75 Generations Questions Answered – SimGoodie!

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All the questions we had you ask in our Submit a Question for Generations post, have finally been answered!   We do learn a few new things about Generations: such as writing “Thank You” letters after a wedding, and even receiving small gifts in the mail!

:!:Let downs are long. We will not be able to see inside of the Treehouses..they are indeed rabbit holes. There will not be any Woohoo-ing in vehicles, and they have not added any new food recipes. One major let down for many… there is not a new type of death. 🙁

I will be updating our Generations Fact sheet with all the new details!


Here is a small portion of the interview, make sure to head over to Simgoodie for the rest!

Everything listed below is all the new info and/or confirmations we received via that interview.


Will it be more in the real life when your sims get married? Like in a church, or under “bow” that we had in TS2?

In The Sims 3 Generations, players can throw huge wedding celebrations using the brand new Wedding Arches. After the wedding, Sims might receive wedding gifts in the mail, and can even write thank you notes!



Can we see inside the tree-house or it’s an rabbit-hole?

You cannot see inside of the tree houses, however they’re much different than career buildings. Each of the three different tree houses has unique interactions specific to its theme. Explore new planets in the Sci-Fi tree house or hold a great feat in the castle tree house!

Will there be more maternity wear and options to pick and choose? What about clothes for elders?

The Sims 3 Generations comes complete with a bunch of new clothing for both pregnant Sims and elders! Not to mention a cane for elder Sims as well…


There will be pillow fights, ghost stories, and sleeping bags in sleepovers. What else can we expect to see to do at an epic sleepover?  Will we be able to attend sleepovers at someone else’s house?


Only your Sims can plan slumber parties. While there, pranks can be pulled, home movies can be made, and BUNKBEDS can be used! There’s tons of stuff to do at sleepovers.


Can you give us more info on how weddings work?

Weddings have been completely remade in The Sims 3 Generations, starting with the new Wedding Arch objects. Placing a wedding arch on the lot where your wedding has been planned will allow you to select the Get Married interaction, which will call over all the wedding guests and start the ceremony. If the new Wedding Cake is placed on the same lot, it will soon be time to cut the cake! After the wedding, the newlyweds will be giving some time off work, and may even receive wedding gifts in the mail that they can write thank you notes for!


Will sims  be able to “Woohoo” in vehicles?

Sim’s aren’t able to WooHoo in vehicles, but they can WooHoo in showers now as well as tree houses! Look out for splinters!



What new plants and foods will be added?

There are no new foods in The Sims 3 Generations, but if your Sim has an imaginary friend, you can have them steal snacks for you from the fridge!


What new death(s) will we see in Generations?

There are no new death types, but Sims can discover and use the ghost potion at the chemistry set and turn themselves into ghosts!


Can babies be bathed finally?

Why would anyone want to get rid of that new baby smell?? No baths for babies in Generations.


Can babies fit in the stroller too, or just toddlers?

Both babies and toddlers can ride in strollers.


Any new collectible creatures (ie fish, frogs, etc)?

There aren’t any new collectible creatures, but you never know what treasures your Sim might come across while playing in one of the new sandboxes!



Will we be getting diving boards?

No diving boards in this pack, but check out the new Tree Forts! There are a bunch of different styles and unique interactions on each!


Can you now, control your sims when they are at school?

You can’t control Sims while they’re in the school building, but Sims can now take part in field trips during school that take them out into interesting places around the neighborhood!


What new skills will we see in this Expansion?

There are no skills, but Sims with a chemistry table can learn to create new potions and elixirs that can help them with their motives, turn them into a ghost, and much much more!



Will we get tutus, ballerinas and the dance bar back?

In The Sims 3 Generations kids and teens can sign up for afterschool activities that include ballet class! Before they head to class, the little ballerinas will spin into their tutus. Children can also go to Scouts Group, and teens can attend many different clubs, from music to drama!


How will stargazing work?  Is it a romantic interaction? Or will we also be able to star gaze with friends and family?

Watch the Stars is a new social between two Sims who are romantically involved. Depending on the current context of the two Sims’ interactions, it can either be accepted or rejected. If accepted, the two Sims will go to a comfortable location outside and gaze at the stars, while slowly moving closer to each other…



Can you have more then one Imaginary friend per Sim child?

Each child can have one imaginary friend.


Can the sims swim in the sea with this expansion since it added the ability to make sand-castles?

There is no swimming in the sea, however Sims will develop their sandcastle building ability the more and more they build sandcastles. An experienced sandcastle builder can make some awesome castles!


Will there br smooth transition between ages – e.g. progressive growing up without sudden jump?

Nothing specific has changed about the way Sims grow up, however there are a bunch of new Lifetime Rewards like Age Freeze and Young Again that allow your Sims to beat the affects of natural aging! You are also able to adjust the amount of time your Sims lives each stage of their life.