SimsVIP – Pets (PC) Limited Edition Giveaway – Voting Time!

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Voting has Begun!

First and foremost we would like to thank everyone for participating in our Pets Giveaway!  With 62 entries, you can imagine how hard it was for us to select 10 finalists!  Thanks again to everyone and we look forward to your participation in our next giveaway. 🙂


Phase two of this contest has now begun and our 10 finalists have been selected!  Congratulations to the following 10 photos that have made it to the final phase of this contest!

Federica Flow Chooke100 SamerTim Ariaa Kristyn CSGJ Aislingxd ElanorBreton HollyRock08


 Now begins the voting phase!  Everyone is allowed to vote on their favorite photo(s)! Each photo above contains the “username” of the person who entered in the description, so all you have to do is match their name to the poll to the right!!  Multiple choice is allowed and the voting period ends 10/17/11 @5pm CST.

Vote for your favorites in the Poll to the right in the Sidebar! —————>

The finalists are in a separate album on my Flickr Account for easier viewing.  Figure out who you want to vote for and Select and vote below! I have given everyone a head start with a vote for each! :mrgreen:

Finalists, Congrats again and the photo with the most votes by 10/17/11 will be the winner!  Formal announcement will follow on Tuesday, October 18th. 🙂 Good Luck!


❗ Few things to know before entering this contest. ❗


Please read the entire content of this post before asking questions!

– This contest is open to everyone around the world.

– Winner has the choice of receiving the Physical Game (box included) or the Digital Code (download)

– You will be receiving the Limited Edition version of Pets, which will also include the two Bonus Costumes  provided exclusively by EA, and the Pet Shop.

– You must provide a valid email address when commenting for this giveaway.  This will be the only way for me to contact you if you are the winner. (Emails are only visible to site admins)

What do you need to do to enter?

Entering the contest is pretty simple!  You will need to snap a photo of your (or a friend’s/relative’s) Pet!  Easy right?  Well, there is a catch!  The type of Pet you take a photo of does not matter, but you must

include something Sims related in the photo with the pet.  It could be a game lying next to them, a plumbob you make….anything at all really, long as its Sims!.  The Sims item(s) must be in the photo, not photoshopped in!

Once you have finished taking a cute Pet photo, you can then upload the photo to any photo hosting website (Photobucket, Flickr, etc) and then paste a link here in this post!

The photo should be very creative, unique and fun!  Maybe your Pet does tricks?  Sleep funny?  Walks funny?  Snap snap snap the photo!  The top 10 photos will be selected for voting after the first phase of the contest is over.  Make sure your photo makes it!



Contest Phase #1 – Entry Period

The first phase of this contest will run from 9/16/11 – 9/30/11.  You have 2 weeks to enter this contest.  On September 30th, the entry period of this contest will end.  No more entries will be accepted after this date!

From 10/1/11 – 10/3/11,  the admins of the site will select the top 10 photos out of all the entries we receive, and be placed for voting in Phase 2 of the contest!  Selection will be based on creativity & cuteness :mrgreen: , so make sure to be creative with the photo and the Sims item(s) you include with the Pet!


Contest Phase #2 – Voting Period

Phase two of the contest is our Voting Period.  We will post the top 10 photos we select in Phase 1, and allow you & other members of the community to vote for your favorites!   The voting period will run from 10/4/11 – 10/17/11.  The photo with the most votes in two weeks will be selected the Winner!


In the event of a tie, the admins of the site will select a winner.  On October 18th, the winner will be announced here on the site.  Make sure you use a valid email when commenting so we can contact you!

Here is an example of a photo that qualifies for this contest.  Definitely not super creative, but he is cute aint he? 😛 Meet my Kitty named Umpylan (Pronounced UUUMMPEEELAN) :P, sitting up top my Sims games 🙂



♦ Limit ONE entry per person!

♦ No Nudity or Obscene Images – You will be perma-banned from the website.

♦ This is meant to be a friendly contest, so keep it that way!  Any foul mouths or bashes will be booted from the site!


♦ The Photo must include physical Sims related items with the pet.

♦ Any type of Pet can be used in the photo.

♦ Feel free to include a description if you want. 🙂

♦ Once you’ve submitted your entry, that is the one! No do-overs!

♦ Have fun and remember you have til 9/30/11 to enter!


All Entries will be saved and uploaded to my Flickr account, using your “username” as the Photo title.

Amber (TUF) Ren Olivia Phillip Mr. Awesome Pjadek Karen ElanorBreton Matty Smith HollyRock08 Marina Aislingxd Kaitlyn Amber Lights Manula91 Akire96 J.J Daniel Geminia XxAkira1Xx1 Gen Chantel Kristyn CSGJ Luana Tavares Heather Jason Eliosim Simissimo Kirsti Xavier19 Matthew Beals Ambrily Lvxnera idlesim Ste88sim Ariaa FeGW yayachan Wendy roelie nala_91 Slicetta Sandra betti Miki SamerTim Chooke100 Flow Leoni Rwaf Federica Nelly Princess irock0527 Vangx19 Briana ashley berge Laura Jackson MirjamD Danielle Moore Zelda