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After seeing the introduction film I was amazed by this new world. What would I do first? Playing with a new family? Creating a family by myself? Where was the Wishing Well and where could I find the infamous casino? These questions were going around in my head and my eyes were bigger than normally. This world was fantastic!






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Godiva Gamers Preview Supernatural

We played The Sims 3: Supernatural in London on its preview tour. So what have Sims fans got to look forward to when it’s released in September?




These furry creatures are determined by the new lunar cycle feature, which determines when a werewolf will transform, although they also transform if their mood becomes low or they are angry. Werewolves’ howls can be heard from anywhere in the town, particularly under a full moon. They can spread their power by biting another Sim (requires a certain amount of relationship) or by mating with a normal Sim (50/50 chance of child being a werewolf). Werewolves can form packs if relationships are high enough, and thereby hunt in packs around the neighbourhood. They have similar characteristics to dogs, for example they like destroying furniture, and my Sim in particular enjoyed crouching on her chair and guzzling her food down animal-style!




Tips For A Better Date, Courtesy of The Sims

So I was playing the upcoming Sims expansion, The Sims 3: Supernatural, at the EA Summer Showcase last week. Here’s the thing: I’d never played The Sims before. I sure learned a lot about how to go on a better date though!
Tip #1: Know how to control yourself before you go on out on a date. I mean this in a literal sense, sure: I didn’t really know how to DO things when I started playing the expansion. But I also mean this in a metaphorical sense, too—consent is important!
Once I got my bearings, it was already too late. The date was going terribly. My date wasn’t happy at all!






EA Announces The Sims 3 Seasons!


Pre-order Newest Expansion Pack to The Sims 3 and Receive Special Limited Edition Upgrade Featuring Exclusive Ice Lounge


ts3_seasons_box_art_leREDWOOD CITY, Calif. – August 2, 2012 – Break out your umbrellas and prepare for the storm,The Sims™ 3 Seasons Expansion Pack* is coming this holiday! The Maxis Label of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) today announced that The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack for PC/Mac will launch worldwide November 2012. Packed full of fun for every season, the latest offering from The Sims Studio introduces all-new activities, seasonal festivals and celebrations, dramatic weather effects and more, allowing players to transform their Sims’ worlds with the change of each season as they play with life…and the weather.
The Sims 3 Seasons offers players not only the opportunity to interact with weather, but also the ability to really get into the mood of each season and tell meaningful stories with their Sims,” said Ryan Vaughan, Producer, The Sims. “Since the launch of The Sims 3, Seasons has been one of the most highly-requested themes by our players. The seasonal changes in this game offer incredible realism, simulating nature in a way that is unprecedented for The Sims.”
For the first time in The Sims PC/Mac franchise, players can take their Sims for a swim in the ocean, exploring a previously unreachable part of the world as they cool down on a hot summer day or take the polar bear plunge by venturing into wintry waters. Sims can also build skills by scoring a winning goal during a soccer shoot-out or catching some air on the half pipe during a snowboarding session. Whether taking a plunge from the diving board, setting off dazzling fireworks, carving a jack-o’-lantern or building an intimate igloo, players will find an abundance of activities to keep them engaged throughout the year.
Players will revel in the spirit of each season with unique seasonal celebrations and events that bring Sims together. Sims can snuggle up with their crush and get crowned the king or queen of the spring dance, visit the face-painting booth at the summer festival, bob for apples beside a pumpkin patch at the fall festival or head to the snowball fight arena for an epic wintertime battle.The Sims 3 Seasons also introduces new food, fashions and décor items such as French fries, a tanning booth, mistletoe, umbrellas, snow boots and wetsuits, further enhancing the experience and fun of each season.
In The Sims 3 Seasons, transformative weather effects will capture the beauty and power of nature, from blooming flowers and fresh spring rain to changing autumn leaves and snowstorms that will turn the world into a winter wonderland. Sims will react to the changes in climate and weather in surprising and hilarious ways, whether getting a zebra-striped tan, catching a cold or getting struck by lightning.
Players who pre-order** The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack will receive the Limited Edition which includes the exclusive Ice Lounge community lot, a sleek social club that can be placed in any world from The Sims 3 and is available in all seasons. This all-new venue includes 12 brand new objects made entirely of ice that can be used to build out an elegant, icy abode.


ts3_seasons_render_umbrella_girl ts3_seasons_render_soccer_player (1) ts3_seasons_render_snowboarder


ts3_seasons_announce_jackolantern ts3_seasons_announce_le_icelounge_interior ts3_seasons_announce_le_icelounge_spring ts3_seasons_announce_le_icelounge_winter ts3_seasons_announce_ocean ts3_seasons_announce_snow ts3_seasons_announce_festival 1



First Image of The Sims 3 Seasons


The Sims 3 Czech Facebook page posted this photo a while ago, and then quickly removed it! Luckily for us, our readers are quicker than quick sand! 😀

Thanks to Joanna, Adam, Simmy19 & Lola for the tip!


Click image to enlarge!

sims 3


Supernatural Fansite Preview List


Supernatural Preview List (8/1/12)


Below is a list of all Supernatural Previews! New Previews will display a ❗ & New symbol next to them.

Click “Read More” below!

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Supernatural: New Plants & Gnomes!


These bad boys deserve a post of their own! Check out these awesome shots by Platinum Simmers!





Supernatural: Community Day Game Photos


Via Community Event Attendees who have shared their photos on Facebook & Twitter! 


Platinum Simmers




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com 13 com 14 com 15

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A Closer Look @ Moonlight Falls!


Sims True Life has some amazing screenshots of the newest town, Moonlight falls!


01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08




Sims 3 Store Invasion: Supernatural Style


One of the photos posted by Sims True Life, displays a golden ring of “Sims 3 Store“. This goes to show that the next patch will include a very intrusive way to push store content purchases. They even have a “Buy Simpoints” button! Sheesh!

Thanks to for pointing it out!


Click Image for a larger view!

Supernatural Store


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