New York Post Reviews Generations – Grade A

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Yes, the New York Post reviewed Generations.  This is probably one of the more entertaining & interesting Reviews I have read this far. 😛


The expansions that have come out for the Sims have always been very adult-oriented (by which I mean age not … y’know). For the Sims 2 there were titles such as Hot Date and House Party. For the Sims 3 there has been Late Night, which involves bars, hooking up with strangers, and sporting miniskirts, and Ambitions, which expands a player’s career choices and hobbies. Then there was Medieval Sims … Let’s just forget that mistake altogether. However, the new expansion pack released by EA heads in a different direction (and not ‘different’ like ‘Medieval different,’ thank god). Generations, which was released in the beginning of this month, focuses more on the actions and opportunities of kids and teenagers.

As with every expansion, there’s the addition of new hair and clothing styles, along with some new furniture and accessories. For Generations, these additions are hot and cold. The children’s hairstyle options have widened with some cute new styles, however the clothes added are…hideous. If you were to buy these outfits in real life, well, your child would probably get beaten up in school. The same could be said for the female clothes addition. There are about three new dress/suit/abominations that allow you dress your Sim like a post-pregnant Hilary Clinton. Hopefully with future expansions, the clothes will be a little more tasteful.



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