Sims 3 Game Update 1.57 (9/4/13)


:!: Remember to Remove Custom Content and MODS before updating. Check with your modding community for updates post patch.


The Superpatch and other patches listed below are official patches hosted directly on the EA servers. These are the patches used to manually update your game. When downloading any patches below, you are downloading directly from EA’s servers.
Super Patch (All Regions) ~ Download (1.3 GB)
Incremental Manual Patching below should only be applied from patch 1.55
Region 1 (USA) – Download (177 MB)
Region 2 (Europe, Australia & rest of the world) – Download (177 MB)
Region 3 (Asia) – Download (177 MB)
Region 5 (Japan) – Download (177 MB)
Region 17 (Digital Game Version) – Download (177 MB)


This game update includes the following changes:
Base Game Updates
♦ The Brambles shrub can now be placed.
♦ Fixed an issue that could occur where Sims would get “stuck” moving to a new world.

♦ Child Sims will no longer “Play in Sand” indoors where there is no sand.

♦ Textures on the undersides of roofs have been fixed.

♦ Fixed an issue that prevented multiple rabbit holes across various worlds from being routable.
World Adventures Updates
♦ World Adventures tents can now be placed back into inventory.
Ambitions Updates
♦ The Gnubb Set now works properly.
♦ Ghost Hunting and Fire Fighting jobs will no longer occur on resort lots if the player has The Sims 3 Island Paradise installed.
Late Night Updates
♦ Drinks ordered from the pool bar will no longer be only bad or foul quality if the player has The Sims 3 Island Paradise installed.
Generations Updates
♦ Elder canes now work properly.
♦ Sims will no longer route through walls to climb to the top bunk of a bunk bed.
Seasons Updates
♦ Snow angels now work properly.
♦ Alien abductions have been disabled on houseboats if the player has The Sims 3 Island Paradise installed.
University Life Updates
♦ Sims can take photos with friends again.
Island Paradise Updates
♦ Mermaid Children can now take showers.
♦ Sims will now take boats, if they are the best option, when directed to snorkel elsewhere while swimming in the ocean.
♦ Sometimes the ocean would reset when Sims woohooed in the underwater cave, because it was just THAT good! This has been fixed.
♦ Fixed an issue with the underwater cave where the tentacles waved forever, preventing Sims from entering the cave.
♦ Sims will no longer pop out of the underwater cave when canceling woohoo.
♦ Sims no longer route fail when directed to fish while in the basement of a houseboat.
♦ Shells found while snorkeling now count towards wish fulfillment.
♦ The text description of the “Narrow Barge Style Houseboat” now reflects its proper size: 20×6
♦ Fixed two occurrences where a houseboat could be created on top of another houseboat thus causing both houseboats to be stuck for eternity…which is a very long time.
♦ Sims can now route properly up consecutively stacked staircases on houseboats.
♦ Self-employed Sims can now check into resorts without the game freezing.
♦ Sims can now relax on floor tiles.
♦ Outdoor grills and easels now work on Private Lots.
Create-A-World tool Updates
♦Fixed a bug where deleting a houseboat lot via Edit in Game could cause an infinite load.


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  1. wzw1177 says:

    Thanks for the links!

  2. Nana says:

    Still waiting for my sims to stop magically appearing on the beach when they enter a cave…. Still waiting….

    1. saika says:

      I hate that so much it happens all the time.

    2. maria_loves_alex says:

      But one of the underwater caves takes you to an uncharted island’s shore :/

    3. Cherrybomb says:

      The same problem here….

  3. Jimmy says:

    Does this mean one can go fishing on houseboats with basements now?

  4. Sam says:

    So it looks like Bonehilda still isn’t fixed. :-( I want my Bonehildas to take care of babies like they used to before one of the patches broke them.

    1. Lisa says:

      Was Bonehilda supposed to look after the babies to start off with? I liked to send the children to graveyard at night after curfew started but EA stopped that with a patch. It is annoying that you can’t have the children break curfew anymore. Not everyone is a little darling.

      1. Sam says:

        Yes, she used to be the best nanny. Then a patch broke her. Now she just stands at the cribs and stares at the babies, getting in others’ way. Won’t pick them up or anything. She still cleans and fixes things.

        Anyone know of a fix?

      2. SIMplyTheBest says:

        But yet they let Sims be cheating idiots! I hate how even married or exclusively dating, they still try to flirt with others, etc…Kids breaking curfew isn’t as bad as the cheating…IMO…
        I never use Bonehilda becasue she never seemed to do much…Maybe I should try again.

        1. Lisa says:

          I hate it also. Want to two sims to be soul mates and return to find one has taken a lover on the side annoys the hell out of me. Yes I know freewill and so on but I want more loyalty. I also hate it when you have a third party flirting. The partner is innocent and rejects but the other half half still gets mad with partner.

          But the Sims have always been um a bit loose. In Sims 2 I have two guys happily in a relationship, there is this third guy that likes them both. Work hard to keep the third guy from interfering to much but when they say goodbye third guy always has to kiss one of the chaps. In Sims 3 I give the unflirty trait, doesn’t mean a thing. And Inappropriate forget having an exclusive relationship.

          1. SIMplyTheBest says:

            Did I read you right?? You have a “yaoi” story?
            OMG, LMAO! Cool! (I have those books stashed in my bookcase along with lots of regular manga.)

            I lost hope for Sims 4 having it with better morals after I saw the traitors :(

  5. Lisa says:

    @ Simsvip With my above comment I accidentally left out a letter in e-mail address.

  6. Bitter Simmer says:

    Yes, but can one actually play the game crash-free on a computer that isn’t the USS Enterprise?

    1. CodyIsInLove says:

      Even with a super computer you may still face crashing, the risk is increased exponentially if you are using mods and cc it seems even if both are compatible. The expansions add new bugs with them that can put the game to a halt. It is in a way random who experience them. Like the only problem I had was when Seasons was released bringing the cursed build/buy bug that would make the game crash when trying to save after using either one. Thankfully it disappeared when I installed university.

  7. Jordan says:

    I’m pretty annoyed; I went on to the Sims 3, installed the patch, and suddenly whenever my guy is cooking and he starts mixing ingredients, he completely stops and the bowl gets stuck on his hand, needing to be removed with cheats. It happens EVERY time he mixes the ingredients, and it only JUST started happening after I installed this patch.
    I know that this is an old bug and has happened previously and even on earlier Sims games, but does anyone else have this issue only popping up now?

    1. Autumn says:

      I too am having this as well, and also having an issue where teens and kids can’t eat single plates of food unless I put the plate of food in the fridge first.

  8. SIMplyTheBest says:

    I read there are 10 new patterns included with the patch.
    But that’s not a reason to install patch. I am debating it because of issues some are having. Or is it worth it to do it now?…

    1. Lisa says:

      I wait a week or two for the mods needed to be updated and issues that come about. It gives time for one to judge and read up on ways to try and avoid them. A good example was with previous patch people were complaining about the sluggish game after patching. I found that removing DCCache folder avoided the problem because the patch was duplicating launcher content.

      Also keep in mind that a percentage of problems is due to the user and not the patch. Keep an eye on issues at different sites and see how they are resolved. A lot of the time they end in, oh my mistake or oops.

      There will be problems due to patch, you must decide if you want to chance them. I’ve read you just have to reinstall base game if there is to many problems.

      I must add I haven’t started looking up issues for 1.57 yet, I feel to early to properly gauge the destruction.

      P.S My Yaoi collection hidden in bookmarks.

  9. Lisa says:

    @SIMplyTheBest: I never thought of it that way. I normally have Yaoi couples in the neighbourhood. I just consider it normal. I don’t usually do Yuri through but if the game throws a pair together, like in a previous neighbourhood with Bebe Hart and Holly Alto I’ll play it out. (Didn’t finish that due to bugs, maybe next time I need to start a new neighbourhood I’ll try again) Don’t be shy to do these type of relationships. Don’t worry about other peoples’ reactions it is your game.

    Hopefully with the love struck guy in S2 he will start liking the man I wanted to get him together with. The chemistry I created for him and the other was based more on skills. With the original couple it was more on looks I was trying for an easier click between the pair and somehow got it.

    I’m not holding out any hope but maybe in S4 marriage/more committed partnerships will be considered sacred. It is fine in the beginning to play the field. It gets boring with the drama cheating and love triangle brings and it is nice just to have eternally devoted Sims.

    1. SIMplyTheBest says:

      My daughter (who will be 21 this month) made a yaoi couple in Sims 2 not too long ago. But she got mad about how it was going (forgot why). Never tried it with S3 yet. Maybe I might. If husband saw them it, he’d be like: O.O
      (Husband never looked in my manga books-even I think it’s too much.he doesn’t like to read books & probably scared of my books (2 bookcases full. Used to be rid of a bunch)…. I want the story & humor. Unfortunately they don’t give choice of censored version, which I would prefer, for some of them).

      I am still having hope Sims 4 will work out better. BUT not going to hold my breath (so I don’t drop dead from lack of air) :D

      And still keeping my S1, S2, & S3 anyway. Don’t want to sell them just to run to the next thing. That is almost like saying you never loved the games to begin with (despite the flaws & bugs).

      1. Lisa says:

        I also prefer manga with good stories and characters even with Yaoi. Good artwork is a plus. I don’t care about the censorship but am careful about others seeing it. I’m sure your husband would be O.O I not sure men would understand the appeal of Yaoi.

        As for Sims 4 I’m interested (but not in turning blue either) but I’m wondering if it is worth starting over. Like a lot of others I have downloaded too much cc for Sims 3 and I am currently clearing a lot out. Excluding the time I’ve put into cc, I’ve spent plenty on building and creating Sims. I really don’t feel like starting over. I’m only keep an eye out of curiosity.

        I have also played the Sims from the start and S3 has been the first one to really give me problems. I still get enjoyment from it but it has really plummeted my opinion of EA (along with monitoring of other games they put out). I have no faith in them anymore. There is also the whole better the devil you know factor in it and I know the S3. I don’t want to have to or feel like learning how to work with or around bugs in S4.

        I also would like to go back to S1 but I need to figure out how to play the game without stretched perspectives or maybe just accept it.

  10. Ashley says:

    Is this a manual patch? Been having problems updating to the new 1.57 patch. I have updated Origin but I still receive an error saying file not found.

    If this is a manual update can someone please walk me through how to update it manually without messing up my computer :)

    1. Lisa says:

      It is a manual patch and you should be able just to install it by double clicking. One way is to download the super patch (all patches in one file) and try it from there. You may need to reinstall the base game through and then click to install the super patch. One thing for the incremental patch (1.55 – 1.57 only) is to pay special attention to the area releases number. If you look at the bottom of your launcher you will find the version of game. Last number should match region number. Otherwise wait for the next patch update and install from super patch. Hope something helps here.

  11. Topskee says:

    Trying to install this update on my Mac. Install starts, but then suddenly the status bar disappears, and there is still a need to update. I installed Origin. I removed ALL installed content. Nothing has worked.

    The manual patches above are PC only. Any tips??

  12. bigmacblue says:

    Do I also need to uninstall the sims3packs? If so, how do you backup those? I don’t know how to back them up because I deleted all the files in the downloads folder.

    1. Lisa says:

      Always backup content to DVD etc or at least copy to desktop.
      To back up content installed through the launcher:
      DCCache and just to be safe DCCache.
      Others to be aware of:
      Recorded Videos

      For extra help

      1. Lisa says:

        Oh yes you shouldn’t need to uninstall your sims3packs.

  13. Jimmy says:

    Anybody know if the fishing from houseboats with basements/hot tubs problem has been fixed? I haven’t been able to try it as yet. Also, did it enable us to fish from any boat now? I feel it sucks that we couldn’t fish from the speedboats, especially when that’s all anyone uses IRL

  14. roman says:

    my sims still can’t take photos together…. -_-

  15. Lisa says:

    Anybody having problems with this patch. I haven’t installed yet still waiting on mods. Google isn’t picking up much. The patch has been out four days I think good sign, right? One thing has the dark censor blocks been fixed?

  16. maya says:

    My patch doesn’t work =( keeps saying error

  17. YL49 says:

    the link of the download didn’t work for me what i can do now?
    someone have another link? (the link of EA don’t work for me in patch 1.55 too…)

  18. Sky says:

    Ugh after I got the new patch the mood bars turned a really dark green, and zooming out and rotating takes so long, 30 seconds just to make a full circle around a sim! Lets not forget the fact when I tried to play one of my families (with 4 generations) my game totally wiped out my household and the rest of the town..even if I didn’t save it would still do the same thing :(

  19. Autumn says:

    This patch caused an issue where teens and sims can’t eat food unless its in the fridge they have to “eat leftovers” but if its a single plate on a counter, there’s no “eat” option.It only happens with teens and sims.I know it is a patch issue, because I uninstalled my game today and reinstalled, and I went into the game without updating and cooked a meal, then I had the adult grab a plate, I canceled the action they set it on the table, then I switched to a kid and clicked it and the “eat autumn salad” showed up, so I exited the game and updated, and I went back in and did the samething’ however the kids and teens now no longer have the “eat such and such” option when clicking on a single plate of food.

  20. Cheyanne says:

    I tried the digital game version and I removed all my mods and cc, but it says, patch failed (attribute modifcation). I’m not sure what to do?

    1. SIMplyTheBest says:

      Did you use the patch for the DIGITAL version? Offhand that’s all I can think of since they make patches for disc AND digital versions…AND regions. Wish I could help more..but I’d have to be at your PC to fix it, LOL!

  21. Ashley1990 says:

    Hi! I’ve already downloaded the 1.63 patch. But I haven’t downloaded the 1.57. If I update my game with this patch, will I have problems in playing my game? Would really appreciate it if someone would answer my question. I’m having a hard time with my island paradise expansion. Turns out the bug fixes for this expansion is in 1.57 and not in 1.63. I have original base game and expansions by the way, just in case it could help someone answering my question.

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