Sims 3 Generations – Soundtrack + New Screen

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Well here is something I missed during the Generations info explosion on April 19th! There was so much info coming in that day from around the world, I must have not seen this.  French website SimCookie attended a Generations Event, and while there, they took down a few names and songs that are to be included in The Sims 3 Generations Soundtrack. According to them, this is not the full list.



Also, while I was browsing around the internet tonight, I came across this screenshot.  I’m not sure if this belongs to a specific fansite, but a fansite photo stamp is not present.  This photo is posted on the gaming website MMOGA.  I personally do not remember seeing this specific photo, so either way, here goes it!

Seems someone broke an egg while trying to pull a prank! 😉  (Click image for a larger view)