Sims Network – Sims 3 Pets Preview (PC)!

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Sims 3 Fansite Sims Network has a very detailed and long read for you Pets fans!  Check out this Pets Preview from their experience @Gamescom.


You probably already know that we were invited to the behind-closed-doors presentation at the Gamescom Sims.Graham Nardone has shown us a nice demo of The Sims 3 Pets for PC! Unfortunately we could here, as I said in my other articles had already mentioned, no pictures. Hence the lack of visual material in this article. I’ve put some pictures in it. These are photographs of artworks at the exhibition itself.

The Sims 3 Pets at Gamescom

Something where girls have long to wait for many years. Well, not all girls. For example, I have never asked, but many other girls do … There are horses in the new expansion pack The Sims 3 Pets!