Sims 3 Store: May “Builders Set” Preview #6
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Day or night the Mansard Roof Kit will make all of your 2nd Empire building dreams come true!



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Sims 3 Store: May “Builders Set” Preview #5
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Did somebody ask for Re-colorable Stained Glass Windows? How about a screened in porch?


Free Sims 3 Store Sets w/Purchase of Expansions


The Sims 3 Store & Origin has joined forces to give players some extra bonus content with their expansion purchases. Starting today until May 17th, purchase any of The Sims 3 Expansions, and get a free Sims 3 Store Set. Premium Content sets are also included!

Although the sale lasts until May 17th, buy now to enjoy 50% off any expansions you are missing. The Origin Gigabytes Sale lasts through April 23rd. Once you purchase the expansion via Origin, a redemption code will be emailed to you immediately with your purchase confirmation. Head over to the my account area of The Sims 3 store and redeem the code.




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Origin: Gigabytes of Deals Sale (Up To 50% Off!)

Origin has launched the Gigabytes of Deals Sale, slashing up to 50% on tons of games! Included in this sale is the Battlefield 4 Premium Bundle, SimCity, The Sims 3, Titanfall, and more. Sale ends April 23rd.


36064_10001906 36064_10001920


Origin Removes The Sims 3 “Plus” & “Deluxe” Games


Not long after EA transformed Origin into a digital only distributor, several Sims 3 games have been removed from the site. The Sims 3 “Plus” & “Deluxe” Games (Base + Expansions) are no longer available for purchase through Origin. In addition to those games, The Sims Medieval and Pirates & Nobles Expansion has also been removed. (Only the Deluxe Edition remains)
It is not clear if EA has just decided to randomly purge these games from their inventory, or if they have discontinued/retired these titles completely. Back in August of 2013, The Sims 3 Katy Perry packs were officially retired, but I believe that had more to do with contractual agreements than purging.
Although these games can no longer be purchased on, they can be found at a variety of retailers. Check your local retailers for availability.



Best Buy (Limited Selection)


Target (Limited Selection)



The Sims 3: WA & Base Concept Art


Via SimGuruSarah

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BlSGuwHCEAEY1KC.jpg-large BlSGxcBCAAAJSGb.jpg-large BlSGzwtCMAAyzA2.jpg-large


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Sims 3 Store: May “Builder’s Set” Preview #3
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Via SimGuruTaterTot (yum!)

Today’s hint isn’t exactly a brand new item, but it is going to be included in May in a new, fantastic way  The last time we made L-Shaped stairs they were very industrial. This time they’re perfect for your not so humble home.

l-shaped stairs


Sims 3 Store: May “Builder’s Set” Preview #2
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Via SimGuruCopeland

The new stair attachments allow for a ton of creativity! Here are some additional examples.




Sims 3 Store: May “Builder’s Set” Preview
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Via SimGuruCopeland

CIn May we celebrate Builders with a release dedicated entirely to getting the most out of your creation! Today here’s the first look at the reimagined grand curved staircase from the Sims 2 Mansion & Garden Stuff! These new stair attachments are incredibly versatile, allowing you to create a variety of unique looks.



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