The Sims 4: Updates from SimGuruGraham



SimGuruGraham has tweeted some new information regarding the “list of facts” from the Official Sims 3 Spain Magazine. For starters, random deaths are not going to be eliminated completely, instead, the game will notify you so you can take action.

From the tweets below it is confirmed that the “Random Deaths” was a misunderstanding, and my guess is that the “Dynamic Hair & Growth” is part of the undecided.

So with this said, I am falling into the “I will not believe anything until I hear it straight from the horse’s mouth” group. I would never imagine an Official Sims 3 Magazine reporting false information, let alone blaming it on translation errors. This is why I’m cautious of 3rd party articles!

Regardless of the game changing from day to day, how can “undecided information” end up on an Official Magazine? Is there anyone that proof reads the magazines before publishing to ensure nothing false is released by official sources? If we cannot trust that the information from official sources is reliable, how will we ever find out about this game?! 😆