Generations Limited Edition + Eng. version Coming Soon?

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Simcookie has found a Generations Limited addition listing on Amazon France.  This limited edition will included The Sims 3 Base Game + Sims 3 Generations. This would definitely be the perfect combination for a first time sims player seeing as most of the interactions with Generations should have been in Base Game from the start! 😛




When seeing this, I decided to Google “Sims 3 Generations Limited Edition” and a listing on GAME showed up in the results. When looking at the listing, the game is categorized under “Nintendo 3DS”. Now this could very well be a mis categorized listing.  I will just continue to look and see if it changes to a Generations Limited Edition for PC/MAC.  Afterall, I don’t think Generations is coming out on 3DS right? 😛 Hopefully there is an English version of the Limited Edition coming out also, and will be categorized correctly. 😉