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Hey Simmers!
Today I’m happy to be able to share more info on one of my absolute favorite parts of The Sims 3 Into the Future – Plumbots! From the very beginning of this pack, we set out to make Plumbots feel like a natural evolution of everything fans loved about bots from older Sims games, just bigger, better, more customizable, and more durable. We had so much fun acting out bot animations and telling crazy bot stories. Here are a few fun facts to get you ready to play with the future and Plumbots!
Plumbots are an integral part of the household of the future. Most families in the future have at least one bot to help out around the house, and several service industries have enlisted Plumbots to do work like firefighting and pizza delivery.



Programmable Personalities! One of the things that set Plumbots apart from all other beings in The Sims universe is their ability to change personalities with the flip of a trait chip. Without trait chips, bots are pretty simple creatures; you only need to keep their batteries charged and their chassis tuned. Trait chips hold the personality programming for your bot. With a simple Adjust Trait Chips interaction, you can change your bot from fun-loving to evil in a snap!
There are dozens of trait chips available for Plumbots. Competent Cleaner is a great trait chip for some instant help in a messy house. Need some help in the garden? With the RoBotany Gardener chip, bots will automatically tend the garden and fertilize plants – no ingredients needed! The Office Drone chip will allow your Plumbot to get a job and earn some simoleons for the household. If you’re looking for a bot with a little more humanity, give Sentience a try. This chip is the closest program to humanity that a Plumbot can equip. And of course the Efficient and Solar Powered trait chips are always good to have on hand since they will help your Plumbot run more smoothly.


For players who want to dive deep into the world of creating and customizing Plumbots, a Bot Workshop is the place to start. Improve your Bot Building skill by Designing Nanites and Trait Chips. Nanites are one of the building blocks for bot trait chips; you can learn how to make them by Designing Nanites on the Bot Workshop or find them in the wild. By Designing Trait Chips, you will learn how to make new trait chips for your Plumbots.


Create-a-Bot! With a little Bot Building Skill, you can use the Bot Workshop to create and customize a Plumbot in the brand new Create-a-Bot Mode. This mode allows you to customize everything physical about your bot. With tons of heads, torsos, arms, legs, and hovers to choose from, the options are endless! Try out patterns on your bot with Create-a-Style, and of course share your unique creation with friends on the Exchange when you’re done.
Bots are upgradeable! Improve your Bot Building skill to upgrade Plumbots. Upgrades will allow bots to equip more trait chips at once and expand their personality. With a high Bot Building skill, you can also improve the quality of your bot as you give them tune ups. Having a higher quality level will make your Bot run more efficiently and use less battery power. These upgrades increase the value of your Plumbot (should the day come that you want to sell your metal friend).
Plumbots are self-sustaining. Bots are capable of tuning and charging themselves, but with the right trait chips installed they can do so much more! Create a household full of bots equipped with Office Drone, Limitless Learning, and Sentience trait chips, and you never need a human again!
Romance is in the silicon. With the Capacity to Love trait chip, Plumbots can simulate all the gushy feelings human Sims love to express. Bots can even woohoo with each other in a variety of places; for a great new woohoo spot, look no further than the Bot Workshop! Of course, since Plumbots aren’t human, they don’t reproduce like human Sims, but with the RoboNanny trait chip installed your bot will take excellent care of your little ones.


Plumbots can project the future! With a Holo-Projector chip, bots can help you contact your friends in the future so you can keep in touch, even when you’re separated by time and space. Who needs a phone when you have a Plumbot?!


While visiting the future be sure to swing by the Nuts n’ Bolts Bot Emporium. The Emporium is a great place to purchase bots with pre-programmed personalities. The helpful Sales Bots will also be happy to sell you finished trait chips for your Plumbot as well as a wide array of ingredients for making trait chips in your Bot Workshop. No need to use valuable Lifetime Happiness Points to buy a Plumbot! If you want a bot of your own without the work of making it from scratch, this is definitely the place to go.
Whew, that was a lot of bot-related info! I hope your circuits aren’t overloaded. Out of all the features in The Sims 3 (including Witches and I really liked that one), I had the most fun making Plumbots, and I really hope that you love playing with bots as much as I do. I can’t wait to see the fantastic creations and stories our amazing fans create with Plumbots! Happy Simming!


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  1. Chris says:

    Would it be safe to assume that Plumbots will be the alternative for Open for Business gameplay?

    1. markydee says:

      How exactly?

      1. adventfear says:

        I believe he means with PlumBots replacing Servos.

        1. Damienf519 says:

          I think they pretty much are servos, but better. They also are pretty much Simbots, but much better.

      2. Chris says:

        The plumbots running possibly shopping malls, and maybe restaurant lots if they are introduced with Into The Future.

        Since they also ran the register at the Bot Emporium, but of course I could see limitations and restrictions to them only running them in the future instead of at the present. :\

  2. Pumba says:

    I wish the gardener pplumbots “unlocks” the possibility to hire a regular home gardener through the phone services interactions, and by it, I mean of course in ANY world.
    So much left has to be covered in TS3… Why stop now….. :o(

  3. Cinderellimouse says:

    Please can I order a real life plumbot with the Competent Cleaner and RoBotany Gardener trait chips. I’ll pay you in kittens. Thank you.

    1. CodyIsInLove says:

      <—Lol may just have to make said bot disappear however.

  4. CodyIsInLove says:

    O my PLuMBOT! Do you see those counters and THE BARSTOOLS ARE TO DIE FOR?!

    1. MItch says:

      Right? They are so sexy I bet CLP wishes you could woohoo on them.

      1. CodyIsInLove says:

        They probably give you the cold modern shoulder if you tried to do anything perverse with them or on them. I have never understood why people have to woohoo in kitchens, people come over and eat meals prepared in the kitchen *shudders*.

      2. druella says:

        LOL. Mitch.

  5. CoreyCanadian says:

    That dress she is wearing is actually really nice, I want it.

  6. Cloroxclean says:

    I have been wanting a new kitchen set for so long now. Thank you, I was so disappointed about IP not having one but I’m sure each room will have new furniture in this pack. Thank goodness.

  7. Samis says:

    I love Plumbots.

    But I hope that they are not only creatures in ITF.

    ITF is last expansion, 2 creatures would be great for last expansion.

  8. Maeby says:

    Did anyone notice how the plumbot that appears in almost all the photos looks A LOT like Servo? I’m so psyched for this EP.

  9. Michael says:

    So excited about Plumbots. :)

  10. Jay says:

    This expansion seems a bit like an homage to the Jetsons.

  11. Paprika says:

    OK, they have sold me this expansion pack based solely on the fact that the Plumbots kiss through a little spark of electricity ala Wall-E :D

  12. muchcream says:

    I have been trying to upgrade my robot’s quality level and whatnot. But the sim has a low level bot-building skill and my plumbot is maxed out. Except when she tries to “self-tune up” the quality doesn’t change. Do you need another robot/sim to do it for her?

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