Sims 3 Generations – Feature Info #3

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Infinite Sims has received Part 3 of the Feature Info for Generations.


Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Marriage, and the Big 4-0!
There’s something for Sims of all ages in The Sims 3 Generations, including young adults and adults. Your Sims will party pre-wedding, throw more elaborate weddings, and – when the time comes – suffer the potential pitfalls of a midlife crisis.



Before Tying the Knot

Sims who are about to plunge into a lifetime marital commitment may decide to dedicate one last night to celebrating their soon-to-be-historic single status. These bachelor and bachelorette parties are of course only available to engaged Sims who can initiate the festivities by using their cell phones to throw a party. Due to the rowdy nature of these occasions, only Sims who are Young Adults and older can attend. At the party, your Sim may ask a good friend to kick things off by making a toast. And there’s always the chance that one of the engaged Sim’s friends has arranged for some dancers to arrive as well!


Wedding Bells – and More!


Some Sims are just meant to be together! Sometimes one of the best ways for these happy couples to express their devotion is to get married and now, with The Sims 3 Generations, their weddings can be even happier – and more elaborate – occasions.

The brand-new wedding arch is a great way to dress up, and orchestrate, your Sims’ blissful day. When you place a wedding arch on a lot (using Buy Mode), not only does it give a focal point to the ceremony, you can also click it when it’s time to exchange the rings and all of the attending Sims will gather around to witness the exchange.

After the couple is officially hitched, they can get the reception started by cutting the cake. If a wedding cake is on the same lot as where the ceremony took place, the couple automatically does this and the party is started.
With so many fun ways to celebrate their special day, happy couples are bound to end up with a wedding-induced positive moodlet, namely the Just Married moodlet. Among other things, the loving couple will also exhibit the wish to woohoo with their spouse in addition to the inclination to engage in a brand-new interaction: “Be frisky!” If you have The Sims 3 World Adventures installed, the newlyweds will also hanker for a honeymoon abroad!


And no wedding would be complete without great gifts! Your just-married Sims will soon receive wedding gifts in the mail. Just don’t forget to send thank-you notes! To do so, just click the mailbox!


Midlife Crisis

There comes a time in some Sims’ lives when they may feel like the best is all behind them. Maybe they fell in love, had a beautiful wedding … maybe they’ve even had kids who’re all grown up. What now? These Sims may succumb to a midlife crisis known as, well, a midlife crisis.

When Sims are in the throes of a midlife crisis, they become fixated on wishes that help them cling to some semblance of their youth. If they fulfil these wishes, they of course earn extra Lifetime Happiness points – and the more wishes they fulfil, the more Lifetime Happiness they earn. And when we say fixated, we mean it. Once a Sim commits to a midlife crisis wish, unlike other normal wishes, it cannot be cancelled. These wishes must either be fulfilled or they will eventually pass … just as soon as the midlife crisis ends. In addition, Sims who are committed to a midlife crisis suffer a decline in their overall mood until the wish is fulfilled or it passes. You do have the option to sidestep the drama of this painful life period, however. There is no penalty for avoiding (not accepting) midlife crisis wishes. For Sims who are already suffering from the turmoil of a midlife crisis, you can send them to the hospital for some much-needed therapy that will help them get through this troubling time.