs, you name it! =)

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