Gaming Blend – Sims 3 Generations Review

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I know this review for the Sims 3: Generations expansion pack is coming in a bit late, but it took me longer to get a feel for this one than the previous expansions packs have. The additions aren’t nearly as drastic as some of the previous expansion packs. While World Adventures offered trips to foreign lands, Ambitionsoffered new jobs and careers, and Late Night offered new ways to let loose and socialize, Generations’ additions are much closer to the base game, building on the general goal for Sims to grow up, start a family and live out their lives.

One of the most intriguing additions to the expansion pack is the scrapbook that keeps track of memories. Whenever something noteworthy (good or bad) happens, the Sim adds the memory to his/her scrapbook, which you can look through whenever you want. In addition to whatever the game decides is memory-worthy, you can also click the memory icon and create a memory manually.


Some of the memories you might see are a new relationships formed, a skill point earned or something random, like the first time the Sim visits a certain place. Each time a new memory is recorded, the message box in the upper right corner makes a note of it. I turned the memory notifications off because they were cluttering up the notification box.


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