The Sims 4: No Toddlers & No Pools in September
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The Sims team has just released a new blog on The Sims 4, and have confirmed that Pools and Toddlers will not be part of the game come September.

“And though pool building won’t be available in September, we do have a new Fountain Tool so you can create sophisticated landscapes. Whether you were a novice builder in The Sims 3, or an experienced pro, I really think you’re going to love The Sims 4’s build mode.”
“And while we recognize that some of you will be disappointed that pools and toddlers won’t be available when The Sims 4 Base Game launches in September, you should know that we’re building an incredibly strong foundation that is capable of fulfilling every one of your desires in the years to come. The future of The Sims 4 is bright!”

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  1. Abby says:

    Well, there goes another lost consumer for Sims 4 …

    I think I’ll just wait for a LP on the Sims 4 and see if it can actually be worth it. Because no toddlers? My money will stay in my pocket.

  2. jbfoxglove says:

    Nobody likes the baby phase. NOBODYYYYYYYYYYY. Nobody. We would all be happy to see baby and toddler combined. Don’t act like you’re respecting our love of swaddled lumps by not combining the two- that is just not true. Don’t include toddlers if it has to be that way, but don’t make it seem like it’s out of respect for the gamer.

    1. Ella Trickett says:

      You can’t speak for everyone and say that “nobody likes the baby phase” because I do. I’m really dissapointed that there’s no toddlers in this game and feel that the sims 2 family life was far better in terms of babies and toddlers where you could actually interact with the child
      Whereas now I feel that the role of oarenting has been completely overlooked with my 2 sims being family orientated I’m wondering as to how when literally all that’s happened is the baby been in a crib for 3 days and been fed and changed. Nothing.

  3. desims2 says:

    This is so dumb, i wasn’t buying this sims anyway because there’s loading screens :). but now this also??, HAHAHA…. enjoy playing this game, whoever buys it.

  4. SimmySimmer says:

    Wow, this is ridiculous! EA just ruined everything now! Babies are now just going to jump to children, how stupid! In the real world, we have toddlers, so why can’t their be toddlers in a simulation game? What’s the point of making a game with no toddlers? Just for that, I ain’t buying this dissapointing game unless EA put toddlers in it. I don’t care about the pool or create-a-style,but I want toddlers! Curse EA! Their just bunches of lazy people who can’t certain things that people wanted in games. This had been a disgrace to us, even to EA’s German fans.

    1. carthy123 says:

      It’s no big deal. Why are you making a big deal out of a small thing. Look how your acting.

      1. Similitude says:

        You don’t seem to understand the problem here, carthy, people are tired of ea taking stuff out of the base game with each new iteration rather than whining about specific stuff being removed this time..
        How would you feel if each day your salary was reduced by 0.01 % of your current salary? No big deal right? Since 0.01% doesn’t matter… but what happens 3 years later ?

        1. Love says:

          What you don’t seem to understand is that some people’s reaction to a game is a little bit too much. “This has been a disgrace to us”… Seriously? A disgrace? Calling the people working at EA lazy just because they didn’t put some pixel toddler in game? Comparing THAT to lowering a salary? You people need a reality check, like now.

          Also, some people fail to notice that a lot of users hated toddlers and made them grow up as fast as possible because they were basically useless, and didn’t have many interactions.

          1. aLmAnZo says:

            Some of us care about our games, and we care about the fact that EA is the worst company spearheading a new trend. Game companies have allmost stopped making complete games, and instead started releasing them in parts, resulting in much higher prices for consumers, a much more fragmented community, less control over the games we buy and poorer products.

            The base philosophy behind the sims 1, was that the expantion packs added stuff the devs didn’t think about when they made the game in the first place. They added real value to an else great game, while now it seems to look like companies are trying to take out as much as they can from the base game in order to put it back in for a price later. We are being screwed over, and that IS a big deal.

            It’s like going to a restaurant you’ve allways eaten at, paying the same price for a meal you allways buy. Then when you get the food, it’s only the steak and no veggies, and the waiter says “If you wan’t veggies, we can add that for 20$, potatoes the same, oh and the sauce is on sale now, only 5$”.

            Only video game companies can get away with this. Not a single movie company can get away with selling 10 minute snippies of extra footage for an allready published movie, nor can restaurants start taking out things from the main dishes and start selling them as side orders.

            Why should we put up with this crap with our video games?

          2. Emma says:

            Here’s my two cents from long ago:

            I agree with you. If it isn’t the toddlers and pools, they’ll find something else to complain about. EA can’t make everyone happy. That’s just life. Besides, EA took out toddlers and pools in order to add in new features. It’s an equivalent exchange.

            For those who refuse to buy the Sims 4 because of no toddlers and pools, then don’t. Keep your money and save it, or spend it on something else. There’ll be others who will happily buy this game and enjoy it thoroughly even without those two features.

  5. desims2 says:

    The next thing they’re going to cancel is all community lots except for parks, i wouldn’t be supprised if they would do this…..Bus seriously i mean like EA why spend time creating Rockets for example instead of toddlers??

    1. HilOBeans26 says:

      Rockets are flashy!

    2. godsblessedangel says:

      I don’t understand the rocket part, I believe the rocket could have been an expansion pack it is very unimportant. I agree that toddlers should have replaced the rocket or death of laughter and wish toddlers were still apart of the game, I loved the growing process of the game and was very disappointed when I found out toddlers were removed, but I was happy when I found out the baby have legs again. But besides the fact that toddlers are removed will sims be able to walk the neighborhoods as they have in the sims 3. I truly enjoyed walking the neighborhood and jogging as I looked at the trees and detail of the outdoors, I am hoping to the best of my ability walking the sidewalk to the next lot will still be able to be done in the sims 4. It was one of the best feature I loved about the sims 3. If the sims 4 has removed this feature I am a bit sad but it would be one step back to sims 2 rabbit hole Loading process which is okay but I’m just giving my opinion on the situation. My overalls wrap-up I’m going to buy the sim 4 and can’t wait to do so :D (still love ya EA creators no disrespect!!!) ~only my opinion

      I can wait until the expansion pack for pools but waiting for toddlers I’m not sure if they will be placed into the game at all, hoping somehow they can fit in the toddlers somewhere….

      I like the bus :)

      *Thank you for reading*

      1. I don’t care about rockets, I want toddlers back in game. If they don’t do it, I won’t buy it. Toddlers are so cute. And besides babies do not grow in childs in reality they need to be toddlers because they need to learn how to talk and walk and potty, no one learned that automatically.

        1. mary juliet says:


  6. Dan says:

    The Sims 3 was missing tonnes of things from The Sims 2 that you needed to buy from the store, and you eventually came around to that. Graham said The Sims 4 has more content (as in objects) than any other Sims base game, give the game a chance, it’s pointless to hate so much on something we know so little about. Especially considering that there’s nothing you can do to change the game now. They won’t start considering add-ons until after the game’s released. Be patient, if you can manage

  7. Get it? says:

    I don’t lose much without toddlers or pools, I hated the first and rarely used the second.
    Still looking forward to this game so much.

  8. peachees says:

    I’m not a big fan of toddlers in Sims 3, but I enjoyed taking care of them from time to time… I hated babies, at the other hand, so it’s kinda silly how they’re keeping them in the game :/ And pools, well… I’m pretty sure that it will be added later with the expansions anyway.

  9. ScarletRibbons says:

    I see all this arguing and I can’t help thinking of the good ol’ Sims days when our corner of the gaming community was polite and respectful. As a long time Simmer I encourage you guys to cease attempting to sway Carthy, it’s abundantly clear he/she is still very young
    Clearly too young to have understood Hope’s paycheck references (which was not simply an example, but a method of saying people can not afford to be paying these outrageous prices when we have real livelihoods to sustain); but whom also is incapable of making a cogent argument except to reiterate the same argument for other peoples’ “childishness”, even going so far as to type “Waah Waah!” The fact remains that people like Carthy will continue to buy into this inflated monetary trend because they’re not having to suffer the direct impact that people who do not have money to throw away do. These are the same people who don’t Care if they’re spending $800 on apple products every few months or were okay with Xbox/Microsoft’s grand idea of taking away consumer rights to their purchases if a person didn’t have a valid internet connection for 24hrs. Hope brought a valid point when she stated that the current total price for Sims 3 plus expansions was $300 that’s a portion of some people’s rent money, that’s a cellphone bill or new cellphone in general, that’s almost two months of groceries from Sam’s Club or Costco, that’s gas money! And to pay $60 for a Base Game that is essentially incomplete is foolish, for $60 I could buy a COMPLETE Xbox or PS4 game. I think I will personally just play the waiting game on this. But I’ll be forever disappointed in the route EA has chosen take, I don’t mind the pool being gone too much but how does one play a Life Simulator when elements of life are not programmed? Does NASA train its astronauts with flight simulators that are incapable of flight? No, they do not.

    1. carthy123 says:

      Look…People don’t have to buy the game. It will be a great game I know it for a fact. It’s just Simmers are acting like babies because they are not getting their way. Yes I said “waah” because thats how this community is acting. Big babies saying “Waaaaahhh I can’t have what I want in The Sims 4. Waaahhhh” The only ones who say waahhh are real babies. We are grown so we shouldn’t be whining.

      1. Lex says:

        It is because of people like you who smile when EA spit in their face we getting less and less content in every new game. Next time they remove hair and clothness from base game and say you have to download it with dumbass expansion.
        It is not about things that someone WANT it about things that WAS in the previous installment but got REMOVED just for reason of greed. They just want to suck more money from people. They spent alot of time on making crap unneed things but could not spare some to make toddlers and one of the SIM’s series signature thing POOLS??? Dream more about me buying this piece of vomit, EA. People should grow some self-respect instead of being ok with all the shit thrown at them.

        1. Lily says:

          I couldn’t agree more Lex. It pisses me off so much when people just defend EA’s laziness. The amount of things this game doesn’t have is RIDICULOUS and just down right embarrassing. I thought EA would be sweating after announcing no toddlers and pools, but apparently they’ve got balls considering the LONG list of things missing. They are basically shoving it in our faces that they can make a shitty game and still make a profit, and sure enough people are going to feed there greedy ways. PLEASE DO NOT DEFEND EA THEY ARE A GREEDY BUNCH OF BITCHES THAT WANT TO NICKEL AND DIME YOU FOR EVERYTHING. They were voted the worst company for a reason.

      2. Kydance says:

        DUDE PEOPLE LOVE THERE SIMS! and moving this stuff is making people mad like me i loved tot!

  10. Ingrid says:

    I do think some people are overreacting to the losing of toddlers or pools. But still, why not have pools or toddlers or any other basic thing in the game? I understand that we cannot have everything we want the game to add. There are many things already that they could add to enhance the game. But take things out of it is something totally different. Mainly because they’ve been doing that and putting in expansions, which means that we have less and less new things every time! Honestly, a pool is not a big deal. But it is something so ordinary that it really pisses people off from being dropped without even a reason. An aquatic expansion pack that brings a nice pool, sun loungers and parasols and marco polo? It’s just unfair to take something that we are so used to, something so basic, embellish a little bit and sell later as something super newly interesting.
    One of the things I always complained about was Pets and Seasons expansion packs. Because to my mind, as someone playing the sims since 2001, things should proceed. If the sims could play with pets from the beginning (since the first game, but with an expansion), why not add pets to the base game and create a different expansion? Because we have to buy the same expansion packs all the times, like, that doesn’t make any sense! Pets, Seasons, Late Night, University, Adventures… Of course there are modifications, but we should have new things! More new things. But even though I never really agreed to add the same expansion packs everytime, I just thought that it wasn’t a big deal so far, we had more expansion packs in the sims 3, and the game was really overwhelming. The problem is how it is progressing… Why take out a POOL from the base game? The big fuss is not about the desperate need to make your sims swim (or drown lol), but it is strange, there is no good reason, it’s just a pool. And about the toddlers: they should be adding more age stages and making it go even further, not taking life phases off of the game. I can actually see in the future our brand new generations expansion pack. But why do they have to take out the toddlers from the base game to put into an expansion? I tend to think that it is only a marketing move, wich makes me really disappointed, because they’re going to far.
    Yes, the game will probably bring some great stuff and provide us lots of fun anyway. However, it is wrong not to complain if you think something is going wrong. And I believe this is going the wrong way. The logic of “It could be worse, so don’t complain at all” is quite stupid to me. Yes, I will buy the game. I have always loved the sims and I will always give a chance to the game with which I grew up. But I disagree it is all fine, it is all good “they’re going to add it to an expansion anyway”. That shouldn’t be how it works.
    It still didn’t turn into an unbearable situation to me, that I couldn’t even play it anymore. But apparently it did to a lot of people. I’m looking forward to the game, but I will want to take a look at some gameplays before I buy my own game. And I wish people don’t stop complaining and sticking to what they think is right. That’s the only way of changing something, or, at least, having an opinion.
    And I understand that many can think differently, but it’s not about having the same opinions, but respecting that the other may have a point of view different than yours.

    1. rynwin says:

      Because they are essentially rebuilding the game completely from scratch (new code, new models, new textures, new animations, pretty much new everything), saying that they were removing an existent feature is just plain silly. Also given that they announced it at such a late date makes it very obvious to me what actually happened.

      To give you my frame of reference, I work as a game tester, so I’ve seen game development from various quasi-insider positions (from working in a completely different country and communicating with the devs only through comments on bugs, to working in the same room as the devs and having the creative director hover over my shoulder as I try out a brand new feature).

      When the cutting of a major feature is announced this late in the development cycle, it’s because when they got to the point where they needed to lock down and switch to polishing things for release, toddlers and pools just weren’t close enough to being in working order. Sorry, no nefarious plot to see here, move along.

      Yes, reality is that they’re going to introduce them in an expansion pack. It would be nice if they would release them in a free patch but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      The fact is the money to make new features has to come from somewhere, and since the publisher takes most of the profit from the game sales, the only way Maxis gets enough money to pay the salaries of the employees needed to make new features is to have EA bankroll an expansion.

    2. godsblessedangel says:

      ” And about the toddlers: they should be adding more age stages and making it go even further, not taking life phases off of the game. I can actually see in the future our brand new generations expansion pack. But why do they have to take out the toddlers from the base game to put into an expansion? I tend to think that it is only a marketing move, which makes me really disappointed, because they’re going so far.” This was my thought as well and I completely agree on your pool opinion.

    3. Lune-Jaune says:

      People just check out that 89 removed stuff list for TS4
      Just look up and ya’ll will understand why I’m so damn disppointed and why I ain’t gonna buy this game. As previously said, I didn’t think I’d buy that game as soon as I saw the cartoonish graphisms. And now, all the the stuff that made TS2 and 3 so unique and enjoyable is being cut.
      EA acts like it wants to respect our desires and they’re listenig to us.

      I may be mistaken. However I’ve seen enough to be sure I’m not going to buy TS4 on its release day. I’ll just wait to watch neutral videos and let’s plays to decide if I’m whether buying this game or not. I love the Sims to much to ignore totally one of its opus.

      Yet I’m remaining disappointed by what I’ve seen and with EA.

  11. EmpressKira says:

    Um, I really don’t mind that I can’t build pools or have toddlers. I never build a pool anyways because I get annoyed when I have a sim who just wants to get in the pool all the time (especially when they are afraid to drown but still want to go swimming. Kiddie pool, lol?). I mean, I know I have them on free will, but seriously its freezing outside and you want to get in the pool?! *shakes head* Toddlers are like a bonus for me when I play, but most of the time I hate the baby/toddler process. I make sure that the baby is only like that for three days and a toddler for roughly seven days so I can get that walk/talk/potty stuff done and get to pick a trait since I hate when it picks it for me because I don’t get that crap done. I’m fine when they are children because they can do most things themselves which makes me more focused on day to day things for sims than catering to the kids. Yeah, it’s supposed to be realistic, but I just don’t care for it and plus this is a game, for cheetos sake.

    It’s all about preference for people; especially since I know a couple people who use cheats to make the sims happy all the time and I hate that with a passion, but thats how they play.

    Now I do think it is rude people are on here pretty much calling others ‘cattle’ for wanting to buy this game. Um, excuse me I do not eat grass and go “moo”. I love Sims very much and like to try all expansions because I like some over others, but I try them to see how they are. Yes, I am blessed to be able to afford it, but don’t make a pity party out of things you can’t afford. I can’t just up and buy a new house or car, I work for that crap like I work to get a game I want. It’s also rude that people say ALL simmers are acting childish, um no… not ALL simmers are acting that way so please don’t say ALL say SOME. Thank you.

    So if someone don’t wanna buy the game, alright thats fine its their life and money. And if someone wants to buy the game great for them its their life and money. Now unless you make the income for that person don’t complain about what they do or don’t spend their cash on.

    Anyways, the main thing is that I don’t mind that some things will not be in the game and I don’t mind the load screens because it gives me a minute to relax my hands, haha.

  12. I'm Jangooo says:

    Normally I don’t bother posting on stuff like this but seeing some of the comments kinda made me want to just say this at least. Somewhere over the past few years it feels like some people have forgotten the relationship of company and customer. EA’s JOB is to provide us, the sims fanbase/customers, with a game that we enjoy and is what we’ve come to expect. This is why we dish out $60+ bucks every couple of months getting expansions etc… You wouldn’t go to Target and buy a shirt if the sleeves were missing and wait 6 months later for the manufacture to release you the rest of the sleeves so you could wear your shirt two different ways.

    Its true that at the same time customers/fans can become unreasonable in their demands. But in this case I don’t think asking for something that has been in past games is unreasonable. So all the people calling those complaining bout the lack of pools, toddlers, whatever… You’ve fallen for the perfect trap that companies love.

    You basically swallow what you’re given and are convinced that this is the standard norm and you shouldn’t complain cause its not a big deal and hopefully better stuff comes out later. Its that attitude why companies are becoming lazy and are giving half-crap products because they KNOW you’ll buy it anyway saying “oh its ok they didn’t have time, there must have been an error…” Sometimes this is true but a lot of times its cause they know you all have come to expect games to not come out the studio perfect, so they no longer try to achieve perfection. Why should they bust their behind’s to add a buncha awesome features if everyone is willing to pay $60 for half the content? You would never know what they COULD have done versus what they are giving you on release day.

    But the bottom line is those of you complaining and saying the reason you won’t buy a game is over 1-2 missing features that are not game breaking are just as bad as the ones who are willing to swallow lack of simple content just because a game shows you 2-3 new shiny things you forget the 5-6 bad things. Now before anyone bashes me I’m actually planning on getting sims 4 but much later when some expansions have come out so I have more stuff to do in it and i feel i get my money’s worth waiting for sale/bundles where I get a more complete game. I get that sims is complex and can’t have everything at once nor do I want them to. Game development is hard and they are a company they need a formula to make money HOWEVER that doesn’t excuse those telling others to shut up if they expect more from EA just cause you’re willing to buy the game as is.

    And for those bringing in religion or peoples household finance into this. THIS IS A GAME. Those topics don’t even compare and shouldn’t be near this subject. Another thing a lot of you suffer from is the lack of ability to weigh reality properly. If you had that ability you would’ve had the common sense to not even bring those subjects into this page.

    Anyways I hope everyone enjoys Sims 4 when it comes out and hopefully EA won’t forget their responsibilities as a company too much and provide their consumer base what they deserve.

    1. godsblessedangel says:

      Well put, I agree with your opinion and understand your view completely.

  13. kamaloko says:

    They’re probably gonna add a new expansion pack, something like generations and add toddlers. But I don’t mind really, I never liked to do anything with toddlers, and I never used the pool in TS3 so I’m okay, although it’s still a shame they didn’t put them in.

  14. Emera says:

    How the hell is the experience s’posed to be any where near real life? I mean, sure, lots of us don’t like the toddler stage, but IT’S A HUMAN LIFE STAGE! COME ON PEOPLE!

  15. DeeDee says:

    I think the worse thing is those who constantly post stuff like “I don’t care about “x” missing/looking worse”…if you don’t care why do you even bother to voice your opinion? Move on… you’re happy with the game the way it is and you will get it (the way it is). Now you have to remember, not everyone plays The Sims the same way…so of course some things are more important for some than for others, maybe even game-breaking important. I know a lot of simmers who only play to create sims, others who only build (and those will miss CASt). Others who are only there for the kill (those will definitely miss the pools lol) The point is there isn’t “one way” to play the game, it’s just your way and my way (and his and hers and theirs)
    Now why I think those who don’t care are the worst is because I feel those opinions are hurting the future of video games. You pay,and it’s not cheap,so you have the right to say the things you’re disappointed with. Constantly being perfectly fine with everything they put to the table will not result in improvement. Their “goal” isn’t to spend more time or more resources in their games…but to make profit (and it’s understandable) Does it matter how good the game actually is? Yeah, if it sells better…but if it sells anyway, who gives a damn.
    No mater how you look at it, this game took a step back in the franchise, on many aspects. It’s a rehashed, sugar-coated “Olympus Project”…born from the remnants of a “fail”…cause no one likes to let something they already invested on go to waste. So of course, the overall quality took a hit…and they’re selling the changes to us as: “so it will be able to run on less powerful machines”. This game is here to stay for at least 5 years, with all the expansion packs to come…I don’t know if it will stand the test of time. And I find it hard to believe so many simmers, especially those buying every EP (lots of money!!!) can’t afford to even slightly upgrade their PCs in 10 years (since TS3) What’s next, TS5 will be able to run on PCs from the 90s!

  16. ARuthanneR says:

    I’m seeing both sides being terrible. Some are being respectful, but most aren’t. So here’s an opinion I hope doesn’t offend anyone. I am supportive of not buying it because toddlers are my favorite life stage because I love working with kids that age, some of you probably don’t like toddlers and that’s okay, I loved how DeeDee talked about how everyone plays their game differently because it’s so true. I would like to ask that no one bring religion into this as well as the harsh words to others because it doesn’t give you your point and I’m Christian and it’s that whole comment with God was offensive to me. With all of that out of the way I have to agree with a very good point brought up here that EA is taking advantage of us. I know that if the income suddenly dropped, EA would change what they’re doing and we would get better games. If it was in my ability I would love to work with EA and help make the games better which is why I’m replying in the first place- I want to help. I see both views as very valid, The Sims is a good game right now and I love playing it, I find even my old Sims 2 Pets on the PS2 to be fun. However the problem I find with EA is that they can do better and they know it, I’d choose more fun over just fun, however I can learn to be contempt with just fun because the Sims is a really great game. I’m disappointed that EA is degrading the Sims as they’ve become obsessed with making as much money as possible for as little effort as possible.

    Here’s an example of this problem- Awhile ago I inherited a chair from my grandma, an old chair, the type with the pull-out stepstool built into it. It was and is still in great shape. Recently I found the same type of chair at Fred Meyer and bought two. I noticed the chairs from Fred Meyer were a much thinner metal with less padding on the seat and overall, lesser quality from the old chair. This old chair is pretty old yet it’s metal is thicker and the seat’s more comfortable with better and more padding. It’s better than the brand new chairs. The reason for this example is that over time the chair decreased in quality- the metal being thinner alone may not sound so bad nor the padding, but the changes add up and you can see that the world’s gotten cheap.

    I wish that everyone was less selfish about their money and worked to make the best quality game they can but reality is they don’t. Can we really change that? Maybe, but not likely. Still, I think it’s important to try and stand up for the fact that we deserve more.

    This problem isn’t that big of a deal, the real problem I find is that EA has gotten really selfish with their money. Soon, other companies may find EA’s success in being cheap, some already have, maybe not because of EA but because it seems to work for them. The issue I find is that we don’t have much power as the customer anymore, the game makers do and they’re abusing that power. It’s like the hunger games when you think about it. This WILL continue and get worse. When you buy the game just know that you’re impacting this. Another example is another grandma of mine who would sell peaches in boxes and whatnot. She’d fill the boxes with as many peaches those boxes could hold because she never cared about the money, she cared about the customer. Sadly, she died recently, yet this story was shared at her funeral. It may seem small but this is something she was remembered by. I have strong beliefs and one is that greed is wrong- even EA will agree with me on that. It’s not so much the game as it is the people behind it. I just want to try and show that this is wrong. Someone needs to tell EA that or they’ll just keep stepping on people.

    I hope those of you playing the sims 4 will find enjoyment in the game- that’s not sarcastic I really do wish you the best. I wish EA the best as well, that they will learn from their mistakes and I thank them for their hard work on what they have done, especially those who really do care about the customers because I know there are good people in this world. I wish everyone boycotting EA success and a miracle that the Sims 5 will be a great game and an upgrade they can buy and enjoy.

    Have fun playing your game whether it’s Sims 4, 3 , 2 , 1 or maybe a random Assassin’s Creed. I want you all to know that your opinions have been great and while some of you may have not been the kindest you’ve all brought up good points and I hope I have as well.

  17. ARuthanneR says:

    In sims 6 homes will probably just be rabbit holes. Let’s just agree to cancel all our pre-orders and not buy The Sims 4 unless it’s actually good.

  18. ScarletRibbons says:

    My hope is that maybe EA/Maxis will take a big enough hit in their sales department like Xbox/Microsoft did to make them change their tune. But that maybe wishful thinking. Also I’ve been reading on other forums and Sims YouTube vids that they’re also taking away customization, is that true? Because that was like Sims 3’s saving grace. I’m guessing its true since the official Sims YouTube channel posted that new gameplay vid and it was all swatches, no color wheel or anything.
    I think I’ll hold off on my purchase of the game for many of the same reasons everyone else has (not just because of toddlers or pools); besides, I want to see how well EA has (if at all) fixed anything. So I’ll be checking the forums and customer service sites to see what the major issues are and if the fixes for those issues will be any good. Mostly though I’m just gonna wait for the Mod community to catch up with the game, I heard EA was planning to make the game more Mods friendly. Plus I’ll just bundle up on stuff after year one ends. Though it’ll be so hard to wait, I’m still interested in the Sims just not happy with the way things are going. I think if they gave us a list of truly official things and changes there would be less conflict; if I knew more about what is likley taking place over pools and toddlers I might be less inclined to make assumptions. But as it stands they’ve told us very little, and the gurus are no help; they’ve been saying one thing is real only for another guru to say it isn’t, that tells me things are not so organized, which is a tad concerning.
    I’ve also been getting rumors that the potential toddlers and pool expansion packs are not included as base game because they couldn’t fit everything they wanted to add for us, which if that’s true then okay I could see that being ok, but they would be have to be pretty kick ass. Of course we all know its the Modders who will save the day, you gotta love them. Although those with the popular mods (teen woohoo, story progression, etc) are probably pulling their hair out cause now they gotta do it again LOL poor Modders.

    1. ARuthanneR says:

      Sims 3 IS getting rid of customization which doesn’t make it easier to create unique outfits and sims. Darn…

      1. ScarletRibbons says:

        Damn, I was hoping that wouldn’t be true. It made customizing my nurseries so much fun! I hope they atleast gives us a pattern creator, I enjoyed making my own swatches.

  19. simsburned says:

    If they don´t add toddlers and pools, I am not buying the game. What EA is doing is awful, this whole toddlers and pools thing is just a money thing. They will probably add them in expansion packs and the saddest thing is that people will buy it and EA will continue acting like this. This made me so angry. They´re making such bad excuses, like that there are tons of new stuff. When they started making the game, first they should have make everything that was in previous games and then add new stuff. I´m also worried about vehicles since they´re not mentioned. There probably won´t be cars so thats going to be another expansion pack. I dont think there is sea in the game so it´s another expansion pack. I just hope that EA will stop acting like this and start respecting their fans instead of stealing their money.

    1. bella says:

      I’m pre ordering it with 2 expanshons

  20. ally says:

    Guys chill, we’re all getting the CAS demo in August.

  21. ARuthanneR says:

    Just watched it… feel a little sick. What was with that one guy’s face while he was exercising? That’s just… I have no words to describe how I feel about that. And the whole bro thing; it’s like, “Hello strange man I’ve never met before! Let’s bro bump!” What in the world… And the cooking machine thingy? Why would you ever put that in your sim’s house? I’ll stick to ovens thank you very much. I actually like realism in the game and this is just sad. They start off in fairy tale land where everything is happy and there are pink trees and a beautiful river with small waterfalls and everyone is happy except for this one guy who’s sulking around and the other angry guy doing exercises. I was waiting, (and actually kind of hoping), for some dude to jump out of the building with a machine gun and start shooting everybody because they were all just too happy.
    Die of laughter EA, just die of laughter…

    1. ARuthanneR says:

      Yes the thread is definitely broke. I was replying to cecesaun1.

  22. LyndSim says:

    The biggest issue that I have with this is that I think a lot of people aren’t seeing the REAL or BIG picture here. I HIGHLY doubt that the leaving out of toddlers, pools, etc. was a content size or monetary problem – EA is a multi-million, if not multi-billion dollar company. & the time frame has never stopped them from pushing back a release date for MONTHS upon MONTHS before.

    Wake up, all you people defending EA, & realize this: YOU WILL BE PAYING FOR IT IN THE END. EA is going to release The Sims 4 & six months later, an expansion pack for you to pay $25-50 for that adds some things, 6 months later add another expansion pack for $25-50 that adds some things, 6 months later another expansion pack for $25-50 that adds some things, & so on, & so on, & so on…and you better bet there will be a pool/landscaping expansion, & a toddler/family expansion at some point in the future.

    My point is this: It is JUST A GAME, I understand. & in the end, it is not that serious. But please stop being sheep blindly following & agreeing with EA. This is nothing more than an excuse made by a huge, money hungry company that realizes people will pay for these things down the road, so they take away content that was included in a previous version, and charge you for it later.

    For THIS reason, I refuse to pre-order or buy The Sims 4 I will continue to play The Sims 3 (which I am currently perfectly happy with & have been for years, with all of my features in tact). Just wait, by next summer, there will be a “Deluxe Pack” with The Sims 4 & the two inevitable expansion packs that have been released since combined into one pack for the same price as just the pre-ordered The Sims 4 game now.

    Just my input! :)

  23. EmpressofYaoi says:

    Look, any of you can call me ‘stupid’ or an ‘idiot’ but I am getting the game no matter what. I hated toddlers and never put pools on my lots, so to me there is no downside. I love Sims and don’t care if they excluded these things for the fact I hated the anyways. If it did have those things I wouldn’t care, but its going to be easier to cringe through their earlier years now. EA you still have people who love you (don’t care what you have to say other people, I still love the company for amazing games) and will buy it. I will be buying it when it comes out.

  24. What? No Toddlers?? That was my favorite part of the game!! Bonding, teaching, watching out for them…. I’ve been a nanny/child care giver most of my life, and I adore toddlers. And how can I make a sim of my 3 year old Nephew if there’s no toddlers?? This really isn’t fair :(

    I hope at the very least they will add it as an expansion eventually. I need the little ones for maximum enjoyment. *sigh*

    And I guess I was the only one that liked the babies? I thought they were cute, and, thats really kinda how babies are. Eat, play, poop.

    1. cecesaun1 says:

      You were by no means the only one that liked the babies. :D There a LOT of people upset about this, myself being one!

    2. I loved the toddlers as well :(

  25. Danielle says:

    Please make a update EA. I know you might have had a “budget” or something. But I cant even play my game untill I get a new computer because my video card was not good enough. But please make an update and give us some more stuff as soon as possible. People are getting so mad. And I do kind of have to admit it feel like the food in stores. Everything is getting smaller and we have to pay more. :((

  26. Katelynn Smith says:

    Can’t wait till my Birthday :D Next Month btw Im getting it and plus who cares about the toddlers. P.S they were hard to take care of.

  27. Jamie says:

    Why can’t you all be happy for what you get? Quite honestly the game is amazing by far, though that may just be my opinion… and some others. But quit complaining people… It’s not easy making all of this and for what? For people to just criticize your work and say it’s a disgrace or some shit? Like comeon. I would like to see you guys try and do this.. and to read over all the comments of hate and just.. it’s stupid really, and so, very sad.

    What I’m trying to say is wait, so what if toddlers aren’t in the game? That doesn’t wreck the entire game it’s a lifestage. Cool? You’ve got, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder. And you’re crying over a toddler? They’ll add it. If not, so?

    I do want to say though that the game is amazing by far, I like the whole closed world thing.. because I only do play Sims on my laptop and Sims 3 would just lag because of open world so it’s much easier for Laptop users now. Especially the laptop mode option. Also I love the sitting on the edge of the pool thingie I’ve not tried it yet but I iwll odgihwerogreg good work guys! and keep it up, screw the people who just constantly complain and want things. CAS and build mode are my favourite modes.. though I do enjoy live mode have a little legacy challenge going on at the moment, it’s super fun! I like the whole idea of realistic bills for the lot, makes it alot harder for the money earning thing. Just overall love the entire game was well worth the money. Can’t wait for the expansion packs!<3

    1. cecesaun1 says:

      Jamie, because you enjoy the game and the new design does not give you the right to knock those that aren’t enjoying the game. I get so sick and tired of hearing people say, “stop complaining”, “It’s not a big deal if there are no toddlers or pools” and a sum of other things that they deserve to voice, whether they like it or not. People have spent anywhere from $50.00-$80.00 on this game and have every right to say what they think about it. You say you are tired of complaining, then why don’t you leave. Your response back to me would be, ” you are entitled to voice your opinion like everyone else.” Get my meaning? EA/Maxis knows that they upset a LOT of people, why do you think they are trying to add in a few new features? Really not that ‘new’, but they are adding in things they took away from the base game. They have a long way to go to make some people satisfied and they have lost a LOT of money on people just not buying the game due to reviews alone. Sims 4, in my opinion, is the most BORING Sims game of all of them. All I do is create, and that is limited. With each update the loading screen takes longer, so say goodbye to your wonderful game with no lag. It will be coming soon. As you want others to respect you and your opinions, they are going to want that from you. I know seasoned Simmers that have ditched the game already because they are just so disappointed. By the way, those 3 things are NOT the only complaint and reason for people giving up on the sims. Simple things that have always been a part of the sims are gone. Where are the police, firemen, gardeners, maids? Where are the dishwashers? Where did all the careers go that were once there in sims 1,2 and 3? Where are the cars? The sims 4 characters come in only 2 heights.I don’t count the baby because it really is just part of the furniture. Why did they take away being able to take the babies all over the house.? Why are ALL the clothes from the teen to elder in one place, no separate sections and designs for each category. I think that is just lazy in the game part to not even be able to have separate clothes for the sims. Speaking of clothes, why did they take away CASt? Why don’t colors match? No true color can be duplicated. Black colors look blue. Why is the game so dark when inside houses? There a host of failures in this game that is truly not worth the money they charged for it. They are counting on putting out sp’s and ep’s to make simmers pay for stuff that should have should have been added already, not taken away. I do believe they are more than aware now of the disappointment so many of us have.

      1. Alex says:

        Woooo… did not know this thread was still active :D Totally agree with you, cecesaun. I admit that at the VERY beginning the game seemed pretty cool. But I soon began to see all the imperfections that now drive me insane. Like teens being the same height as adults, loading screens and lack of control over people from the same households who are on different lots, empty houses being populated by ghosts (wtf), no toddlers and extremely dark houses. Truly, instead of perfecting the game, they give us one awesome thing and take away another. It’s quite tiring.

        1. cecesaun1 says:

          Lol!! Alex…I’ve not played the game enough to even come across ghosts…but that is funny!!!! When sims 3 came out, I couldn’t stay away from the game. I played sometimes into the night and watched the sunrise! I’m insomniac so that wasn’t too hard to do! I told anyone that would listen how much I LOVED that game! I even bought over several into the sims family. I own all but 2 of the ep packs but only because they didn’t impress me. Wasn’t something I wanted to include in my sims game. Biggest thing I did as a sim 3 player. I started a forum! I have had this forum for nearly 4 years now and have close to 5,000 members. I’ve payed so much of my own money to keep my forum up and running and current. My disappointment with the sims 4 has dampened my enthusiam I had for the sims. I play primarily sims 3. I have found so many interesting avenues and ways to play it that I see it being a part of my fun time for quite some time. Yay! Sims 4….most of the time I go into create a sim. Not often though. I create…cringe when I have to place hair on them. Hate when I see a sim I have made so diffrent from other creations to just blend in when I place the hair on them. The hair that shapes the sims faces the same way each time you use it. I agree with the insaned adaption they have created with 4. Like you…why would everyone be so darn happy?! Why are children allowed to travel into town adult free? (not at all a life simulation…as least for us good parents!) Why does my game family just freeze because I take one downtown? Why does my house have to be cleaned each and every time I return to it? Why are the bills so darn high?!? Medium size house and I get a bill for $21,000 wth?!? Trying to work, put someone else in the house to work and try and pay the bill and still couldn’t. The game turned my power off in my already dark house. I moved the family into one of those dump cheat 1st homes and just left them there. Don’t care. This game sucks. It’s poorly made, poorly excuted and poorly thought out. Oh…why would I want a sim to die from laughter and if that’s the case, with a majority of just freaking happy townfolk….shouldn’t my town be deserted from death from laughter? I could go on, there is so much more wrong with it, but I’m sure I am not the only one that can note the very same things I have noted, and maybe more since I barely play.

      2. Gemma says:

        Just because you hate the game doesn’t give you the right to keep going on and on about it. The Sims 3, to me was the worst game in the series and left a black mark on the series as a whole. Now, for me, the Sims 4 fixes that greatly. Yes there are bad things in The Sims 4, but the Sims 3 is still just an epic fail to me. And they took away CAST because it was a memory hog. I am so, so glad it’s gone I hated it, absolutely hated it, it added nothing for me in terms of game play. The Sims 3 was also to me the most boring game I’ve ever played, to me it offered no replay value whilst the Sims 4. I am so sick of hearing the same things over and over again. Whaa there’s no toddlers, whaa pools didn’t ship with base game Get over it for god’s sake, it’s a different game. I rarely ever hold the Sims 3 up to the Sims 2 and if I did I could write a bigger list of what they took out of the Sims 3 base game then what the took out of the Sims 4 base game. You need to look at things objectively then you will see that the game is worth the price, there is a crap ton of things in the game, you just have to find them. And do you know what’s lazy, giving us empty games that add virtually nothing to an empty base game, I mean look at Into the Future, that was the worst game in Sims history, it added a new world, cars with different textures a life stage we already got in an earlier expansion pack and really hideous furniture. GTFOver it will you.

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