New Information on Generations!

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The German Website Simway attended a presentation on Generations on Tuesday.  With this presentation, they bring us new details on Generations!  Below is the translated German text.


Imaginary friend

  • The imaginary friend sees her every Sim from the same basic structure: a mix of puppet and robot. Only the color of imaginary friends is different.
  • Only one Sim who has an imaginary friend can see it too. If you switch the person who invented friend is invisible.
  • Imaginary friends can be transformed into real Sims.
  • With the imaginary friend, almost all interactions are carried out.

New Community Land

  • “The Playground”


  • A small park with many recreational items for children, eg
    • Slide
    • Climbing Tower
    • Sandbox
    • Seesaw
    • Swing mate
    • Hüpfkästchen fields
    • Rock


  • Buggies are fully used
  • Transporting young children from A to B

Tree Houses

  • Children can play in the tree houses
    • Pour water on below Sims
    • struggle against “pirates”


Bunk beds

  • Bunk beds can be used by up to two Sims
  • There are bunk beds with one and with two beds
  • In the high beds with only a bed, objects such as sofas or desks are placed

Tricks and traps

  • Sims can make roommates fall in the household, for example, manipulate the sink, so the roommates get when using an ordinary fountain water into his face.
  • Neighbors can call the police if they play tricks on young people. Parents punish the young people if they do not behave correctly.


  • There is now a water ride for the Sims. This will not sit at the pool and can be used by the whole family.
  • Sims can tell each other scary stories. Some Sims get them nightmares and wake up at night.
  • The wedding arch back. In addition, Sims can together cut the wedding cake
  • Sims can have again Dates
  • Thanks to a video camera for the Sims can now make videos yourself and watch them on television at home.


Thanks to Simprograms for finding the article!