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Build/Buy Mode!

Not a lot of news in the objects, this is the first time our Sims has strollers, they will use them for example to go to the park, but also for the shortest paths such as going from home to bin Sand Garden: p. It’s not all, with the stroller, the other children can follow the mom behind the stroller to go to the park.

I will list the new items: the bunk beds, different types of tree huts, arches marriage, sandbox, carpeting drag, a new swing …


Spiral staircases are back:



Memories work like in the Sims 2, but now you can also add your own memories, every detail of life is ranked in the memory box: licensing, marriage, first kiss … Then you will be able to share on and then your Simpage on Facebook. In The Sims 3, the memories are represented by pictures you take.