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With all the new types of social features added to the game, this last poll was a follow up to January’s “pre social game” poll. With 1,869 votes, No! Never! is the most popular answer. I’m an occasional user of these features, but I blame my boredom of the game for that. :P Which did you choose and why?
The newest poll asks your opinion on the quality of content created in both the store & in games. Do you think the best content is found in your games, the store, or a little bit of both?



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  1. Kilu says:

    I think the games have some ok content but the store is where the “good stuff” is.

    As for the social stuff, hell no! :P

  2. lolajust says:

    I have always had a theory that the store team is really the same team that creates everything for the games and EA just wants to make more $$$. To be honest, i like the content we have gotten in our games, but the store has better useful content imo. And i dont want to heat the crap from EA that they are different teams blah blah. The store content is much better than what we get in game.

  3. n00biito says:

    I voted game content because the store stuff is ridiculously overpriced. Although they do have some quality stuff they also rip stuff off (one of the male hairs is the same mesh conversion from a CC creator), they mess up (missing stencils and missing y/a clothes), they break stuff (premium toilet borked animations, borked lighting, LP crash),they are lackluster sometimes (no custom animations for hot tubs) and most of their stuff could have been added in an SP or EP.

    Bottom line there are too many inconsistencies; when it comes to price, quality of the product and service. Although it seems that tide is turning for the store Worlds at east. They still charge way too much though.

  4. amber says:

    For the Last Poll i said occasionally because i actually do have a friend that also plays sims and sometimes we make whole households with each other. For this poll I picked both are good. While I did take issue with the store at first i’ve sort of made a habit of buying things on sale or daily deals. Now I need my store content just as much as my expantion content.

  5. Sock Puppet says:

    What kind of social features is this talking about? I connect my game to the internet every once in a while to gift my online friends, but other than that it’s on block.

    1. SimsVIP says:

      It is referring to the last poll. Details here :) http://simsvip.com/2012/09/16/poll-results-new-poll-91612/

  6. AmberIndia says:

    Hopefully the EAians learn something from this. The keyword here is “Single player game!!” I think I am warming up to the social features. It’d be cool to have a virtual identity like Caprica. But Sims isn’t about that at all. Sims 3 is definitely taking -a- wrong direction, this is not a multiplayer game!! Anyway the thing that is unbearable is SHOVING THE STORE CRAP DOWN YOUR THROAT!! THE STORE AD IN GAME SHOULD STOP! IT’S NASTY! I AM SURE MR. GRAHAM GOT THE IDEA WHILE SITTING IN HIS THRONE, BECAUSE IT IS T*RDY!

  7. kitty says:

    Lately the store has definitely upped their game. So now both the store and the games are really putting out. LOL sorry for the wierd way it came out. :) I don’t always get the store stuff when it’s more clothes because they’re just not stuff i like. But I like having the choice to take or leave and singling out later if there is one or two things I like in a group.

    Social features are ok, but the communication doesn’t seem to really communicate if you leave a note and someone responds but you have to go back to find the conversation. I don’t see a lot of people talking much. They share memories or achievements but not a lot of their own thoughts. I love having other people’s sims in my game for a show but I’ve never been able to send out with showtime. I don’t know why either. Kind of a waste of my money but there was so many other benefits to the game that I still enjoyed the showtime game. :)

  8. Razor says:

    Game content is much better! The Store stuff is often really buggy, missing stencils, or conflicting with each other. I haven’t had any major problems with the items in the EPs/SPs so far.

  9. FrusturatedUser says:

    Store generally has some nice (but flawed, see Sunlit Tides and routing) worlds. So it has that going for it. But otherwise, when it comes to objects I don’t see how you can prefer the Store Content over the quality of expansion stuff, since it’s objectively worse! Clothing….I guess I prefer expansion stuff there to, only because lately most of the store output has been pretty stale in that department.

  10. Discordia says:

    I think the stuff we get in the game is awesome and so are the store content, but the only thing that I think that is better in the store are the worlds… Seriously. The store worlds are far more aesthetically pleasing than the game worlds in my opinion. It seems as if they put more effort into store worlds. Look at Lucky Palms and Sunlit Tides compared to Moonlight Falls…

  11. sims4life says:

    I voted store. It gives me something new between ep’s. Even though its expensive. They do a good job at getting small detail into hair and furniture.

  12. Mackeemac says:

    I said both because in reality I’m sort of a pack rat and I like obtaining stuff (a flaw I know) I like the store content due to the feeling that it should be in a stuff pack because most of the items have been replicated from other Sim games. The price sucks, its buggy sometimes, but I still enjoy the premium content and the worlds. (except for Barnacle Bay)

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