First Generations Review – Gamers Global with 8.5

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German website Gamers Global has written a review on Sims 3 Generations, giving it a final score of 8.5 with the following conclusion:

Generations is really fun and gives the players a lot of new interactions. Without reinventing the wheel, the developers have created a new feel. Thanks to memories the Sim world will look quite real, and the actions have long-term effects. The Sims 3 Generations is the best of all expansions.


You can read the full article over @Gamers Global & below you can check out the new screenshots!

Thanks to SimTimes for the find!

Gamers Gamers17

Gamers16 Gamers15

Gamers14 gamers13

Gamers12 Gamers11

Gamers10 Gamers9

Gamers8 Gamers7

Gamers6 Gamers5

Gamers4 Gamers3