Atomic Gamer Reviews Generations

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Atomic Gamer has posted a Review on Generations and gives it a score of 8/10.


Who knew back in 2000 that any of us would enjoy playing a game where we do things like go to work, do chores and get stuck in toxic relationships? I mean, aren’t these the very things we try and avoid in real life? Amazingly, the absurd idea of living out a parallel life not necessarily any more exciting than our own has proven to be the unshakable foundation of an entire franchise, and has made The Simscrazy-successful. Currently in its third incarnation, this month The Sims 3welcomes its fourth expansion, The Sims 3: Generations and let me tell you, domestic problems have never been this much fun.

Sims expansions generally consist of new locations, activities and vanity items andGenerations follows that pattern—sort of. Your Sims now have video cameras and treehouses and chemistry sets, but the real focus of the game is their progression through the various stages of life. Babies grow into toddlers, then to prank-pulling grade schoolers, rebellious teens, young adults, adults and elders and each stage of life offers uniquely silly things to do. Toddlers create imaginary friends (who with enough attention can actually become—shudder—real), older children dress up in silly costumes, enjoy kids-only hideouts, create noxious potions with home chemistry sets and torment their parents by booby-trapping household appliances or planting whoopee cushions and teenagers…well, they do what teenagers do.


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