IronHammers – Adult Fact Sheet & 2 New Screens!

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IronHammers has posted a Generations Factsheet on Adults, along with 2 new Screens!

There are a few new things we do learn on this interview.


♦ Not only will your Sim be able to spray other Sims with Fizzy Nectar, but they can ask Sims to give a special speech about the upcoming wedding. Only Sims with a strong relationship will accept the honor, so make sure to invite your Sim’s good friends to the party!

♦ Sims who have been in many relationships throughout their lives could develop the “Casanova” or “Don Juan” reputations. WooHoo with one of these Sims will leave you with the much sought after “Incredible Time!” moodlet.


♦ Reputations are hard earned, so if your Sim has a reputation he or she likes, take care not to do anything to mess it up!

(Hopefully it’s much harder than being a Celebrity!) 😛

♦ Among other things, Sims will receive the wish to WooHoo with their spouse more often, as well has perform the brand new “Be Frisky” interaction!

♦ Sims who don’t meet the requirements of their job will be disciplined by the local Social Worker, and may even have their Day Care license suspended! If this occurs, your Sim will need to attend a Penalty Class at City Hall to get their license back.



Midlife Crisis

♦ Depending on their life experiences, some Sims may encounter the brand new Midlife Crisis when aging up to an adult!

♦A variety of different factors, like whether a Sim got married young or has low skills, will all factor into the possibility of whether or not your Sim has a Midlife Crisis when entering the Adult life phase.

♦ If your Sim does encounter the Midlife Crisis, they’ll receive the “Having a Midlife Crisis” moodlet which will begin to affect them in several different ways.


♦ In the beginning, Sims will start examining their faces for wrinkles and even worrying about their weight in the mirror!

♦ Soon, Sims will start receiving special Midlife Crises Wishes to make changes in their lives. They’ll wish to do things like change or dye their hair, remodel their house, or even get a divorce or quit their job!

♦ Sims who own an expensive car or motorcycle can go for a spin to ease the crisis and receive the “Feeling Alive!” moodlet!


♦ Depending on how many Midlife Crisis Wishes your Sim is able to fulfill during the crisis, your Sim will move on into their Adult years with one of a few powerful moodlets ranging from “Barely Fulfilled” to “Supremely Fulfilled.”

♦ Sims who don’t have the time to deal with a Midlife Crisis can’t opt for Therapy at the local hospital! Beware, it will be expensive!