GamesRadar – Generations Hands-on Preview

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GamesRadar has posted a short “hands-on” Generations Preview.


The Sims 3: Generations is the fourth expansion pack for The Sims 3, taking some inspiration from a number of Sims 2 expansions like University and House Party. But what makes Generations special is how it brings out meaningful events from each of character depending on their respective phase in life.

Generations is one of the more robust expansions in the franchise, especially when it comes to the teenage characters, and it definitely looks to bring out their rebellious side. The new ability to pull off pranks epitomizes the naughty teen years – sometimes you just want to leave a flaming bag on the doorstep of a nearby household. It was amusing to watch our Sim creep stealthily toward the front door, plant the bag, watch her neighbor’s reaction and the subsequent bag stomping. What was equally amusing was how the teenage Sim did very little to hide herself. Soon thereafter our Sim added unknowing insult to injury by inviting herself to that neighbor’s home. For the record, that successful prank earned her +15 in Mood, as well as a 12 hour cooling off period before she could enact her next prank.

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