Island Paradise: From Roaches to Riches


Hi Simmers!
How do you plan to play with resorts? One of our main goals when  developing resorts was to make sure that it provided plenty of diversity in game play and customization. We recently held a development team “play day” and it was really great to see the many creative ways that people played with resorts. We had an engineer who decided to open up a small yet successful family-operated bed and breakfast. Another team member was on the fast track to running two five-star mega hotels in Sunset Valley. For some players, resort management was just a little too stressful and felt that having their Sims stayat a resort was a much more enjoyable experience.
I thought that one of the best ways to talk about resorts is to tell you about the one that I’m currently building. After discovering an uncharted island, I decided that it was the perfect place to break ground on my new resort. Using the blueprint mode, I quickly went from zero to well…bare minimum (at this point I’m fighting the urge to just use the money cheat.)
Tip: Blueprint mode is intended for players who want to get their resort built quickly so that they can jump into game play right away. However, if you choose to do so you can use Build and Buy tools to build your resort from scratch. Required objects for resorts are: the front desk and at least one resort tower rabbit hole. In general, the resort tower is required as a place for guests to fulfill their motives as well as manage resort worker population. A new Buy Mode sort was added to display amenity objects that make the most impact to your resort quality.





Funds were low so I had to start small. It was a good thing that my Sim family was up to the task because keeping employees on the payroll can get quite expensive for an upstart business like mine. Daily tasks included making sure that the front desk was always covered and resort guests were treated to delicious drinks at the bar. I decided that since my Sim does not have a full time job, he’s going to have to cover both day and night shifts. There’s never a dull moment when running your own resort. Just like residential lots,things can get dirty or break. I’m just glad that my resort is small enough to where I can get the job done on my own. All looks well so far!
Tip: We wanted to make sure that players can run resorts by using only their active Sim family if they elect to do so. This allows you to choose your level of involvement with resorts. Simply disable shifts on the front desk, bar, or food stand and the amenity will remain un-manned for that specified time period. You might have noticed from the screen shot below that my Sim is operating a professional bar. If you have Late Night and Island Paradise installed you will be able to place professional bars on your resort and have it count as an amenity. You will be able to operate or hire employees for these bars as you would other amenities on your resort.


As my resort grows in popularity so does the maintenance required to keep things running. I’ve slacked off a bit and now things have gotten completely out of control. Trash is everywhere and now I’m told that we have a full blown roach infestation. Resort guests are starting to vomit from the sight of this filth. What a mess! The next morning I checked my resort’s star rating and it’s gone down one full star. I might be in trouble here.
Tip: Poor upkeep can tank your resort’s quality rating that in turn can result in fewer customers. Each piece of garbage or broken appliance will be reflected negatively in the resort reviews panel. And yes, roaches. When I queried the team and asked what best represented a poorly maintained hotel, the unanimous answer was “roaches”.


I really needed to clean this place up fast if I want to continue to stay  in business. I hired a few maintenance workers to help me tidy up. I also took advantage of my Sim’s handy skill and upgraded a few of my toilets to not break.
Tip: Maintenance workers are the key to keeping your resort clean and presentable to the public. You have the choice of hiring up to three low, medium or high quality workers. Low quality workers are cheaper but have a greater chance of slacking off whereas high quality workers will always use their time wisely but come at a price.


Resort quality is finally restored and business is good. With a little money on the side, it’s finally time to class things up. The first thing I decided to add was some private VIP rooms for my guests. Blueprint Mode was perfect for this as I’m able to stamp down multiple rooms at once. After going back to Live Mode, I immediately assigned door locks to the rooms to allow the resort system to assign them to guests.
Tip: VIP door locks are exclusive to resorts.Resort owners can select any build/buy door and assign it a unique key number.If a guest chooses to check into a VIP room they will be handed a key that corresponds to the number that is assigned to a door. If there are no VIP door locks set on the resort, guests will be sent to the rabbit hole to sleep and freshen up.
Resort owners are automatically checked into resort tower rabbit holes but will still need to check into VIP rooms in order to reserve the space.

What’s a resort without a place to eat? I decided to plop down some resort buffet tables and a food stand to add even more amenities to satisfy my guests. I sent my Sim over to the food stand to get a nice refreshing drink.
Tip: The resort buffet table is exclusive to resorts in that your staff will be responsible for maintaining the food. As an owner, you will be given the option to choose what type of food to serve and the quality. Higher quality food will require a higher upkeep cost but will better satisfy your guest. Check the reviews panel regularly as they can clue you in on what type of food your guests are craving. Sims with high relationship to one another will often choose to dine together at the buffet.
The resort food stand serves up new food such as fried plantains and drinks in pineapple or coconut cups.

I’ll put the final touches on my resort by customizing uniforms for my staff. I wanted to go with a beach casual look so selecting one of the available presets will work for me. However, we thought it would be fun to open up the customization even further. You will actually be able to go into Create-A-Sim and customize uniforms (hair, makeup, and clothing) for each one of your employees. All installed content from EPs, SPs and The Sims 3 Store that are valid for career uniforms and can be used to outfit your Sim.

My resort is definitely on the right path to success. I’m not really sure where to go from here. Perhaps I’ll find the next great location and do it all over again. Maybe take my family to someone else’s resort and check out what they have to offer.
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy playing with resorts this June when The Sims 3 Island Paradise becomes available.
– Mike Zamora (@SimGuruMike), Assistant Producer for The Sims 3Island Paradise

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  1. kim says:

    Can you actually go into the resorts?

    1. CodyIsInLove says:

      Resort is the terminology for a type of lot so yes but if you are referring to the towers that are used for your sims to sleep etc. then no. You will however be able to build your own resort rooms but they will be classified as VIP.

      1. Toto Caca says:

        And just imagine how it will look in TS5………

        1. CodyIsInLove says:

          Well we can always be hopeful :)! I rather like the idea of towers but it bothers me that they lack the ability to make the custom and they are mandatory. The resort tower they showed us looked fantastic and will be great for more tropical locations plus add the ability to build a resort rapidly. Except I WANT THE ABILITY TO CHOOSE. Sims 3 was never about choice though :(.

          1. Brocolli Man says:

            which picture shows the resort tower?

          2. CodyIsInLove says:

            Oh man you look delicious! I love Broccoli but I will refrain for I have respect for beings that have a higher level of thinking. It just changes the game when your food speaks to you. None of the above pictures but Sims Vip does indeed have pictures…..somewhere. The tower was also shown in the last chat.

  2. XwertyQ1 says:

    I think this EP will be wanted in TS4 series :) MUST HAVE THIS!!! :D :D

  3. Vss2eip says:

    Yay, cockroaches are back TS2! Or were they there already, I don’t play TS3 much…? :/

    1. Mcfline says:

      I HATE ROACHES!!! this is a reason to NOT buy IP!!! F***!!!

      1. Mcfline says:

        And please don’t let this **** be included in any update!!! It would ruin TS3!!!

      2. Mcfline says:

        and if there are roaches, please please only in the resorts. dont add them to all community lots and all residental lots and ….. no just no!!!

        1. CodyIsInLove says:

          That would be rather bothersome if they were added all over.

        2. Pamela** says:

          From what I remember the roaches in TS2 were only around trash, so if you keep your sims homes clean then you shouldn’t have a problem…

      3. Arletta says:

        They’re only there if your resorts get dirty, not in an every day use.

    2. mmmcheezy225 says:

      I, for one, loved the cockroaches! I hope they spread all sorts of icky diseases when left to their own devices. >:D

      1. CodyIsInLove says:

        Oh my, when taking Mcfline to therapy for the intense fear of cockroaches we may also have to take Cheezy too except for issues with desire of world domination. I bet you are a mouse and you abhor us humans who have ruthlessly slayed many of your brethren and YOU WANT US TO PAY, it is totally that isnt it? Your name gave you away. By the way your aunt is up in my attic AS A SKELETON. I tried to warn her but nope she ended up getting a little Bar bait *cough*..

  4. Jess1281 says:

    So….2nd to last EP we finally get bug infestations…again. *Sighs* I will buy this, but my excitement for this is completely overshadowed by the potential possibilities of what Sims 4 could be. I’ve been playing the cupcake out of Sims 2 lately due to boredom with Sims 3…It really, really is more fun for being older then S3…weird, isn’t it?.

    I’m sorry for the people who wanted OfB hands on gameplay, rabbitholes strike again.

    1. CodyIsInLove says:

      You are not alone in the boredom department. I think it is rather safe to say a LARGE majority of players are very bored with Sims. It is undeniable that many of the expansion packs are lack luster and in actuality contain little content that adds gameplay. To make things work each expansion pack is like its own island and does not work with the other expansion packs. Like Late Night and Showtime the singing career can not be combined with a band. Despite everything that has been added the game play is very rigid and limited.

      1. Anonmon says:

        True true with how sims 3 is. I have hopes for sims 4 also, to be even better than sims 2.

        Island Paradise looks like one of the best expansion packs though. The only other expansion I wanted to buy release day was Pets.

    2. mmmcheezy225 says:

      I completely agree with you. I hope they stay true to their word and focus on the soul of the sims in TS4. The lush open world and the virtually unlimited customization of patterns in TS3 are great, but it lacks in all other categories in comparison to previous installments. The main focus of The Sims was always the SIMS. Fully immersing yourself into the world of your little dolls. It seems that in Supernatural, Seasons, and Island Paradise they finally started to catch on a bit, but it’s a little too late. A new generation is already in the works.

  5. Mcfline says:

    ****!!! I HATE NOTHINN AS MUCH AS ROACHES!!! ****, ****, ****!!! I might even end up not buyin Island paradise because of this ***********!!! It feels reductive.

    1. Guest? says:

      lol…I totally respect your feelings. Everyone plays their game differently.Personally it doesn’t bother me that they are in the game. However I’m sure at some point they will become annoying!

      1. Mcfline says:

        Thank you! I’m annoyed by them since TS2 base game……….

    2. Ryan says:

      You do realize cockroaches have been in the game since the base launched, right? They are catchable collectables. You’ll probably never even have to see one unless you let garbage pile up on your resort, so I think your reaction is a little premature/over the top at this point.
      Scroll down to “The Sims 3″

      1. Mcfline says:

        I’m sorry, but I’m too frightened to open this site….

          1. CodyIsInLove says:


    3. Pamela** says:

      wow… lol. Your reaction is hilarious. I hate roaches in real life, pixel roaches that are only around trash and probably just crawl around in one spot? Not so much.

  6. Laura says:

    To mcfline… really? not buy a game because it has roaches?.. i don’t want to scare you, but WE HAVE roaches in REAL LIFE.. so.. yeah. Plus, when you visit a tourism & hotel site what is the most seen complain of turists? bugs!.. it’s so realistic. just keep the place clean!. Btw, this was in The Sims 1 Base Game… So, did you played that one?

    1. Mcfline says:

      Yes, I played TS1 with all 7 EPs. My least favorite was Makin Magic cause it has got disgusting moments (for example my sims becoming animals or even worse: an invasion of frogs or roaches (EEEEEEKKKK) This was the moment I stopped all that magic stuff. Its also the reason why i didnt buy Supernatural.)
      Well, the roaches in TS2 have always annoyed me. I just hated to see disgusting **** on the floor and how my sims stamp on them and the fact that it is forever in their memories…… so its one of the reasons I dont play TS2 anymore.
      And now they add roaches to TS3? No, just no.

  7. serindeppity says:

    I am so excited for Island Paradise!!! -flails- it’s gonna be awesome! I can’t wait to run a resort I am already getting ideas for one of the gens in one of my legacies -grins-

    1. Pamela** says:

      me too! I already know this is gonna be my favorite sims 3 ep.

  8. Guest? says:

    Adding bedbugs would have been interesting

    1. Guest? says:

      BTW those are some big cockroaches

      1. Mcfline says:

        I hate all roaches. Even if they were smaller I would hate them. But I’m glad they arent monsters, as big as a sim…… EEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!! SCARY AND FRIGHTENING….

        1. CodyIsInLove says:

          It is ok Mcfline, we will take you to a therapist and maybe help you through this deep seeded fear then take you out for icecream afterwards :)!

          1. Mcfline says:

            Imagine the therapist is surrounded by awful roaches…….. ;)

        2. Daethaqt says:

          You really don’t like them, Seems like we need to call Dr. Drew. ( Never mind with his track record no! )

    2. Pamela** says:

      omg, bedbugs in real life are impossible to get rid of… but yeah, unfortunately that would be even more realistic. Plus, they’re much more common now than they used to be.

  9. CodyIsInLove says:

    Those roaches are scary looking and by scary I mean terrible. They were really trying to go for the frighting factor. I would of liked they actually made them look like cockroaches and not some weird blobs roaming on the floor but that is just a minor irrelevant complaint.

    1. CodyIsInLove says:

      Also how they are making resorts really bothers me. For example while a nice idea of having different quality workers it is not practical. Running a camp ground requires considerably less money than a five resort but at the same time brings less money in. So just because I can not afford to hire a high quality worker for a high price that I will have a slacker running the campgrounds? That is not how the real world works, whether you make eight dollars an hour or fifteen dollars if you are not doing your job YOU GET FIRED.

      1. CodyIsInLove says:

        I normally do not like complaining but I guess certain things are finally getting on my nerves lol. Sims 3 had many great aspects about it and in reality had so much potential that was never filled. They take ideas but over simplify them making it where our games are not flexible to play. They preach to the rafters of how they care about us players, our wants, our ability to be creative, to tell stories, and much more. IT IS A CONSTANT “We want our players to be able to do blah”. I KNOW THEY can create fantastic expansion take Ambitions as an example. Ambitions was a near perfect expansion pack in my opinion. It added alot of gameplay. Yes they did over simplify many things but at least it created life into my game making it refreshing to play. Ok I am getting off my soap box and will no longer ramble.

      2. Pamela** says:

        I agree with this. I work in retail and you see good and bad workers regardless of how much they make. We have slacker managers who make considerably more than I do but will hide in their offices or go out for 2 or 3 hour lunches, so how much you pay the worker doesn’t always mean they will work better or worse. You should be able to just hire the sim and if they slack off then you fire them and hire a new sim.

  10. miklc says:

    This feature is going to be a ton of fun to play

  11. matrix54 says:

    I really don’t get the need for a resort tower? What the purpose? Sims are using the VIP rooms anyway. I appreciate the options for low end machines, but it’s forced. There’s no reason I shouldn’t allowed to have just build/buy rooms (or no rooms at all, for that matter) in a resort.

    I defeats all logic.

    1. Forbidden says:

      You can gues how ofthen will sims use the VIP rooms….

  12. Iamconz says:

    Hm. I don’t mind the Roaches, but now they appear inside! In TS2 they always appeared by the trash can outside, which I didn’t mind. But now they are inside, I need to watch out..

    1. Mcfline says:

      I hated those trashy trash roaches in TS2 because my sims (and I think also your sims) kept running outside to stamp on the ugly ugly scary trashy roaches. But I agree, inside is even worse…. imagine your sim gettin up, brushing teeth, eating breakfast and then suddenly there are many disgusting roaches!

      1. Iamconz says:

        Yes! My sims always seemed to run to them, and then get ill from them… I’d also get confused between the Roaches and the Collectable bugs…

  13. Michael says:

    Red roaches? Interesting! Yes, I remember in TS2 where Sims stepped on them on the street and also spraying something. Maybe a mod will remove them completely for IP for anyone who use mods. Who knows?

    1. Pamela** says:

      They look like red water bugs to me… basically huge red roaches. We get them here in Philly during the summer and I HATE THEM! They also fly so they are extra scary. You see them a lot in poorer neighborhoods.

      1. CodyIsInLove says:

        Cockroaches that can fly, note to self not to go where Pamela lives. Alfred Hitchcocks movie mean anything? HECK NO! FLY AT MY FACE AND I WILL FLOP OVER FROM A brain aneurysm .

        1. Pamela** says:

          I’ve only seen them a few times my whole life. We get the black non flying ones a lot more. My grandmom lives in Florida and she said the red ones are much more common there.

  14. Charlie says:

    Wonderfully descriptive and informatively written. I enjoyed every minute I spent reading this. Clever way of clearly educating us on the new features to the game. Great selection of screenshots, though I would have liked to have seen the resort food stand. I remember when we went on our honeymoon cruise. The pineapple drink with umbrella was first on my list to get. Its so nice to see it in the game, as it flooded me with wonderful memories and went on the top of my list of things to do when I get the new EP. I am so happy to see that so so so much thought has gone into the details of the (OFB) resort/hotel management part of the game. The fact that you can run a family business in just so exciting to me I think I was flooded with ideas! I am so very happy that someone on the team suggested we be able to dress our staff with all that is available to us from previous EP/SP/Store/base content in CAS. I hope that the career uniforms has been updated to include as much as possible. I must say that I was happy to see the new features about the IP EP when it first announced, but after reading THIS blog I am now more interested and hungry for the release :-)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to find a clever way to inform us while also entertaining us.

  15. catloverplayer says:

    I hope the NPC resorts come with VIP rooms and also they should have also included ants and rats as pest as well.

  16. Steph says:

    EWWW roach hotel…very pleased with the new features

  17. gloomAviator says:

    The fact that they made a conscious decision to make a rabbit hole (that won’t look good with every resort) mandatory even though they KNOW players prefer to be hands-on and flexible with their gameplay is insulting, to be quite honest. No, I want to see my sims freshed up and sleep on an actual bed like they always have. They couldn’t have done resort rooms (that aren’t VIP only) the same way dorms were, where uncontrolled sims will stay and sleep in different rooms once you assigned them their beds and/or set the door locks, huh? Not being able to build resort rooms that will be accessible to all sims, huh? This is a new low, even for EA and Maxis.

    And of course open restaurants with a Sims 2-style restaurant system is once again not happening, it seems (nor will it ever). But we do get buffet tables that NPC sims will maintain that you can ONLY use at resorts! Hooray for the lack of choices, customization, gameplay, and flexibility!

    Is it weird that the only good things about this are that the roaches and piles of garbage on the ground at least bring back Sims 1 memories? (Hopefully without the roaches being a constant thing, of course.) Well, that and the pool bar and being able to dress my employees as hot dogs. Otherwise, it seems that resorts are a total bust. Oh well, there’s still the mermaids and houseboats, unless the Sims 3 team manages to screw them up somehow, too.

  18. niac1234 says:

    Grrr… hate resort towers. I fail to see their necessity. I still love resorts and am very much looking forward to this EP.

  19. catloverplayer says:

    Simguru Mike on Twitter says roaches are only limited to resorts.

  20. catloverplayer says:

    Sims with a high relationship will eat at the same table when using the new buffettts according to SG Mike. I’m so glad that’s fixed but unfortuanly the buffetts can only be used in resorts.

  21. smiles101 says:

    I can’t wait to run a resort! This is totally of topic, but when it says that the origin sale ends the 14th does that mean the last day we can get games on sale is today or tomorrow?

    1. SimsVIP says:

      The sale ends on the 14th at 10am pacific.

  22. Elsievdm says:

    Hi, it really looks Amazing, thanks for sharing, I am very excited for IP, it’s going to be so much fun…happy simming till then..

  23. Razor says:

    Does that resort on the screens even have the rabbit hole tower? I can’t seem to spot it.

    1. Arletta says:

      Yes, the second picture, blue and yellow building off to the left.

  24. KLAlexis says:

    lolz at first I thought the roaches were fall leaves, I’m sitting here wondering why there are leaves scattered on the floor. It look me like five minutes to realize that they are roaches :P.

  25. IliveInParis says:

    Can you build a resort in an appartement or in a houseboat? that would be pretty cool :) but I think the appartement isn’t likely :P

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