New Bits of Info via Twitter fans @Gamescom

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So many fans, so much new info!  Take a look at all the new bits of info via Fansites/Fans from Twitter.


Via – TurtleGirl73

♦ Pets have a different route of transport and do not go into a Sim’s vehicle.

♦ Unicorns can teleport

♦ Dogs can be very disobedient



Via – SimTimes

 ♦ There is a Advanced Mode for the Create a Pet mode

♦ Entirely new buildings. New design of rabbit holes.

♦ Tandem training. For riding you need a horse and the horse will also be trained by riding.

♦ Every pet has its own special needs.

♦ You can play with a laser pointer for playing with cazs

♦ The unicorns are bright and shining.

♦  Unicorns are Magical & can set things on fire

♦ You can add unicorns on your households.

♦ Sims up to teenagers can riding with horses. (no children)

♦ Dogs can swim in swimming pool

♦ The pets only die by old age.


Via – Sunset Valley Times

 ♦ CAP with mowhawk for horses. You can use layers for fur again. Completely customize your pet.

♦ Markings are REALLY customisable, like custom place per spot

♦ Parks for dogs and cats with pools and stuff

♦ Horses live, sleep and ‘woohoo’ in horse boxes

♦ Horse ranch with obstacles to ride and train your horse

♦ Obstacle with fireworks for horses, which may set your sim on fire

♦ Traits for pets can be encouraged and discouraged

♦ Ooh, unicorns! They leave a magic stream of air behind them when the gallop

♦ Pets get around in different ways with different species like dogs can run though other people’s garden

♦ Cats do not learn tricks, but dogs do. Cats can learn to hunt.

♦ Kids do not ride horses, but teens do.

♦ New lifetime wishes for sims concerning pets, not for pets themselves. They do have memories though.

♦ There is wildlife like raccoons and deers in the game, but you can’t add them to your households.

♦ You can buy pets in several ways. But not at the pet shop which is included in the deluxe version. It’s just for buying accessories.


♦ Minor pets like rodents and turtles will return (no rabbits). Sims can only get allergic to pets on the console version.

♦ Customising the shape of your pet in CAS seems to be quite limited



Via – SNW

♦ Advanced mode: layers to add e.g. Zebra stripes, spots

♦ Move, scale, crop marking layers; sliders for shape

♦ Pets are sims, with personality and traits

♦ Kitten lake in cat jungle area, nice

♦ Horse ranch to train skills in tandem with sims, sim guides horse thru courses

♦ Train skills, then enter racing competition for cash, trophies or name in news paper

♦ New box stalls (4 woohoo too) and barn doors

♦ Lassie (dog) has own motives too, now wants to knock over trash can. Train to en/discourage behavior

♦ Cat now stealing (burnt) food

♦ Laser pointer to play with cat. Cats are very independent and can show up anywhere

♦ Very colourful, hearts etc or devilish look: you can customize the Unicorn

♦ 20 or so animal traits, dog/cat/horse/animal lovers traits for sims

♦ Unicorn can ignite world around then to e.g. Drive out criminals from hideout, or bless sims, let plants grow magically, teleport

♦ Pets (dogs) traits: adventurous, aggressive, pig, friendly, genius, hyperactive, hunter, noisy, neat, calm, loves swimming, shy, snob, loyal, independent, playful, afraid of water, destructive, easily afraid




Via – SimFans

 ♦ sliders for the length of the neck for example.. you can set tons of parts with sliders

♦ traits: the animations while choosing the traits are just great and funny

♦ every building (rabbit hole) is new, (school, shops….)

♦ there are diff. parks, one for cats, one specific for dogs and one for horses

♦ there are diff. courses for horses, you can the the ways where the horses should walk and spring. In a shop you can buy and sell horses

♦ there is a barn (self build) – there horses can have whohoo

♦ a dog has the need “Destruction”

♦ you can earn money with pets if you present tricks in the town (Dogs)

♦ pets dont have lifetime wishes