The Sims 4: Turning Off The In Game Tutorial

The Sims 4 will launch with a brand new in game tutorial that helps you learn as you play. These notification boxes will popup on the screen during gameplay, and you must complete the tutorial in its entirety for it to go away. At this time, there is no “turn off” feature in the game, so you will have to manually turn it off in Origin.

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Turning Off The Sims 4 Game Tutorial

• Open the Origin Client
• Right Click The Sims 4 game cover
• Select “View Game Properties”
• Click “Game Properties”
• This will open a popup box


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Add the following line to the Command Line Arguments box and hit apply: ––no_tutorial

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The tutorial is now disabled. To undo this, follow these steps again, remove the command line, and hit apply.

Big thanks to SimGuruLyndsay and Simified for the info!


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  1. puddin says:

    Will this apply to the discs as well?

    1. SimsVIP says:

      I assume so because you will have to register your game via Origin to activate it. However, I will check with Lyndsay to confirm.

      1. puddin says:

        Thank you SimsVIP :D

        1. SimsVIP says:

          Ok, so when I tweeted her, a few other simmers familiar with the Origin client told me its the same for everything.

          The DVD that comes with the game is only for installation purposes. The game has to be launched via Origin.

          1. Mcfline says:

            noooooooooo I hate this!!! :( do I get it right, we have to log in every time before starting ts4? Ok, I know the ts3 launcher was horrible, but at least it didn’t require origin log in every time.
            I became really excited for ts4, but there are A LOT of things that make it a mess

          2. Sandra29 says:

            So if I understand it correctly, does it mean that we have to go online everytime before we can start the game? Because I recall them (guru’s) saying that we only need internet connection to register the game!

          3. Stereo_Hearts_Bass says:

            For those of you that don’t know: once you install Origin you have the ability and option to sign in while offline. You just won’t be able to use online features.I know what I am talking about. I know i have done it many times with my digital copy SimCity (2013) Which is the first game i have ever bought that is not tangible.

          4. Mcfline says:

            yeah we only need internet for installing the game and we can log in without internet, but the problem is we have to log in every time… that’s really annoying. I don’t want to use origin every time I play ts4, this sucks.

          5. Mcfline, theoretically, the game is able to launch via Origin even when you are not logged into Origin. Whether the game will allow you to do so or not, is something we will find out on release day.
            But even if you have to be logged into the client, you could just tell Origin to do so automatically every time you start your PC. That way you can start the game whenever you like without having to fiddle around with Origin.
            I know, many people are worried about how secure Origin is, but trust me, if you use the internet on a daily basis, you come across security risks far bigger than Origin without ever noticing it. The client really isn’t that bad and if you don’t allow Origin to connect to the Internet, it isn’t dangerous anyway.

          6. Khepri says:

            So if I want to play TS4 it forces me to use Origin. I don’t like it.

            I even prefer horrible TS3 launcher. At least it always worked and was independent.

            Oh, I hope it won’t be as bad as I think it will.

          7. Melis says:

            You only add the game on origin and as soon as you’ve done that you don’t have to login , just as long as you have the game in your library …

      2. puddin says:

        Thank you again for asking and being so prompt in responding. I would be lost without SimsVIP ~ my go to site for Sims info ♥

  2. Hey Alexis, I am glad that you post so many things about Sims 4, there are sure a lot of negative things going around for it, I will admit that when I learned about some of the things missing I was really disappointed to. The Sims 4 Demo has me pretty hyped though, I am disappointed about a few things…no toddlers, the teens being the same height as adults and elders, and no create a style. those are my complaints but I do love the create a sim Demo for the Sims 4 and I am looking forward to the game coming out, I hear there will be surprises so I am looking forward to those , just one other thing that I am concerned about is the price…its Priced very high. and I agree with the other consumers that were getting less for a bigger price in a lot of ways. but as the Sims 3 went on…I was impressed with what they did with that one. So I am sure I wont be disappointed in the long run. Most other people should look back and think about that as well. You can expect great things from this Series too. Good Luck and Happy Simming!

    1. Midi says:

      I agree with you on this. I do think pricing reflects current game prices though. Inflation sucks.

  3. The Scott says:

    OMG…please don’t tell me this is how all in-game cheats will be handled now…while I know this isn’t really a cheat, it does seem like a more complicated way to enter cheats that I could see the game using…please tell me thats not true!

    1. SimsVIP says:

      No. This is a tutorial that is Origin based, and since they do not have an in game option yet, it has to be done via Origin for now.

      Regular cheats are still done in game.

  4. Mcfline says:

    and dafuq??? We can’t turn important things like that on and off in game?! It has been possible since TS2 and TS3, now what were they thinking???

  5. Satureja says:

    everytime i read “Sims 4″ and “At this time, there will be no…” i get a headache -.-
    why are we forced to do that tutorial? i really ask myself whats going on in their heads

    1. Stereo_Hearts_Bass says:

      I’m not going to comment on EA business practices. Fact:They stopped making printed game manuals after Sims 3 Late Night. Here we are a few years later at the sims 4 release and the powers that be decide not to include a physical gameplay instruction manual unless you buy the Premium Edition which does come with a hardcover creator’s guide with a few helpful tips, hints and info on stuff in the game. Not going to give my opinion, but if you want to that’s fine.

  6. Jimboola says:

    This seems overly complicated & frankly I am surprised that they have gone this route. I hope it is an ‘oversight’ and just hope the first patch will just add this to the ‘Options’ menu where it belongs.

    1. Mcfline says:

      yeah, everything should be available in game… I don’t give a f about origin, I just want to play the game! I hope we’ll only need origin to install the game. I don’t want to log in every time and I don’t want origin sales news pop ups like those we are getting before and after playing ts4 demo :(

  7. Chris Blanco says:

    I think I am done reading comments on this site until well after the game is out. My goodness you all sound like a bunch of whiny babies! “Oh no!!!! I can’t shut off my tutorial in game!??!?!??!? NOT BUYING YOU EA B$@$@%$.”


    1. Sanniva says:

      You haven’t seen russian sites. They all look like this in The Sims 4 threads:
      Whining about every new information. Sometimes I think I’m the only one who’s waiting for the game.
      SimsVIP looks very positive from this point :)

    2. ladytb22 says:

      Agree 100%! I question the level of basic reading comprehension of most of the people commenting on this site.

  8. DarkAuthor13 says:

    What is with people complaining about logging into Origin to play? Do you guys seriously have to type in your password and username EVERY TIME?! Holy crap, that’s annoying! Why not just check the box next to “remember me”? I’m automatically logged into my account every time my computer comes on.

    Also, the game will be similar to the demo. If you have a shortcut on your desktop (as in an icon), then you can simply double click it and the game will automatically start. You’ll still be playing through Origin, but you won’t have to actually go to your library, find The Sims 4, and then click “play”,

    1. Amy Bright says:

      I have the box next to “remember me” checked, but each and every time I use it I have to reenter everything. Especially when i do pc maintenance every night. Maybe others have that issue?

      1. DarkAuthor13 says:

        Seriously? That’s super weird. Even after my computer gets a major update from Microsoft, I still don’t need to type things in. I log onto my computer and Origin pops up with some news, indicating I’m already signed in.

    2. Don’t get yourself too worked up over this. At least things like this and the comments beneath the system requirements posts prove that Maxis had a point in making Sims 4 as playable on weak machines as possible, since large parts of this community seem to know next to nothing about hardware and software.

      1. DarkAuthor13 says:

        Yeah, I agree. It’s completely understandable to not know much about technology, in relation to computers and all. BUT, knowing the difference between minimum and recommended is simple vocabulary. Minimum: the absolute lowest components you need to play The Sims 4. Recommended: the absolute highest components you need to play The Sims 4. As long as your computer falls between the two, you DO NOT need to buy upgrades.

  9. praysolace says:

    Out of curiosity, who feels like they would turn the tutorial off right away, and who would at least try it out first? I’ve always left tutorials on when first playing a new Sims game, just because some things are always different, but then, I haven’t needed a hold-my-hand, “have your sim do X, now do Y” type of tutorial since my very first days with Bob and Betty Sim. If it were just informational pop-ups, I would definitely leave them on… but this? This might be a bit much. Like, “I just want to do Z, stop staying all up in my face until I do X!”

    Thoughts, simmers?

    1. Gotaluvsims says:

      Honestly, I think I will play it with tutorial the first time through. I’ve always done that for the games. Now what I would like to know if you start a new game will it make you take it all over again?

      1. praysolace says:

        o.o I hope not.

      2. No. You will only get the tutorial once and never again after you’ve played through it. It will only pop up again if you reset it in the Options or reinstall the game.

      3. mixedpie says:

        I always leave the tutorial on at first. Even if it’s a sequel in a franchise I am familiar with, there are still inevitable changes to gameplay.

  10. kayfaei says:

    Will I not be able to launch the sims 4 via Steam like I do with sims 3 without stupid ass Origin popping up trying to make me log in? -.-

    1. Sims 4 will not be available on Steam, so you will obviously not be able to use it via Steam if you don’t put it in there yourself. And Origin works just like Steam in that regard. You can tell Origin to log-in automatically when you start your computer, just like with Steam.

      1. kayfaei says:

        I know Sims 4 will not be available on steam. Steam have a option that allows you to add non-steam games ;] Which is what I was referring too. I dislike Origin, therefore. I don’t want to let the program run in the background

        1. I know. That’s what I meant by adding it yourself, as in adding them to your library.
          What I don’t get here is why you don’t want Origin to run in the brackground but have no problem with Steam doing the same? The resources both are using up while running in the background are quite irrelevant and the dangers of Origin spying on you are completely overrated. A normal Google search can be more dangerous to your personal data than having Origin running, really…

        2. Sims4lover says:

          People like you are pathetic!

  11. OldTimeSimmer says:

    Reading comments would make a newbie run away from The Sims. I am an old head (since TS1) so I don’t pay attention to the negative. I know to make MY decision based of how I play, what I expect and if I feel as if I’m getting value for my money. Yes, i will miss CASt and the teenagers being shorter than Adults (don’t care about the toddlers or pools), however, no game is 100% perfect. If EA would’ve added all these things and the loading/crashing was the same as TS3, people would still have found something to complain about. If you plan on buying the game, then stop complaining and just enjoy it for what it is. If you don’t plan on buying the game, why all the hate? Life is too short…’s just a game people.

    1. megamusic says:

      good point im glad someone has there head on stright

      1. deshong04 says:

        This word comes to mind: UNEMPATHETIC

        Being empathetic doesn’t mean you agree but that you understand the why, how, what of another person’s POV. I understand why OldTimeSimmer likes TS4 or why anyone would like TS4 who gives their reason(s) but I don’t agree with it. The difference is “some” people just don’t care to understand why some do not feel the way they do even though others constantly tell them in detail why if they only listened. (Those in particular that ask why then catch an attitude.) But that’s just it, they don’t care because they are intolerant and only care to understand their own POV.

        The main thing though is for EA to listen, not other players but some players take offense as if it’s directed at them yet has nothing to do with them.

        Of course I’ll still share my opinion but as far as having hope for EA…well no, just no. I’ve moved on to games that I feel do have quality and the company value their consumers and not just the money.

        1. OldTimeSimmer says:

          I understand why some people feel the way they do, I just don’t understand the constant complaining. I originally was not on board with TS4, however, I had to research & understand what I was going to get and give up before deciding to make a purchase. Some people complain about EVERYTHING that is TS4, which is what drives me crazy. As a consumer, if it’s that bad, then take your business elsewhere. It’s that simple. Yes, there are things I don’t like about TS4, but they are not deal breakers for me. When it gets to the point that I’m sick of EA, I will do the same as you and take my money to another company but I won’t bash whatever they are doing into the ground and complain about a game that I don’t plan on purchasing or playing anyway. I will just move on.

          1. deshong04 says:

            Some are more vocal than others and some just do not have it out of their system yet, I know I don’t or I wouldn’t even be commenting although I rarely even comment much anymore. No one has to read anything that irks them, it’s easy to ignore because the same people usually have the same POV, therefore when one sees their username/avatar then scroll right pass without even paying any attention. I’ve done that many times, piece of cake.

            Not everyone is you. You are you and I am me. Everyone is going to act accordingly to themselves. I’m an expressive person, no one has to like that but I do so I don’t care what anyone thinks too bad,lol.

    2. deshong04 says:

      No game is perfect nor is any company, however that does not excuse their ill business practices. Hard earned money is given in exchange for a well thought out and quality product or so in hopes of one. It’s a matter of preference and opinion whether one feels TS4 is worth the money or not. Because there are so many different play styles, everyone is not going to feel the same way and everyone has “their own” interpretation to what The Sims is to them.

      Many are most likely upset because The Sims is the only game of its kind and there is NO OTHER like it. No alternatives with the same or even better depth than the life simulator of TS. They are disappointed because they expected change for the better not the same old, same old or even worse…the way they see it. It does no good to tell others how they should feel or what they should do.

      No one has to agree but at least it would be nice for the maturity to rise not decline.

      People can get passionate about anything they find interesting or were interested once upon a time ago, so I see no reason why that is such a surprise. Why, why, why? Because some people still hope and want to see a positive change going forward and one way to do that is by speaking up but realistically by not supporting the game/company to get the message across since some companies “only” listen to what the money says. Anyone can do their own research on any game/company-CEO’s/etc if they want to be informed.

      1. DarkAuthor13 says:

        My only problem is that people don’t realize that money and success can work both ways. It’s pretty obvious that The Sims franchise is not the main focus of EA. They put more money towards other games that they have higher hopes for. This isn’t a black and white problem (please note that I’m not implying you said this anywhere in your comment) and people should stop treating it like one. I can completely understand and agree with people who believe that by not supporting the game, they show EA that they don’t agree with their ethics. However, The Sims 4 being a complete bust and not selling copies can go two ways:

        1) EA realizes that Sims 4 fans don’t like their attics, and put more resources/money in developing fuller Sim games.
        2) EA sees the flop as a good enough excuse to drop the franchise entirely and place more resources towards other games.

        But . . . at the same time, the game being successful could go two ways:

        1) EA sees that charging more with a few cut out features works well, and continues the practice in the future.
        2) EA sees that there’s good business in The Sims franchise and gives The Sims team more resources for the next base game to draw in even more customers.

        There’s too many factors to consider.

        1. deshong04 says:

          I can see this happening:

          “2) EA sees the flop as a good enough excuse to drop the franchise entirely and place more resources towards other games.”

          It appears to me that TS Franchise after TS2 has lost its quality and EA testing waters with TS3 of the new tactic of seeing how much will people pay for a complete game. TS2 – Changing table in base game, TS3 – Changing table in the store, TS2 – Open dining/restaurants in a fleshed out EP, TS3 – Watered down and not properly coded version of open dining in the store, etc. I want my full puzzle with all the pieces yet what EA gives is an incomplete puzzle with missing pieces and some pieces doesn’t fit that well together like it’s supposed to yet they expect fans of TS to pay extra for separately. Less and less resources for TS division is how they show how much they love TS fans and TS Franchise IMHO. I see no reason why they would not quickly drop TS Franchise in a hurry since it’s not like they are really about “improving” and “expanding” the game. If they were then TS4 would have been the best of all TS base game features combined and more. An online version would have been a separate game like TS/TSO. TS3 did have really amazing features but was executed poorly…how did that happen? Word from an laid off employee themselves has said TS4 was mismanaged and even SGGraham admitted there were way too many FX people and not enough animators or was it producers? IDR (Correct me if I’m wrong,)

          Or this:

          1) EA sees that charging more with a few cut out features works well, and continues the practice in the future.

          Oh, I can definitely see this happening. I will take no part in it. Enough is enough with TS3 with that ill behavior. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

          1. DarkAuthor13 says:

            If The Sims 4 flopped and EA dropped the franchise, I would want to be assured knowing some other game company would buy the rights to it and make it better than it could have been under EA.Either that, or some other company takes up making a life simulation game.

            If neither of those ever happened, then . . . oh well? I mean, I love The Sims, but I don’t think my entire life would be wrecked if The Sims team suddenly decided that they’re done with the franchise and would like to move on.

          2. OldTimeSimmer says:

            Interesting outlooks from both sides. I agree with both of you. Please don’t take my previous comments to mean I don’t understand both sides of the fence, because I do. It is just frustrating that people are complaining about every little thing when they don’t even plan on playing the game. Yes, I’m sure it was a let down to many people and thus far, EA has the market corned on life simulation (for now) but for things to change, there are more constructive ways on making your voice heard.

            I hope I’m not offending anyone. NOT my intention at all.

          3. deshong04 says:

            I’m so tempted to write Quantic Dream, I would be really interested if they created a life simulation game but I wouldn’t hold my breath, not sure if I would even get a response. Problem is Je ne parle pas en Francais. That was easy to remember from French class,lol.

            Anyway hopefully what I said is not coming across rude…I’m a loner and have horrible people skills, so yeah there’s that.

  12. myren says:

    I am Danish, but would like to play in English, as the Danish translation sucks. Will that be possible?

    1. Fabricio says:

      I think there is an option on the Registry Editor to edit the country code and use the English one

      1. Khepri says:

        And is that possible after installation?

        1. Fabricio says:

          It’s only possible after installation.

  13. Lucy says:

    Really? They couldn’t take the time to add that in-game?

  14. Cody says:

    Choices choices choices :). I like tutorials in the Sims series because even though I already know how to play the game it gives a little mental niche and fond memory of first starting.

  15. Miranda says:

    God bless you. I almost stopped playing the game because this was driving me crazy.

  16. Steph says:

    big THANK YOU :) that was annoying

  17. Clara says:

    I figured out this crashed my game I saw a part of the tutorial come up and then it closed out.

  18. Amy says:

    So let me get this straight. My grandma loves playing sims and wants sims 4. She doesn’t have internet because she lives out in the country. Hopefully in the near future they will put internet out where she lives. So my question is if I install this on to her computer she won’t be able to play it because you have to at least sign in to play? This sucks for her. I was gonna buy it for her birthday in December.

  19. Heather says:

    Thanks for this info. I like the game okay but that tutorial was driving nuts.

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