NRaas Mods and The Sims 4
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As the exciting news of The Sims 4 makes its way through Simmerverse, it brings with it some sad news as well. Twallan (NRaas Mods) has publicly stated that he will NOT mod The Sims 4. This doesn’t come as a surprise to most of us who already knew, but for some it is bittersweet news.

Although he will continue to update and create mods for the The Sims 3, he will be closing up shop for good once Sims 3 “modding” is no longer possible. He will not be moving on to The Sims 4.




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  1. kiwi_tea says:

    Perfectly understandable. Twallan has spent an entire iteration of the The Sims picking up the tab for EA, and I am beyond grateful for him doing the hard yards that EA refused to budget for.

    Thank you Twallan. You made unripe, slightly stale lemons into something almost like lemonade. You are basically a wizard.

    1. SimsVIP says:

      Amen to that!

    2. Toto Caca says:

      Bravo Twallan, I support at 100% your decision! Thanks for all of the amazing work you’ve done so far, I just can’t wait for your next works on the greatest game ever : TS3!

    3. SimsOnlineFan says:

      That first line says it all perfectly. Ty Twallan. Without your help, I probably would have stopped playing a long time ago. BUT now Im scared to death of Sims 4. lol

    4. Sam says:

      Completely agree with kiwi_tea. Thank you, Twallan, for making TS3 bearable to play!

    5. vicki says:

      Don’t blame him one bit.

    6. mmmcheezy225 says:

      Twallan, seriously, you’re the best. Thank you for all the hard work you do! <3

    7. Awesomemarc says:


      The game would be unplayable for me without his Overwatch and Story Progression mods.

    8. Nicole says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better. He’s seriously a boss for the simming community. I’m still dying to marry him. I LOVE YOU TWALLAN.

    9. MadameButterfly says:

      *round of applause*

    10. aangita says:

      Second! I dont know how I ever played Sims 3 before his mods.
      EA needs to realize we want this kind of access and should just make it standard.
      Thanks Twallan for allowing me to enjoy the Sims 3 as much as I have! <3

  2. B says:

    I understand and frankly believe Twallan has been a tremendous help for Sims 3 and a god send. With every series there were favorites. I didn’t use mods for Sims 1, played it entirely vanilla because I didn’t know about mods until Sims 2 University came out. There was a major game breaking bug I researched on the Sims 2 official site and learned about Pescado, from there I haven’t looked back. I was sad just the same when Squinge and TwoJeffs retired with Sims 2.

    *HUGS* Twallan.

    1. B says:

      About Pes, don’t know if he will continue either, but he was a trailblazer that EA developers respected and had long conversations about fixing Sims 2 bugs. I am sure some coder will pick up the pace for Sims 4.

  3. Goatsimmer says:

    Ugly sobs I hope someone takes his place /.\

  4. bitterquill says:

    I’ll be sad to play TS4 without his work, but you can’t blame him for not wanting to get wrapped up in the enormous amount of effort that modding/fixing TS4 is bound to be. Hopefully some other talented modders will step up to the plate when the time comes, and in the meantime I’ll definitely make the most of his TS3 stuff.

  5. Nikolas says:


  6. serindeppity says:

    So sad, but understandable. I support this decision, admittedly with a sigh.

    Twallan… Ahhhhhh I could never play Sims 3 without your mods. And my legacies wouldn’t even be in existence if not for you. Eternally grateful for you and your hard work!!!!!

  7. Amy says:

    I for one would’ve given up TS3 years ago if not for Twallan. I used to use Awesomemod exclusively (which was great at first) and over time it became more and more annoying to use. Nothing out there comes *close* to what Twallan’s work accomplished for The Sims, while also being so highly intuitive and also so damn easy to use. I never would’ve felt like TS3 was “my own” game without Twallan’s mods breaking the restrictions (and frustrating/annoying problems) which EA forced on the player.

    Very sad to hear he’s going, as it’ll be nearly impossible for someone new to come along and fill those shoes (although I’m still not sure I’ll be moving ahead with TS4 myself). I can’t thank you enough Twallan for all the time you’ve spent drastically improving TS3 for all us simmers; it was much needed, and EA should be paying you handsomely for all you’ve given them. I have no doubt you’ll make good use of your talent, wherever life takes you.

  8. Simslover08 says:

    Nooooo!! ::Sobs silently::lol. TS4 will likely be a nightmare unless others step up to mod like he does… I am grateful for his mods since they saved my legacy family many, many, many times. Though it is bittersweet he is ending his mod journey with TS3, it is 100% understandable. I cannot even imagine the time it takes to mod patch after patch and run the site. TY for all your work. You gave your users many hours of joy!

  9. Gamer says:

    “I have put a lot of work into this suite, and have no intention to simply drop it for the next best thing.”

    Smart guy and thanks Twallan looking forward on to your stuff for TS3.

  10. Marcella says:

    I was introduced to mods in Sims 2. Twallan and Pes have helped my game in more ways than one along with others such as Sims MX, Velocitygrass, Twoftmama and Buzzler. I don’t blame those that won’t continue. It’s a long and tedious process. I thank all of the modders out there personally. I’m sure there will be someone out there to take us through TS4. If not, then it is what it is.

  11. TheWalrus says:

    You, amazing human being, you.
    This is sad news for my sim-gaming experience.
    Farewell. :)

  12. Kabuto says:

    After the InSIMenator/InTEENimator mods for The Sims 2

    It’s the turn of NRaas Mods. No doubt there will be new great mods for The Sims 4.

    1. Shamanta says:

      INTEEN still exists for the sims 3 from the original creator he just moved his mods to facebook. Visit his blog for the links.

  13. Laura says:

    Looking forward to all Twallan’s new ideas for Sims 3 after he no longer has to update for every patch and EP!


  14. Rae says:

    I respect his decision, because he definitely deserves to have a life after all the time he put into helping US.

    Hopefully, we wont need his excellent modding skills.
    And if we do, hopefully he sees it and WANTS to throw a couple things into the ring :”P

  15. Rudy says:

    Really admire the work he put into this mods. EA should hire him for the development of the Sims 4, so we can have a less buggy/unfunctional game!.

    1. vicki says:


  16. Peter says:

    Twallan I understand your choice and you will be missed. Hopefully some of the other talented modders will step up to the plate… or maybe we will get some new modders entirely.

  17. Steph says:

    sad, but understandable thank you twallan all the best to you

  18. Nicole says:

    The saddest thing to me is that we’ll hear less from him, he’s the most polite and courteous modder, very funny guy too ;A;
    But I can understand. It must be so time consuming and tedious, this is for the best. Thank you for your work.

    1. Nicole says:

      Hey other Nicole… nice to see Nicole(s) having the hots for Twallan :D

      1. Nicole says:

        Oh! Nicole’s unite! :)

        1. Nicole says:

          Omg are you the same one or a 3rd one?

  19. MckinneyMini says:

    Twallan, I have told you many times when we have spoken that you are amazing and that without you many of our games would be unplayable. I spoke about how my husband is a software engineer and how seeing how hard he works I can only imagine how insanely difficult and time consuming it is for you to do what you do as a hobby, along with work and a family.

    You are amazing and hopefully EA will see this and realize that for the next one there won’t be a crutch (YOU) and they will have to budget paying their Engineers to patch the game like every other game out there does.

    I am so grateful for everything you did and will continue to do for our sims 3 games because without you the almost THOUSAND dollars I spent (not including buying the Alienware I needed to run the game) would have gone down the drain. You made my game playable and you are awesome :-).

    To EA: You guys better step it up because you won’t have the crutch I am sure you have always known has been there. You know that people will not buy your game if you don’t step up and budget for patches. Especially in this day in age with YouTube and people waiting to buy until they have seen many reviews from regular people. You claim you are suddenly all about your fans, then give them a product that works. We all know that the reason you told the “Fans” first is so the kids let their guards down and forgive all the crashes, bugs, errors, that your game has ultimately produced. Let’s hope you get it together this time.

  20. Matthy says:

    As Twallan himself said above, there will be surely other modders interested in those “God Mode” mods for The Sims 4, Twallan’s a real genius and we all are really thankful for his work (I, for example, have bought 3 PC’s since Sims 3 was launched, and I must admit that the only reason that kept me reinstalling The Sims at some times where his mods), but so where the guys from SimPE (Remeber?) and the guys that made awesome mod and a girl that made an object for the sims 1 that really resembles Twallan’s MasterController. We have a lot of talented guys in the sims community now and will have by TS4′s launch too, and I guess Twallan’s departure will be good for everybody, he, us, and the new modders that will be able to shine their own lights.

  21. Jaline says:

    This is definitely sad news for the Simming community. Not only has Twallan’s genius made our games so much more fun and playable, he really is a good person. It takes huge focus to do what he has done for all of us who use his mods. I’m sure his wife must also be a Simmer, either that or she is a saint – lol. The huge chunks of time required to do the work Twallan has done, so promptly, and with such generosity could only have happened with the backing and support of his family. So I am grateful to them, too. I am very happy to hear that our Sims 3 game will continue to benefit from Twallan’s skill and dedication – it’s a long road ahead to Sims 4 and I plan on enjoying every minute I spend on the Sims 3 first – with thanks and appreciation to Twallan and his mods.

  22. Sha says:

    Wow, Twallan is the the best and he will truly be missed!

    I agree with many, his Mods added that extra layer of depth that was needed in the games. Also, I don’t know what I would do without some of his Mods that stabilized the game.

    Twallan, I wish you’d change your mind, but I totally understand.

    Wish you the best!

  23. johnbgood says:

    If Twallan isn’t modding it, I’m not buying it. End of story.

  24. sailorjune says:

    I’m with johnbgood. Without Twallan, the game will be unplayable. Thank you, Twallan, for your tremendous work.

  25. Jeff says:

    Until Sims 4 has a mod like Twallan’s story progression I won’t be buying it as simple as that, a Sims without Twallan’s mods is just crap to be honest.

    1. debilucho says:

      And I believe many more won’t buy it for the same reason. I’m one of them.

  26. Trinket says:

    Thank you Twallan for all your hard work. Without your mods I don’t think I’d have enjoyed sims3 as much as I have. But I can understand the need to sit back and relax instead of having to update with every patch. And hopefully some other and new talented modders will get a spot light for sims4

  27. Songsmith says:

    Late to the party, but TY Twallan for making my game playable. I would not have stayed with Sims 3 if not for you.

    It’s a real shame that EA doesn’t compensate both Twallan and Pescado. I wonder how many customers the company would have lost due to their poorly executed and unplayable games if not for them?

  28. Danielle says:

    Wow…I was really excited to get Sims 4 until I saw this. TS3 was totally unplayable until I found Twallan. The master controller and the overwatch were life savers. Thank you so much Twallan for making TS3 what it is with no help from EA. We’re going to miss you! But I look forward to playing TS3 with the help of your amazing mods!!

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