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The Official Magazine of The Sims 3 Spain, has posted 10 bullet point facts for The Sims 4 in their latest magazine issue. Included in the facts posted, The Sims 3 Spain confirms that Facial and Head Hair will grow gradually over time. They also confirm that “wind” will allow hair and clothing to sway, which I believe would give it a more realistic touch.

Rincon Del Simmerwho found this new info, was kind enough to properly translate the article for us. Check out all the tid bits below!


1- There will be right-handed Sims… ¡but there will also be left-handed Sims!
2- The Sims 4 will work better in low-end machines than The Sims 3.
3- With the passage of time, hair and beard will grow.
4- The wind will make the Sims’ hair and clothing move.
5- With the Create a Sim feature, you will be able to change the feet size.
6- Pregnant Sims will have unique emotions that no one else will experience.
7- There will be three voice types for men and women.
8- There won’t be Wishes, but little goals for Sims to accomplish and gain awesome rewards.
9- Every life cycle will have a special emotion only for Sims in it.
10- Sims won’t die randomly anymore, like by a meteor strike or a lightning. They will die only by things done by the player.



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  1. miss sims 27 says:

    I am a little bit concerned that sims can not die randomly more. Am I the only one who thinks it will be annoying? The fact that you lose the thrill of your sims suddenly die? :-)

    1. Waffles says:

      Yep, this is my main concern too. I find the idea of having no random deaths impossible, unless we literally have to kill off every single one of our elders.

      It’s like yeah, tonight, you’re going to die in your sleep, goodnight.

      Also, how would that work with an open world would everyone just live forever, or is this a hint there is no open world. Ugh, I just don’t like this new concept.

      1. Kairt says:

        “Yeah, tonight you’re going to die in your sleep, goodnight”

        HAHAHA <3 that was great.

      2. flapjacks says:

        They’ll probably give the option to have it on or off to appease even those iffy Sims of pleasant unforeseen death

    2. Syrath says:

      I don’t think people fully understand what this means and jumping the gun here..
      It was quoted that they are removing the deaths you have no control over,
      such as going out for dinner and suddenly you get hit by a giant meteor.
      Death by fire, drowning, being electrocuted when repairing these are all situations that can still randomly happen but you have some form of control over.
      If you ask me a lot of people wont even notice the change,
      I’ve only had a meteor hit my sim once and I remember saying to myself, um that was strange.. he had just finished work walked outside then BOOM dead. as if wouldn’t restart your game.

      At least now its a matter or… if I do nothing they will die so I can have a twist in my story… OR I have the choice to save him keep it as part of the story but move on.

    3. Archivist says:

      I think random Sim death is a thrill I won’t mind losing. But I hope Maxis also does something about the thrill of random crashes to desktop.

    4. Emily says:

      You aren’t the only one! I agree 100% with you. :)

    5. AWESOMEPERSON says:

      I am truly glad that the sim will not die randomly anymore because once I got my sim up to the leader of the world or whatever its called and to celebrate I took my sims to the diner everything got dark and my sim died!!!! I will not be missing that although it adds some pizzazz to the gameplay!

  2. miss sims 27 says:

    I am a little bit concerned that sims can not die randomly more. Am I the only one who thinks it will be annoying? The fact that you lose the thrill of our sims suddenly die? :-)

  3. Karmy says:

    Hold up – I don’t know if … this has been posted but I just read this in an article… “The Sims 4 Offline Single Player, blah,blah” and it says this:

    It’s funny because then we go back and we add tools later on that give them more abilities. One example from the Sims 3, we added this meteor that could fall out of the sky onto a sim and it would kill them and ” people loved that.” It came on early in the sims, it was extremely rare, and you heard the most incredible stories come out about it. One person was holding this outdoor wedding and both of the families had come over the wedding, they were actually under the wedding arch about to kiss, and the meteor fell on top of this hold crowd of people, wiped out both families. It was the most awful thing! We didn’t program anything especially for this, but this kind of emergent gameplay comes out. Somebody had it at their school graduation on the steps of City Hall. Bam! Meteor. Took them all out.

    The most recent one I heard, this poor player, they were throwing a holiday gift party – we added these festivals and parties you could have in Sims 3 Seasons – and they had this party, it was outside, they’re opening their gifts. Bam! Meteor! “We love when those stories came out, so we’ve actually gone back and added more functionality – you can actually trigger your own meteor strikes now. It’s part of that fan feedback.”

    People love that stuff, but sometimes it was so rare that they could just never see it in their game, so why not give them the tools to have that sandbox to experience? If they want to generate stuff and make situations happen, we want to put those tools in their hand to have that kind of experience that they want.

    SO CONFUSED right now! This article is stating that they’re not taking the random deaths away, but they’re giving the players a chance to see it MORE often rather than a rare chance. Like the player is in control of the deaths, you can have that random death…chance.. OR you can make it happen.

    Basically saying that they’re bringing back that story aspect of the game that The Sims 3 lost… the way I see it. Better control of Sims, better scenarios for stories/story tellers and Machinima.

    Link to article: Questionaire

    It takes about the Meteor stuff on the “Strangest story question”.

    1. SimsVIP says:

      Not sure how that contradicts random deaths being eliminated? Players Triggering a meteor, as opposed to having the game spawn 20 randoms ones in one gaming session, are two different things. If you trigger a meteor, that is not a random death you had no control over. :)

      1. Karmy says:

        IF you read on.. they ask another question about ‘rare random events’ and they said yes, rare events will still occur.

        My point was that the meteor death is still there. They’re just giving us more tools to trigger it, if we want. From what I got from the article.. is that now we’re able to trigger it, if we want it to happen, but we can still get a rare random death to occur.

        This question just needs to be asked and answered by the Gurus. To clear up the confusion.

        1. Karmy says:

          “People love that stuff, but sometimes it was so rare that they could just never see it in their game, so why not give them the tools to have that sandbox to experience? If they want to generate stuff and make situations happen, we want to put those tools in their hand to have that kind of experience that they want. “

    2. Gunvor A says:

      I’ve never ever, even though I’ve played sims so much, I’ve never seen a meteor. I didnt know that they actually existed in ts3, LOL. I think I only saw one in TS2, but i dont really remember. Looking forward to the hair and such, doe. And the best thing will be the fact that you can change the body shape! I’ve always wanted that in ts, so finally my dream shall be fulfilled, lol.
      Hopefully the game wont suck. I’d be so disapointed if it did, cause I’m going to buy an enitrely New computer just for this shit, lololol.

  4. MidnightPearl says:

    I liked randon deaths, I hate to kill my simmies for the sake of it, maybe Ea will add this feature later in some other Expansion pack for TS4-just maybe! we’ll see then! :) but loking forward to hair flow and animation of our simmies and clothing movement, not like a glued version of TS3, arrrgh, hate the hair in TS3, it’s soooo glued! and blocky ewww! :)

    1. Anny says:

      Lol The Sims 4 Death Pack. Sounds great. XD

      1. Anne1000 says:

        Lol. All the great ways to die….

  5. Samiistarr says:

    I’m not a custom content creator, so I’m just wondering, wont this hair growth thing make things more difficult for cc creators?

    1. Sayachan says:

      Samii: Probably will Idk.

    2. Anny says:

      It would be ridiculous to not put something in the game just because it’d be more difficult for CC creators. 
      They’re intelligent people, i’m sure they will find a way if they really want to. 

  6. Don'tYodelWithTheMargarin says:

    I’m hoping the “hair growing and clothes moving in the wind” is not true because it will be hard, hard, harder for creators to make CC, most of the content I use in game is CC, and I don’t buy anything from the dumb overly priced EA store, they tried to make it impossible for creators to make CC for the sims 3 but it backfired, EA games are such penny pinchers I can see them trying to wipe out custom content.

    1. coco says:

      so you want stiff dead hair? you guys complain about everythng!

      1. derick storm says:

        yeah i personally like the fact that hair grows and moves in the wind

    2. Jennygirl says:

      A lot of people prefer to not use CC. I, for one, only use it when I feel like I have to. I would love a game that where everything is so well-made, I don’t feel like I need CC to improve it.

      1. NRGuy says:

        Stop complaining about what you haven’t seen yet!!! You don’t even imagine what the game will be like, but don’t miss a chance to troll something! What’s wrong with you? Try playing first, than express your opinion, not guesses.

        Sudden deathes would be awful in online gameplay, killing your beloved sims with built relations…
        Animation about hair & stuff is awesome, too! Talking about the CC, Do you realy think EA could just cut that chance to make money for themselves, that easy? This means, that CC will now be created by professionals, only. How did those CC creators create stuff like clothes, which moved along with sims? Ah, sorry, you just showed, you’re not creator. Keep on creating furniture.

        Whatever you write here, guys, I can only say that you have to trust EA creating your future favourite game. If you disagree with some ideas – just try them first.

        I believe this game will disapoint noone. This is evolution, baby!!!

  7. JessH says:

    When will they give you the option to change height without having to use cheats or mods. It should be simple. People are different heights. Girls are rarely the same height as guys. You can change the breast size but not the height? Or did they already fix this problem with an update that i missed?

    1. James says:

      But if you changed the high, wouldn’t it affect the clothing? It would stretch the clothing and it would look weird.

      1. JessH says:

        Its kinda morphed when you change breast size but barely noticable. If there gonna go into enough depth to determine right and left handedness then height should be just as, if not more, significant. Height its just too big of a trait that differenciates people.

        1. Holly says:

          I think they aren’t doing to height because then they’d have to work more on the gameplay because it would affect all the actions people have with eachother.

    2. MusicalDuty says:

      I dont want that. I mean. This is the SIMS. A game. Things you do will be limited. So if you have a high sim and a short sim smooching. It would go wrong. Who needs that anyway? Would cause too much bugs. Kinda useless too. Wouldnt affect the gameplay, a waste.

  8. Shannon Clements says:

    re the meteor thing. I just want to say that while the random meteor’s was strange and made for an interesting scenario, did anyone actually keep that game? I sure didn’t. I had a sim child smooshed by a meteor while looking through a telescope with his father a few feet away, and daddy watched him get crushed.

    I remember watching that like, “what the hell?” and then I reloaded and went on my merry simming way. No way was that gonna happen for realsies.

  9. Beana148 says:

    Wow! I’m blown away about hair growing. Also, the option of the game choosing when the Sims die it adds more realism in the game. I wouldn’t want to kill off my Sims. I’m looking forward to new additions add to the game and will defenitely be reading his blog. :)

  10. Llaaaaa says:

    i think Ea should have car seats/booster seats so that babies and kids can ride in the car without people holding them. for example if you have a mother and a baby she cant go anywhere with the baby unless she walks, calls a taxi, or has someone with her.

  11. NanaOne says:

    [quote]Sims won’t die randomly anymore, like by a meteor strike or a lightning. They will die only by things done by the player.[/quote]

    noo !! where are the sims funny spiri go to? Died ! As the difficulties for building a house or creating a sim… this game is died !

  12. Kayla says:

    So there won’t be anymore wishes?? So you cant see what your sims want??

    1. Emily says:

      I am very disappointed. At least we will not have to deal with the horrible fears/wants from The Sims 2!
      I love the wishes in The Sims 3. I think that the ‘goals’ will be just as annoying as the little opportunities that your Sim has to complete in The Sims Free Play.

  13. miss_pinky says:

    I’m disappointed to see in screen shots that the sims texture still looks rubbery and shiny i.e clothes and skintones and hair

    1. Emily says:

      The so called ‘eyelashes’ aren’t even a thing in The Sims 4 from what I’ve seen..

  14. Jkid says:

    That’s cool everything will grow and added new things like new emotions for preganats sims and finally no wish system no more gay things for my sim to wish about like really like I would wish for things in real life like I wish I want to have a new stove etc and da growing hair n beard with no random deaths new reasons why to buy this game

  15. brittneygadd says:

    Ok really loving this game already…I think that the hair growing is really exciting…I’m upset with the goals list cuz that would mean we have to do all this stuff like in the sims free play…and please tell me there is a forward buttom still…I know cc better still be available with all the clothes funiture and hair and almost everything…I hope the hair styles are way better than before..I hopen the clothes are more up to date and diverse…damn the hood clothes are so lame…can we get some more clothes and hair styles…

  16. Melissa says:

    I think I may have gotten lucky when it came to having my Sims squished under a meteor or fried by lightening etc because it happened to me ALL the time. It was awesome. Though having read through the comments I’m a bit confused as to whether this is being removed fully or something I can inflict myself now.

    Either way – I’m looking forward to seeing my Sims get scruffy and I’m assuming that by making it more compatible with lower end systems it will be less inclined to crash.
    Late night, Showtime and Hidden Springs all caused frequent random shut downs. The final shutdown gave me the blue screen of death and I had to chuck that laptop out and buy a new one. I’m not sure if it was the software or the system was overloaded but I wasn’t a happy camper.

  17. MellowPearl says:

    I Love the Sims 4 from what I’ve seen and heard but(I have not yet seen all of the male clothing and hairstyles)as far as I see there are only 4 female hairstyles which is so boring, there should be way more options. What about buns and ponytails?I’m gonna miss them…And the hats!Only 2 that are pretty much the same style…Don’t get me wrong I can’t wait but I just wish you’d spice things up you know?

    1. William says:

      The hairstyles and clothing that have been shown so far aren’t going to be the only available options. They’ll keep adding more until it’s release. You have to remember, the game is still in development….
      I’m sorry, but it’s so annoying when people don’t realize this. It’s really not a difficult thing to grasp.

    2. I want Sims with long hair without using iffy custom content.

  18. Tracy says:

    I wonder if The sims 4 will make the hair more realistic looking! lol That would be nice.

    1. Ellan Cambell says:

      I agree with u

  19. Orangie says:

    So… the beard and hair will still grow and the wind will move clothing and hair of the Sims?

    Is that true? We’re a 33 days of the release…

    Omg, if that’s true.’t… ohgod… But still, I will add CC for the game, so I really hope CC hairs will be ok with the wind and growing and that stufff…

  20. My Sim randomly died when I walked away from my pc. I had to take my dogs out and forgot to pause my game play. I was only out for 2 minutes or so and the grim reaper got her. I didn’t even get to see what happened. I just went back to world and didn’t save and she was back thank goodness.

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