Sims 3 Town Life – More Stuff for me & My Sims

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Going through EA’s site I ran into a short but sweet article from the EA Staff regarding The Sims 3 Town Life. Nothing new and I do not think it has been posted before, but either way here you go.


I admit it. I’m definitely a “builder” when I play The Sims. I spend much more time building and decorating houses and community lots than I actually spend in Live Mode with my Sims, you know, living in the places I build. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I play with actual Sims … I like to see how my architectural wonders hold up with living, breathing Sims moving around in them.

So I get pretty excited about Stuff Pack releases, because there’s always new stuff to inspire new building plans. But The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff is even better than usual. Not only new building stuff–but new lots!

And one lot that I am eagerly anticipating is–yes, really–the Laundromat.

There’s something peculiar about playing The Sims, isn’t there? When else would I get excited about laundry?! One of the best days of my adult life was when I finally moved into a place that actually had its own washer and dryer—and wasn’t also home to that nice couple (mom and dad). But I digress. I can’t wait to send my Sims to the local Laundromat to fluff and fold … and maybe even flirt.

That’s if I can tear myself away from Build Mode.

So mark your calendars: cool new stuff coming for you and your Sims when The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff hits the shelves on July 26th.