The Sims 4 Get Together: Features, Box Art, Render, & Logo


Welcome to Windenburg!
Live it up in the beautiful world of Windenburg with The Sims 4 Get Together! Explore picturesque landmarks like the sprawling hedge maze at the garden chateau, alluring pools at the bluffs, and the mysterious ancient ruins. Grab a delicious espresso from the barista at the café, chat up your crush at the pub, and dance all night at the discotheque. Get together for exciting group activities like foosball, midnight bonfires, super-secret dance parties, and more! Sims can also join different clubs with distinct personalities and styles to meet new Sims and live it up!
Explore a new world. Discover the beautiful world of Windenburg! Explore its scenic neighborhoods including the charming traditional countryside, bustling town square, ultra-modern business district, and exclusive private island.


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The Sims 4 Get Together: Official Announcement Blog


The Sims 4 Get Together introduces Windenburg, a European-inspired World with a mix of vibrant, modern architecture and classic buildings and styles. From the charming countryside, to the bustling town square and luxurious island, Windenburg is filled with new things for your Sims to see and do.
But you’re not going to be exploring these new sights alone. As the name suggests, Get Together is all about your Sim having fun with their friends, whether they’re leading their own exclusive Clubs or exploring Windenburg.

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The Sims 4 Get Together: Three New Screenshots



Get_Together_Announce1 Get_Together_Announce3


The Sims 4 Get Together: Official Trailer


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The Sims 4 Get Together Release Date (November 2015)

Live from Gamescom at the EA Press Conference, Rachel Franklin confirms that The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion is set to release in November of 2015.



The Sims 4 “Get Together” Expansion Pack Announced

Looks like EA prematurely updated a little bit ago, and revealed the announcement for the next expansion, The Sims 4 Get Together. The announcement was posted a bit ago – and was quickly deleted – but our staff members WeeAlbet and Kit were able to grab a shot!


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The Sims 4 Get Together: Official Gamescom Announcement

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Community Spotlight: TwistedMexican (Modder/Cheat Guru)

Here to kick off SimsVIP’s August Community Spotlight is Modder and Cheat Guru Twisted Mexican! In a brief introduction below, TwistedMexi gives readers a chance to learn a bit more about what he does. Take it away!

Untitl12124124ed Hey there, I’m TwistedMexican. Some might know me as TwistedMexi, but either way I’m one in the same! I maintain a cheat and mod resource on Reddit, which contains a slew of cheats I uncovered in The Sims 4 source code. While rooting around in Sims 4 code isn’t my day job, I certainly try to keep the wiki updated with each major expansion release.

There isn’t too much complexity in describing what I do for the Sims 4 community, so I figure I should move on to the origin story. When I was 8 and the sexiest computer case came in plain-box beige, I found out CD’s could contain something other than music. I talked my parents into getting me The Sims and then spent the entire next day trying to get it to install properly on our lowly Windows 98 box. Believe it or not, that’s a fond childhood memory. In fact, it’s one of many events that factored into my interest in the IT field, and you could say The Sims brought me full circle.

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Site News: SimsVIP Game Guides Now Available in French!

SimsVIP has partnered with to bring you SimsVIP’s Game Guides in French! They have started with the latest guide, The Sims 4 Spa Day, and will continue to release others as time allows them. Check it out! :)



EA Hosts “Girls Who Code” Summer Immersion Program

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We had an amazing time hosting 20 Bay Area 10th and 11th graders in our newly-designed EA Lab for seven weeks while they learned more about computer science, web design and mobile development. Each week, students were visited by a different EA presenter and spent 1:1 time with their EA mentor to learn more about what it’s like to pursue a technical career and get advice from women in the industry. Take a look at this video that recaps the experience.

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