Edenstyle – Sims 3 Generations Prom Party Update

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Edenstyle posted an Update regarding Sims 3 Genrations & Prom.  We do learn that we will receive messages about what is going on in Prom, and also learn about some snarky remarks your date can make!


Few days before prom party you receive a message noticing it. The event was at 6:00 pm and lasted 5 hours.

The day before, my Sim (Mary) met Michael Bachelor at school and invited him at home. They started to flirt a bit and at a certain point I got “Ask to prom” interaction.

As a typical “nice” teen, Michael said that he was not going to go, but at the end he accepted just because someone invited him. He also added “Just try not to stalk me afterwards”. Not really a romantic answer, but better than going to prom party alone!

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