Generations Review – NZGamer with a 9.0

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NZGamer has published their review on Generations, with a whopping 9.0!


For starters, the best part of Generations is that the toddler, child, and teen stages have been given a lot more attention, which means they are a lot more fun to play now. Toddlers and children have tons of new toys, from see-saws to sand pits, to a dress-up trunk and a massive treetop playhouse. What’s more, the adult world has opened up for child exploration, with new ‘imaginative play’ options. Kids can now go on a submarine adventure in the bathtub, hold court at the dinner table, and host tea parties for their stuffed animals. There are also new interactions with adults (and elders), the nicest of which is to be read bedtime stories before going to sleep.


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