Game – Interview with Graham Nardone

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Game has posted an interview with Generations producer, Graham Nardone.  There is nothing new that we have not already seen, but there is mention of Scavenger Hunts. Thanks to Simprograms for the find.


“During the demo you showed off your Sim child who had an imaginary friend and you then went on to explain that there would be opportunities in the game that would allow the imaginary friend to become a real person later on in life. What other stand out opportunities are there in Generations?

That is one of the big ones with the imaginary friend, and you have a few different ways to bring that character to life. We do have some really cool ones where you can set scavenger hunts for the kids. So you might see an opportunity pop up for them and ask them to go around town and collect different things, and as a reward for that they get some cool objects that they can play with. There is certainly new stuff in there for our players to discover.”



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