Moving & Placing Dive Spots in Other Worlds


IronboatLee on officials has found a way to move and place Diving Spots in other worlds. Where there’s a will, there’s a way simmers! The steps to follow are very easy, and just to confirm that it works, I went ahead and tested it out myself.


1) Enter Edit Town Mode

2) Open the cheat box (CTRL + SHIFT + C)

3) Testingcheatsenabled true

4) Buydebug

5) EnableLotLocking true

6) Select Diving Spot and save it to the Bin

7) Open a new game via the Main Menu

8) Edit Town

9) Place an empty lot into the water (World Editor)

10) Set the lot type to Community > Diving Lot

11) Lock the lot in its current state

12) Save and quit to the main menu

13) Go back into your game and vuala!

For a complete, in depth tutorial, check out Mcrudd’s awesome translation of OSimBr’s tutorial.

normal diving area (1) Diving Area in Lucky Palms


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  1. Blackillusion says:

    ok i tried experimenting things and i actually got an prebuild diving lot working in another world or town. But the problem is the routing issue. When my sim goes into the area the boat goes into the air and then drops back down again. But the diving lot is functional.

  2. Veronica says:

    I tried this, but the only place I can put lots are by the beach. Can’t put them out in the ocean, so without more instruction or knowledge this doesn’t work.

  3. Got the diving lots in another world, but cannot use them. Seems like the water is too shallow in the world I chose?

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