Seasons: Aliens Cannot Be Created in CAS


If you thought Aliens would be as easy as creating them in CAS, it’s not. Unfortunately due to different coding paths by Supernatural’s and Seasons’ teams, Aliens will not be available through CAS. SimGuruGraham commented with the following…




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  1. adventfear says:

    This makes me a bit “grrr”, but I’m sure there will be a mod to allow you to edit them, like Nrass.

  2. adventfear says:

    *nraas Whoops lol

  3. toto caca says:

    Just an idea, here : were the showtime genies created\coded in the same time as the supernatural creatures?
    Because those blue guys surely appear in the supernatural CAS…

    1. adventfear says:

      Supernatural came out after Showtime. It’s a safe bet that the Genie addition was added later into development.

      1. toto caca says:

        Yep. Anyway, mummies and bots (and unicorns) are unavailable in CAS, so why not aliens? This is just sad.

  4. Conclue says:

    This is complete junk. I couldn’t believe I could be so excited to get so let down HOURS after the inital rush of information that I got tonight.

    I’m totally disgusted. I can’t belive it. They did such an epic job, even that UFO and they created and sell a world in the store that is an alien planet and then give us aliens but not the ability to create them in CAS so one could repopulate Lunar Lakes into a real alien world with a mix of sims and aliens. NOOOOO.

    This part is crap. I’m really upset. They could however program green rain for that object that’s coded to be in your game if you have both Seasons and Supernatural.

    I don’t believe the team when they say this. Or maybe I do. Maybe EA’s group worked on Supernatural and they brought Maxis in to do Seasons and or Aliens. In the meantime; I think it’s horrible that they’re not available in CAS. I figured it’ be one of those ” you can’t unless you have Supernatural” things.

    The hell with Supernatural now. I don’t need all that mess in my game. I’m gonna spend the next year trying to accumulate enough Aliens in Lunar Lakes to repopulate it.

    NOT HAPPY! (And I’m so happy over everything, it’s SO annoying)

  5. Conclue says:

    If we all complain enough maybe they can patch it in like they did when everyone bugged out about needing multiple venues with LN and ST when they could all be one. It’s MUCH better now with that patch update.

    I wish they would do this for Aliens in CAS. I mean c’mon! You sell a alien world in the store? How many more people would buy that if you could repopulate it with Aliens if you had Seasons.

    Please Patch EA! I’m gonna make a thread there when they get Liam done fixing everything from overload.

    1. n00biito says:

      You can’t compare the two. One is just a minor nuisance while the other really impacted game-play in a negative way. Especially since the EA made worlds had very little room for customization.

      I rather we start a petition to FIX THE DARN BUGS! I’m really mad that they broke the wedding presents feature, especially since Generations didn’t add a whole lot of content to begin with.

  6. miklc says:

    This is a huge disappointment to me, I would have thought that every new creature that was to be added to the game would be crew table directly from CAS, I hope they patch it into the game somewhere along the line

  7. n00biito says:

    I don’t mind this at all. One of the fun things about creatures is that you have to work a bit to get them which is one of the reasons they’re so special.

    Besides, Aliens are special sims so it seems very logical game-play wise that you would have to “catch” them since they aren’t from the same planet.

    1. Joanna says:

      I don’t mind it too much either, except they already started a precedent with Supernatural being able to make supes in CAS. Separate teams or no, they should have gone the extra mile to make sure it was in there. And from the sound of it, their reasoning wasn’t because they wanted it to be an achievement, but because they couldn’t make it work. Because Genies were hard to get beyond the LTR, but they took that out when they made them CAStable. I’d have preferred a lie now that I think about it lol.
      I admit though, I was looking forward to making Lunar Lakes a war ground for warring factions of aliens and humans. Le sigh. I guess that’s what nraas is for…

      1. n00biito says:

        Genies aren’t hard to get. I never even bother with the lamp LTR cause it’s so much easier to just fund a lamp. You can’t create all creatures in CAS. Think about mummies,zombies, simbots and unicorns for example. So I don’t think they are under any obligation to make all the special creatures in the game available in CAS.

        We got three expansion packs this year. What do you mean an extra mile?! They already went above and beyond. I much rather they spend some time fixing the bugs that plague the game, tbh. You can get the creature by playing the game. I bet it’s incredibly easy to add them to the household too. A game is supposed to be challenging.

        1. Joanna says:

          I wasn’t really complaining so much as saying that they already made it happen in supernatural, so people would expect it to continue. I agreed that aliens should stay the way they are, but I was a little surprised that they didn’t go ahead and make them CAStable. And yes, I said go the extra mile because that’s what seems like the reason behind the lack of CAStability. In regards to bots, mummies, zombies, and unicorns, some of those have an external process that needs to take place (bots, zombies, mummies) so it makes more sense. Considering the mechanics involved in getting unicorns is little more than a relationship game like genies, I think it makes less sense. Not that I’m complaining. Merely observing.

          I didn’t mean to offend your delicate feelings by agreeing with you and playing devil’s advocate. Next time ill be sure to keep it much more simple. And I’m very happy that you have such luck getting genies, because I have not.

          1. n00biito says:

            They made it happen in Supernatural because it was an EP all about SN creatures. I figured they did it so people could jump into the game right away and make use of the features. I’m honestly not sure why they made the genies CAStable, tbh.

            Trust me I’m not offended by these petty things. I just think the outrage expressed by various people on this site is totally uncalled for. According to the LB and other sources Aliens will work just like unicorns. You’re supposed to spot them, befriend them and add them to the household. So it makes total sense for them not to be CAStable.

          2. Joanna says:

            Again I agree. Genies being CAStable may have been an attempt to cross promote Showtime. But again, I don’t know. Considering they’re pretty powerful, I was surprised they were included.

  8. SimmerDown says:

    FOR GOD’S SAKE PEOPLE! Stop complaining for a freaking whole second. Nothing EA does pleases you guys… They are working their asses off just to provide you with these games, and you’re all “disappointed”. They’re doing their best, and if what they’re doing for you isn’t enough, then you’re welcome to stop purchasing their products.

    They can’t please everyone, can they? Jeez…

    1. tanna says:

      I agree with dude :)

    2. pixiedust4267 says:

      I totally agree with you.

      1. Conclue says:

        Cherry Picking much?

        I’m all over this blog bugging out with excitement. I NEVER THOUGHT IN A MILLION YEARS WE WOULDN”T HAVE THEM IN CAS!

        Sorry theres ONE dissapointment out of everything that’s coming. I just found it to be a MASSIVE blow to my 12 year old squeeling and excitement (i’m 28).

        I’m beyond thrilled over seasons and aliens. They’re better then I ever dreamed they’d be, but I thought for sure that they’d be in CAS since SN put like 7 creatures in CAS. They’ve been tieing the two together since they were announced.

        I’m just sayin’, it’s a massive blow;

        The good news: The Team does have our back. A poster on the Sims 3 forums said that she played with testing cheats and adding aliens to your world is as easy as clicking them into the game via testingcheats and it adds them to your household. So basically it will take a couple hours (either way it would I guess) to add more and more aliens to a single household… use more cheats to put them into relationships and then split the household up in edit town and redistribute them through the town.

        If Graham had just said that in his tweet I woulda never cared.

        Gameplay wise MIND you smack talkers: I agree… Aliens should be programed the way they are. ALL “creatures” should be. I just figured Aliens would be in CAS because everything else got put in there except Mummies.

        1. n00biito says:

          I’m surprised you didn’t figure that out for yourself. This is not news. I assumed you’d be able to that to Aliens as you can with other sims. Usually special creatures are a nice little extra and you need to EARN them by playing the game. This culture of having everything handed to you is getting annoying. Just because YOU assumed they’d be CAStable that doesn’t mean they OUGHT to be.

          Seriously, they made the Aliens amazing. They have awesome features and all people do is complain how they need to make a tiny bit of effort to make them playable. Usually I’d be all over them when they don’t make things backwards compatible but in this instance that’s not the issue.

          1. Conclue says:

            Why can’t you just understand what my gripe was? Your acting like you don’t see all of my posts bugging out about how happy I am about the Aliens? How amazing they did? Did you see my tahnk you thread to Graham on the forums? I was mad we couldn’t create Aliens in CAS because I wanted to populate Lunar Lakes with them. I don’t get why that’s so unaccepttable?

            It doesn’t matter anways because they programed it into testingcheats so I can do what I want so I am happy. I actually like the gameplay element of them being rare in the worlds. It’s because of Lunar Lakes I wanted to get multiples of them so I could poplulate that world with Aliens and Sims. I have a story line I’ve wanted to play out since Sims 1… Sims 2 didn’t really bring that… Sims 3 will bring it and I’m beyond estatic. I was upset when I thought I couldn’t do what I wanted, but I can. I actually was one of those who thought it was whack that all the supernaturals would be in CAS because where’s the challenge in becoming one through gameplay? I figured because the magic fans got instaneous supernaturals in CAS that aliens would be too. I dont care anymore because I got what I wanted…. a way to put many aliens in a single town.

            And lastly I actually hope their under the population settings so that my worlds don’t become overpopulated with alien hybrid babies. So your “telling me off” for no reason really.

            Get over it allready. I’m estatic. I played Lunar Lakes because all I can think about is Aliens so please give me a break.

            Somebody makes a complaint about one thing and they’re made out to be trashing everything. NOT THE CASE.

    3. Charlotte says:

      They are “working their asses off” because they are paid to. Let’s not forget that little fact. They aren’t doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, it’s their job.

  9. AmberIndia says:

    *cough* *master controller* *cough* At this point Twallan = 1000 G Nardone and more! ;-) I dunno why this is news, it’s not like they are adding a brand new skintone with antennae and other props for customizing the Aliens. Mark my words, Aliens will be using the same ol’ ugly puke green skintone ramp and have a hidden occult trait. Nothing special!! Ohh, they’ll also have 2 black holes (hopefully) for eyes!! XD

    1. SimmerDown says:

      Have you watched the live chat? I can assure you they are something special… :roll:

    2. tanna says:

      hehe two black holes…

  10. DeAndreSim says:

    Sad news :( But cheer up everyone let’s just hope they patch it :) Can’t wait to play one :D

  11. catloverplayer says:

    I don’t know if this would work but the clone elixer could be thrown at an alien then you may get an alien clone added to your household.

    1. SimDzaky says:

      i think that is good idea..! :D

  12. catloverplayer says:

    Then take it back into cas and copy it to the library.

  13. Razor says:

    Ah, this sucks…

  14. jamie says:

    I could care less whether they can be CAS-ed….WE GET ALIENS…YEH!!!!!

    1. Jose says:

      Agree, Cant Wait!

  15. Jen says:

    I’m not disappointed at not being able to create them in CAS. Geeze it actually gives more incentive to go out and actually work to meet them*cough*or just use a cheat to make them part of the family*cough.

    What would make me disappointed though is that when you do get them into your family and use the mirror/dresser *cough*or cheats*cough*to get into CAS you’ll be limited on how much you can change their looks. Space suit looks good and stuff but how about putting some normal clothes on so the neighbors stop looking.

    1. Conclue says:

      Again guys try to see why people are upset about Aliens not in CAS. Many figured we’d be able to go in and drop in multiple alien families and make Lunar Lakes the world it SHOULD be.

      That’s why people are upset. If there was NEVER a Lunar Lakes released I don’t think I’d even care. I like that aliens will come to worlds the way they are programmed. I think it’s realistic and adds mystery to the game.

      My science Sim in SV is gonna be all over this.

      I actually plan on keeping my regular worlds alien free – maybe one here or there. It’s all about Lunar Lakes guys…

      like I said, you can add them through testingcheats according to a simmer at the gameplay demonstration. She said she played with aliens that way, she just added them right into her household via testingcheats.

  16. Elina says:


  17. Trufan1 says:

    I’m not mad. I like the challenge of getting the lifestates. Creating them in CAS is to easy.

  18. Mitch says:

    This right here is why this game has so many bugs. You have two different teams of developers touching the same code and it ends in a mess. Nothing one can do though as the demand for the next EP to The Sims is ever increasing.

  19. Jay says:

    This is not the big issue that people are making it out to be. Next up, confirmation that Aliens cannot have multiple life states.

  20. Deshong04 says:

    I hope TS4 different EP teams can be able to communicate with each other to make the game as interconnected together as possible than separate with each EP.

    A lot of missed opportunities doing things this way. I still enjoy the game though but it could be a whole lot better.

  21. Exen says:

    This is crap, they can easily do this with a patch or something that can came up the same day as the release.

    EA as always is lazy lazy lazy people, please Maxis put the aliens in CAS.

  22. sims4life says:

    This doesn’t really bother me.

  23. sims4life says:

    Yeah, I understand why they didn’t do it. I just don’t know what all the fuss is about. And i hope EA adds mersims I just wonder how will they work. I want mersims cause its something different to me.

    1. sims4life says:

      I was really excited for the Island time EP. They had it all sorted out and everything. Adding hotels, scuba diving, mersims, and possible the ability to travel to other ep and store worlds. But I’m okay with University. The one few things I hope make it is child prodigy. Why am I talking about University and other thing on and alein post. :?:

  24. Citrina says:

    I think this ep blows by its content, more and more things I find disappointing, well this one is a minor thing, but still I thought that with supernatural they added a feature that now we can create existing and future life states trough cas :/

  25. Cristie says:

    An example of what happens when the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. :(

  26. Stephan says:

    i know when i made a new world i found i got a real alien right out of the blue where hes eyes where black i tried to see if i could get a nether one but no luck i don’t know if its just Random or what but i did get luck with one while i was entering the Create sims or edit Create a sims mod cant remember witch one but i am sure loving him because of the alien stuff he can do

  27. Demolicious says:

    if you download an alien from the exchange(or use cheats and save one to the bin), you can make more aliens by bringing up CAS and keep using the “new sim” button until you land on the alien sim. then you can make as meany as you want! ant the more you make, the higher the chance of getting them later! ;)

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