GDN – Generations Let’s You Be a Kid!

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Gamers Daily News has published an article on Generations.  We do learn some new info! One question many had was whether or not we would be able to create toddlers in CAS and get an doll to turn into an imaginary friend….this question was answered!


Imaginary Friends

  • Imaginary Friends are the cornerstone of a Child Sim’s imaginary world!
    • If you use Create A Sim to create a family of Sims that includes a toddler, there is a chance an Imaginary Friend doll will appear in the Toddler’s inventory once the game is started. If a child is born during gameplay, there is a chance an Imaginary Friend doll will arrive in the mail some time after the Sim’s birth.
    • To make an Imaginary Friend doll come to life, a Toddler will have to name him or her and then spend a considerable amount of time playing with and singing to their Imaginary Friend doll. If they have spent enough time with the doll, it will magically spin to life shortly after the Toddler ages up to the Child age.
    • Once brought to life, a Child Sim can perform many of the same socials and activities with his or her Imaginary Friend that they could with a real life Sim. From playing on the new hopscotch court, to a good old pillow fight, your Sim can build a relationship with the Imaginary Friend in the same manner that they can with any other Sims.
    • There are also a handful of new interactions available like “Clean Up for Me” or “Get Me a Snack” that children can ask the Imaginary Friend to do. But don’t forget, your Child is the only Sim that can see your Imaginary Friend, so other Sim’s may think he or she is a bit crazy when interacting with the Imaginary Friend!
    • Sims who excel at making potions with the brand new Chemistry Set may someday be able to create a powerful potion that could turn an Imaginary Friend into a real-life, controllable Sim that is a part of your household!



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