SimCookie: Sunset Died Teaser Trailer Part 2


Remember the amazing world SimCookie is creating? Well get your eyes ready for another taste! SimCookie has uploaded The Sunset Died: Teaser Part 2. Check it out!


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  1. tanna says:


  2. sims4life says:

    Awesome trailer!!

  3. Blake says:


  4. Guest says:

    wow, just wow… Amazing Job. I can’t imagine how much time & effort that has went into this.

  5. Steph says:

    WOW fantastic :) i have not downloaded any CAW worlds…this one i will

  6. RenanCN says:

    Not everything were flowers in the former Sunset Valley…
    This trailer missed some Zombies and ghosts, but the Earthquake/Meteor apocalypse fits really well the scene…

    There were any casualities or everybody survived in the end?

  7. Mr X. says:


    I was wondering how the project was going

  8. Billy says:

    So, is this world a post-apocalyptic version of Sunset Valley?

  9. werewolfgirl120 says:

    love the music and also i wounding how did they did the Meteor apocalypse

  10. SimmyGurl says:

    This Teaser is awesome but I can’t help feeling sad for Gunther and Cornelia and I laugh a little when I saw a picture of Mortimer in panic.

  11. MARTY says:

    I hope the Goths survived! :(

    1. Conclue says:

      That was intense!

      I was on the edge of my seat!!

      I also realized my SV doesn’t look anything like the base anymore. LOL I changed it so much, lol

  12. taizhu says:

    Great job! Love your effort and will definitely download when your done. :)

  13. Damienf519 says:

    Its the apocalypse!

  14. AMAZING!!!♥ so much time went into this..great job!

  15. Camdy8 says:

    Sick video, that is not they way the Sims is suppose to be played. If you had the kind of destruction in realy life it would scare the h out of you.

    1. FridaKahlo says:

      And who are you to say how The Sims 3 is “supposed” to be played? The Sims 3 has always been about imagination and creativity, not the boring way you think it’s “supposed” to be played.

  16. Mirror says:

    ^o^ This is my first post.

    It is very amazing job. I watched two videos that get questions to ask.
    Is this SV map rabbit holes are unusable and CC?
    Is there any expansion request?
    If the map located the lots same as origin SV?

    I am waiting for the project, but I know there many huge number of works to do.

  17. cindy v, says:

    awww poor simmies this is real apocalyptic lol

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