Origin Russia Lists The Sims 3 University!


Readers of Sims.Mixei.ru have discovered a listing for The Sims 3 University on Origin! The listing has since been removed, but they did manage to grab a screenshot of the pre order page. The Sims 3 University was listed with a short description “Feel their college years!”

If you take a look at a recent EA survey, one of the options was for a University themed expansion.



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  1. tonya says:

    I hope this is true.

    My hopes are that:
    a) young adults-elders can attend
    b) certain jobs (ex. doctors, teachers, etc) need certain degrees
    c) new college world (works like world adventures towns kind of)
    d) have the choice of following the student to uni OR following the current family at home.
    e) have a school that you can GO INSIDE OF with your sim. Open cafeteria, open student lounge, beautiful outside, and a variety of RABBIT HOLE classrooms. some rooms– like a chem lab may be open to explore– but english classes and math and such should be RABBIT HOLES.

    That’s what i’d like to see.

    Also- DORMS with roommates and all the majestical sillyness of college. but, you have the option to not live on campus.

    and possibly community college?

    1. Erika says:

      Im hoping for the same concept as sims 2 apartment life, you dont get to control your roomate!

      Also NO COLLEGE RABBITHOLE! omg if it is a rabbithole im going to be extremely dissapointed

      i also dont think elders will be able to attend, imagine an elder walking onto campus with the cane from GEN :P

      I also am hoping for new romantic interactions, OPEN RESTAURANTS and bowling allys!

  2. Trish says:

    Hoping this is true, it would be awesome if we got everything that the sims 2 had. I mean, this is something small, but remember the sims 2, had the ceiling fans that actually moved? Yeah, they should add that but make the sims feel air movement to make them more relaxed, or if it’s winter, too cold, and able to turn the fan off.


  3. Googiespage says:

    Okay, well do you notice how it says that the developer is maxis? The rest of the games say, the sims studio.
    Does that mean anything?
    I made a youtube video about it :

    1. MItch says:

      Maxis has been in charge since Generations. Showtime and onward say Maxis.

  4. thesims3boy says:


  5. Karen says:

    When do you think university will be announced? I’m looking forward to it

    1. Mr X. says:

      probably in November or December at the earliest. I don’t see it coming out before March or April

      1. JJ says:

        well seeing how Supernatural just came out and they announced Seasons to come out sometime either before christmas or summer i doubt we will be seeing any universities until at least 2014 at the least

        1. Erika says:

          Gonna have to dissagree, I highly doubt UNI would be released soo late. My guess is may-june of 2013.

          1. Faith says:

            Ya same here. You would think that it would come out after the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s stuff pack comes out (in February) so sometime after that it would come out but not in 2014! That’s too far from now! They should announce it about in the winter sometime like from (November- January) maybe February at the most.

  6. Nak says:

    What I’d like to see is that sims with high Logic level can hold a “teaching session” with multiple sims… like have a community centre ore something with a bunch of stoves or guitars or computers and sims qith 10 Logic can tutor the whole class instead of just one at a time.

  7. Guest says:

    It be cool if they’d expand the neighborhood and have an area of Dorms, Apartments and a HUGE campus, with a lecture hall and labs of sorts to learn in that was open to view, and you could have your sims sit in on various lectures/labs that improve not only their grades, but certain skills pretaining to the lecture or lab that is going on (Think of a 2-3 hour lecture or an interactive lab you have to either do or sit in on,), and it changes daily. and they have alot of optional work they could be done from a computer or studying on campus in the library. A Cafeteria, a coffee shop (Late Night study sessions), actual shops and restaurants in a small district near the campus and housing lots. But who know what they’ll throw at us.

  8. Pebble says:

    oh I hope this is true! I’ve wanted University since about 12 hours after the base game was released :P they need more…normal things…I mean, I get every EP, but the vampires and zombies and werewolves..I prefer people thank you! Unless we can make a wizard university (Hogwarts) I don’t plan to play with the supernatural beings.

    Anyway- I agree with above posts. Rabbit hole classes are fine. What with instructors and other students and sitting in a lecture, classes would be hard to make playable. But dorms, apartments, Greek houses, COFFEE SHOPS lol and other campus gathering places would be great. I’ve been wanting more shops for awhile as well-stores you can go into with a better selection than consignment shops. However I’m not sure if anything but a University bookstore would fit in with this EP. For the next next pack! :)

    1. Julia says:

      I hate the supernatural stuff… It’s a life simulation, I don’t want zombies, vampires or werewolves in my neighborhood

    2. Jerred says:

      I like the idea of Supernatural and the idea of University coming after it, because the Modding and Custom Content Community will figure out a way to tie in wizard school into The Sims 3. Heck, you can probably end up making Halloweentown.

  9. IliveInParis says:

    I really hope it’s true. I think we should be able to chose how long we are in college and maybe have a college in our edit town (personnaly I think it would be too much like high school but some people don’t like that we can’t play with the rest of the family) I also think that we should be able to go home for like a week inbeetween each year and that each time we come home something has changed in the town (sims aged, got married, got divocred, died…) but that could be opptanal. I also think we should have turns off and ons and all the other pilou ideas :)

    But I can’t help but wonder, in TS2 young adults were introduced for uni, will they add a life state like student or will we be simply still YA?

    Anyway does are my Ideas of what the game should have

  10. miabuggful says:

    I think university should be announced if it is announced in October. Because supernatural was rumored I think late may or early June and then confirmed late June to come out September. Seasons was rumored maybe around July? I wasn’t looking around for seasons as most people but can’t wait for it. But seasons was confirmed in August and to come out this November. So if university is true it was rumored September and should be announced October to come out January. So yeah just a theory :)

  11. Erika says:

    Seasons had an abnormal announcement, it was earlier then most EP announcements.

    My guess is may-june will be UNI’s release date, Definitly not in Jan thats extremly early seeing as though seasons is released in november. January is the new stuff pack Decades release date not another EP.

    1. miabuggful says:

      Yeah you have a point there. Lol :)

  12. Cory says:

    TV Game Shows is the next EP.

    1. Visgoth says:

      WOW you’re still trying to start your rumor! HILARIOUS!

  13. shaan says:

    I love dormitory! For the greek house i think you should’nt have to control everyone there execpt for the people you have sent to uni. And this is definataly not going to happen, but is an idea for the sims 4 maybe, if you only have 1 or 2 sims that you can control in a dorm, the rest of the sims should be controled by somone else, in other words MULTIPLAYER!

  14. 2LaTe2CrY says:

    hope its true

  15. Sims_Craze says:

    The word after sims is university but idk what the word before limited edition is…hmmm

  16. Cory says:

    Reality TV (From the Survey) is the next EP after Seasons.

  17. CuriousCat says:

    Sims 3:University = Summer-Fall 2013.

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