Sims 3 Game Update 1.57 (9/4/13)

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Remember to Remove Custom Content and MODS before updating. Check with your modding community for updates post patch.


The Superpatch and other patches listed below are official patches hosted directly on the EA servers. These are the patches used to manually update your game. When downloading any patches below, you are downloading directly from EA’s servers.
Super Patch (All Regions) ~ Download (1.3 GB)
Incremental Manual Patching below should only be applied from patch 1.55
Region 1 (USA) – Download (177 MB)
Region 2 (Europe, Australia & rest of the world) – Download (177 MB)
Region 3 (Asia) – Download (177 MB)
Region 5 (Japan) – Download (177 MB)
Region 17 (Digital Game Version) – Download (177 MB)


This game update includes the following changes:
Base Game Updates
♦ The Brambles shrub can now be placed.
♦ Fixed an issue that could occur where Sims would get “stuck” moving to a new world.


♦ Child Sims will no longer “Play in Sand” indoors where there is no sand.

♦ Textures on the undersides of roofs have been fixed.

♦ Fixed an issue that prevented multiple rabbit holes across various worlds from being routable.
World Adventures Updates
♦ World Adventures tents can now be placed back into inventory.
Ambitions Updates
♦ The Gnubb Set now works properly.
♦ Ghost Hunting and Fire Fighting jobs will no longer occur on resort lots if the player has The Sims 3 Island Paradise installed.
Late Night Updates
♦ Drinks ordered from the pool bar will no longer be only bad or foul quality if the player has The Sims 3 Island Paradise installed.
Generations Updates
♦ Elder canes now work properly.
♦ Sims will no longer route through walls to climb to the top bunk of a bunk bed.
Seasons Updates
♦ Snow angels now work properly.
♦ Alien abductions have been disabled on houseboats if the player has The Sims 3 Island Paradise installed.
University Life Updates
♦ Sims can take photos with friends again.
Island Paradise Updates
♦ Mermaid Children can now take showers.
♦ Sims will now take boats, if they are the best option, when directed to snorkel elsewhere while swimming in the ocean.
♦ Sometimes the ocean would reset when Sims woohooed in the underwater cave, because it was just THAT good! This has been fixed.
♦ Fixed an issue with the underwater cave where the tentacles waved forever, preventing Sims from entering the cave.
♦ Sims will no longer pop out of the underwater cave when canceling woohoo.
♦ Sims no longer route fail when directed to fish while in the basement of a houseboat.
♦ Shells found while snorkeling now count towards wish fulfillment.
♦ The text description of the “Narrow Barge Style Houseboat” now reflects its proper size: 20×6
♦ Fixed two occurrences where a houseboat could be created on top of another houseboat thus causing both houseboats to be stuck for eternity…which is a very long time.
♦ Sims can now route properly up consecutively stacked staircases on houseboats.
♦ Self-employed Sims can now check into resorts without the game freezing.
♦ Sims can now relax on floor tiles.
♦ Outdoor grills and easels now work on Private Lots.
Create-A-World tool Updates
♦Fixed a bug where deleting a houseboat lot via Edit in Game could cause an infinite load.