Moving & Placing Dive Spots in Other Worlds

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IronboatLee on officials has found a way to move and place Diving Spots in other worlds. Where there’s a will, there’s a way simmers! The steps to follow are very easy, and just to confirm that it works, I went ahead and tested it out myself.


1) Enter Edit Town Mode

2) Open the cheat box (CTRL + SHIFT + C)

3) Testingcheatsenabled true

4) Buydebug

5) EnableLotLocking true

6) Select Diving Spot and save it to the Bin

7) Open a new game via the Main Menu

8) Edit Town

9) Place an empty lot into the water (World Editor)

10) Set the lot type to Community > Diving Lot

11) Lock the lot in its current state

12) Save and quit to the main menu

13) Go back into your game and vuala!

For a complete, in depth tutorial, check out Mcrudd’s awesome translation of OSimBr’s tutorial.

normal diving area (1) Diving Area in Lucky Palms