The Sims 4: New Emotions Gameplay Trailer
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The Sims 4 Creator’s Camp (Mega Post)

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This post is dedicated to The Sims 4 Creator’s Camp at the EA/Maxis Studio in Redwood City, California. The event takes place from July 28th to August 1st, and consists of creators and fansites from around the world.

The Embargo for The Sims 4 Creator’s Camp ends on Monday August 4th at approximately 5:01pm Pacific Time.



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The Sims 4: Up To Date Guru Tweets
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The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection Theme Pack
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If you are one of many who have already installed their free copy of The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, and want a custom made theme pack for your game, head over to Eddy Sims on Tumblr and download it for your game!

• Ultimate Collection Startup Screen
• Origin Cover Art
• Desktop Icon

tumblr_n9391h7v271rk8c0so1_r1_1280 (1)


The Sims 4: First Downloadable Custom Content

Using the newly released Create-a-Sim Recolor Tool, SriKandi over at Leefish has created a brand new custom T-Shirt. For those wondering, yes, it creates a brand new custom slot in the color swatches.

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Target: Save 30% on Select Titles (August 3rd – 9th)

When reserving any EA game currently available for Pre-Order at Target, you will receive a 30% discount on select title. Couple the discount with your Red Card, and save an additional 5%. The promotion sale begins on August 3rd, and continues through August 9th.  For information about the Target $1 Pre-Order program, click here.

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Hat Tip: Sock Puppet

The Sims 4: CAS Recolor Tool Now Available

The folks over at Sims 4 Stuff n Things have released a brand new create-a-sim recolor tool. To use the tool you will also need to use S4PE, then you can jump in a get your hands dirty with recolors! Let the modding begin!


Download CAS Recolor ToolInstructions Forum


*Update* – Our reader JD has created and shared some custom icons for the recolor tool. Feel free to download!

Recolor [Rainbow Plumbob & Wheel] Color Wheel [Sims 4] (1) Color Wheel [Sims 4 Dark] (1) Recolor [Plumbob & Wheel] (1) Color Wheel [Sims 4 Pastel]


The Sims 4: First Animations Mods (Video)

The folks over at Simlogical have been getting down and dirty with The Sims 4, creating the first ever custom animations mods! Check out this historic moment for the modding community in the video overview below!

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The Sims 4 Community Blog: Familiar Faces
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The Landgraabs are back, still living it up as the richest family and staking their claim in Oasis Springs. We’ve brought Malcolm back during those awful awkward teen years, complete with a dastardly snobby attitude. Though Geoffrey is trying his best to be the good natured father Malcolm needs, will Nancy’s scheming ways lead Malcolm down a darker path? Either way we’re sure this historic family will provide lots of fun and mischief in The Sims 4.


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PewDiePie Plays The Sims 4 CAS Demo
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