EA Unofficially (Officially?) Confirms TS3 University


At the end of today’s live broadcast, a School Mascot & Graduate came running onto the stage, interrupting SimGuruRyan.  Bad for him, but good for us! The Sims 3 University was recently leaked on Origin Russia’s official pre order site, and today’s small hint almost officially confirms the rumors. ;)




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  1. Windmill says:

    Funny thing… First I thought that they are trick-or-treating :D

    1. POpo says:

      Me too…

  2. Evan says:

    Small hint? That’s obvious! :)

  3. Jay says:

    Good thing the streaker didn’t show up.

    1. adventfear says:

      He would have been pixelated.

      1. Orbit says:

        Not in front of the audience. XD

  4. Theresa says:

    so stoked

  5. Kate says:

    And another reason to stop playing Sims 2 for a while…

    1. Kabuto says:

      You’re late, it’s time to stop playing TS3 because TS4 is near :P

      1. toto caca says:

        A lot of Sims 3 fans like me wish very hard you’re wrong! I’m so not done with this game… If they announce a The Sims 4, I will never buy it and keep playing this one, crying on how lame it was to stop so soon. Just because it’s the longest Sims for now, doesn’t mean it’s time to achieve it! I’m ready to buy stuff, but only if it’s Sims 3 content!
        Besides, that’s the second time they tell us they have plenty things to propose to us! And tha feels sooo good! This is the best opus of the Sims franchise! They can last at least two more years! That’s my wish!

      2. toto caca says:

        Besides, they can’t release a sims 4 now, because sim city is coming back, and a hypotetical sims 4 would “parasitize” the arrival of sim city. The proof they will keep sims 3 going on for a while on parallel with sim city? They will release an exclusive Sims 3 item when buying the new sim city.
        They can’t relese two new big franchises at the same time.

  6. Kabuto says:

    It was planned, and Origin NEVER lies ;)

  7. Darrell says:

    Yay, another expansion pack of content only pertinent to young adults and adults! Sooooooo excited.

    1. Max says:

      People like you can never be pleased.

      1. toto caca says:

        Generations was the EP for young sims. Personnally, I don’t play for hours with a baby Sim…

    2. Anon says:

      In the survey they said there would be stuff for teens as well

    3. sims4life says:

      And child prodigies.

  8. Bo Na Na says:

    They already announce University when 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s Stuff Pack and Seasons hasn’t even come out yet…So dumb! Why do they do that. Seasons isn’t even out yet…

    1. Samis says:

      They announced Seasons before Supernatural was out yet.

      Why not???
      It is better this way.

  9. Karencrumplebottom says:

    Is anybody else getting the feeling that they are just trying to finish off the sims 3 and move on to the sims 4? I don’t know how i feel about this ._.

    1. toto caca says:

      Bad. You should feel bad.

      1. Sam says:

        I feel happy. I feel happy about this. I can’t wait 4 the awesome sins 3 eps and sims 4rute after?! I’m in sim heaven! Lol :)

        1. raras889 says:

          I’m not sure a lot of people agree with you… honestly I don’t. Sims 3 had just recently gotten better with the announcement of seasons, 60s 70s 90s stuff (which I’m actually pretty excited about, despite my loathing of stuff packs) and supernatural was the one expansion packed to the brim (tho it doesn’t agree with all simmers). Plus the new store worlds are awesome. I just don’t like the idea of EA releasing sims 4 now, or even ever. I don’t think 4 generations of sims game really has a lot of appeal or value into it, and making sims 4 means that they would stop sims 3 and all the good stuff that comes with it. Plus, some people might be appealed by the idea of being able to control your sims’ life 24 hours even when they go to work and school and stuff (I’m pretty sure that’s what sims 4 will be like) but I personally don’t. I like to think of my sims and their own species with some mysterious aspects to keep my game fun… Not trailing after them the whole time. Plus, I’m not sure that even half of simmers out there are ready for sims 4.

  10. Almighty says:

    Ugh, just what I need. College in real life is enough for me. Hopefully there isn’t anything useful/fun in this pack so I don’t have to buy it.

    1. Alastair says:

      nobody’s forcing you to buy it

  11. CM says:

    Personally I am super excited about this unofficial (official) announcement. University has been missing for far too long, hopefully it is as good as the Sims 3 version was. :-)

    On a side note, from a lot of the info I have read Sims 4 is not coming out until at least 2014. No need to rush into worrying about that when Sims 3 is still rockin’. :-D

    1. CM says:

      Wow, just noticed a typo. I meant I hope it is as good as the Sims 2 version was. :-)

    2. toto caca says:

      Where did you read that, please? Still, you’re right : with the openess of the worlds (and maybe soon the possibity to officially travel between them) the Sims 3 is the best of the franchise and can last a lot more. It’s still improving so why stop now? Long live to TS3!

  12. Lisa says:

    I’m happy about the announcment and the whole broadcast in general :)

    Just wish maybe the speakers werent so cheesy lol Felt like i was watching a homemade commercial ^-^

  13. pshype says:

    It was a little awkward to watch, with the stutters and awkward dancing of Sarah… LOL, I laughed at that.

    1. Mitchell says:

      Oh god.. I was seriously felt bad for Sarah doing that awkward dance that she was supposed to do.. But I was laughing at the same time ;)

    2. Guest says:

      It wasn’t near as awkward as the first Supernatural Live Chat….God I felt like I was watching High School kids give a Science presentation to their teacher that they didn’t work on…The repetitive phrases…If I heard Right, Erm or ugh…one more time….

      This one went a heck of a lot better

    3. SimmerDown says:

      LMFAO! Sarah’s dancing was so awkward… She was like “is this music ever gonna stop” :P She’s so cute though! I love her ^^ She looks like a very sweet and kind person :D

  14. CoolGaming says:


    I am just glad a lot of new packs and store items are announced quickly. By then I do not have the cash to buy them all. :P

  15. maria_loves_alex says:

    yep, pretty much confirmed it n_n

  16. n00biito says:

    I’m very glad University is getting released. I’m hoping for kickass dorms and hopefully even proper apartments a la TS2 style.

    1. robert leabo says:

      YES and be able to put more than TWO sims in a dorm, because let’s face it: forced triples and suites happen! Also: they better bring back Greek life and make it more of a crucial element to the game imo. I also want to be able to attend classes! University needs to bring its own world: a campus world, in which EVERYTHING is University oriented. I can picture my sim running from his apartment… or riding a scooter… as he jets to class from across campus. There also needs to be protests, people hanging out in the quad, a student union, library, class rooms, and everything else to make it a fully enriched university experience for The Sims. :)

  17. Gabe Simmer says:

    I’m wondering which creature might come in this EP…

  18. robert leabo says:

    I’m dying right now. I am such a nerd: University was my favorite EP and I have been parading for one ever since “TS3″ was released! Kudos EA! I will definitely buy this game; the “open world” environment of “TS3″ will be PERFECT for the campus environment. :)

  19. robert leabo says:

    OOH maybe Sims can get jobs on campus such as assistants, TAs, RAs, cafeteria workers, etc? o_0

  20. Cory says:

    Reality TV (from the survey) is the next EP.

  21. totocaca says:

    Nope, Cory. Reality tv was just a suggestion in a survey. Besides, not the most popular.

  22. LifeJunkie says:

    I don’t get all this talk about The Sims 4. What will change from The Sims 3? There isn’t much to add to TS3 to make it better. But maybe that’s just my opinion?

    Anyway, I’m so excited about University. The expansion packs have really been kickass lately. Supernatural, Seasons and then University? Awesome! It would be a great place to kick the teens to when they’re not really ready for a full young adult life. It always seemed so sudden. From careless teen to young adult who should get a job and could get married and have kids. Definitely something missing in between.

  23. LifeGamer says:

    Personally, i wouldn’t plan on buying the sims 4. I truly think they should just continue making expansions and stuff packs for the sims 3. Why would I spend so much money buying basically all of the sims 3 games, stop playing because sims 4 comes out, and let the sims 3 games gather dust. The sims 3 simply brought back things from the sims 2 (and brought more things aswell) so if you think about it, the sims 4 will only be better graphics and items in expansion packs that came with the sims 3. No one’s forcing me to eventually buy TS4 but hey, there’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t.

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