EveryEye Italy – Sims 3 Pets Preview (PC)

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EveryEye Italy has published a new preview of The Sims 3 Pets for PC, from the New York Event! Some small bits of new info as far as the social aspect goes & a great read!

Thanks to Sims3Cri for the find!


New York – At Electronic Arts’ summer showcase large space was given to two novelties of the world of The Sims. This is in particular of two expansion packs, dedicated respectively to the standard version of the famous “life simulator” and the more “exotic” medieval remodeling.
On that begin Adda certainly more interesting to fans of the saga: the Sims 3 & Animals Co., which in October will increase exponentially the possibilities for fun and personalization to all owners of the original game. To understand the importance of this expansion and the attention that the developers have poured into every detail, suffice it to say that the add-on package designed for the self-titled second chapter was the most successful, with a percentage of sales actually exaggerated. After all, what would our life without the companionship and affection of pets?





The Sims 3 Pets & Co - hands-on - PC